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  1. Delta shuttle would be great. More powerful than the normal one
  2. If you get one of the four new factions it’s cheaper/easier to get all the ships to be competitive and enjoy. I started a year ago and to collect 6 of the 7 costs a fair bit.
  3. I hope there is a proper campaign. I would like to do more than death match/point win dogfights.
  4. Expected max number of Naboo Starfighter in a list...5? (Thinking Resistance A-Wings for comparison)
  5. Anyone seen any other pilot info?
  6. It says convention 2019 - not adepticon - so maybe we will see it again this year
  7. I trying Mace with r4 and 7b for extra force regeneration and 1 hard blue turns
  8. That’s makes this a really good ability.
  9. All the Jedi Ladies Barriss Offee — Delta-7 Aethersprite43Calibrated Laser Targeting6Ship Total: 49Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Luminara Unduli — Delta-7 Aethersprite44Calibrated Laser Targeting6Ship Total: 50Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Saesee Tiin — Delta-7 Aethersprite44Calibrated Laser Targeting6Ship Total: 50Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Ahsoka Tano — Delta-7 Aethersprite47Calibrated Laser Targeting4Ship Total: 51Half Points: 26 Threshold: 2
  10. I don't think they are strong for the reasons mentioned. Low initiative really hurst them getting bullseyes for bonus rerolls and hadr. Buzz droids seem over priced for a one shot potential do nothing effect. I agree that Droids dont look well costed as they explode easily and have trouble putting damage in (Manoeuvre / calc only).
  11. ETSY - Highbridge Design works well for me...
  12. Both. I dont know if Separatists are S-Tier competitive but fun to play. You want a wall of them to always have one with a bullseye. Grappling struts are too expensive I feel. Calculates go quick so Kraken is really good. And if you have Kraken, Sear allows for crack shot. Heres my current thinking on CIS Kraken Shell Swarm (range 2-3 only) - Best Far Distance / Closing Kraken (3 calc carried) - so double mod shot with crit Hunters bullseye reroll Haors might get you a lock as well at range 0-2 Kraken Crack Swarm - Best Close (range 1) Kraken (3 calc carried) to allow double mod primary shots Captain Sear (crackshot with bullseye and calc) Hunters and Haors (Init 1 blockers - if ignored and bullseye trigger - then next turn k-turn for modded shot) Buzz Swarm - Best Medium Only 3 and pricey one shots Good against non-barrel rolling ships - so near useless against Jedi Auto one damage potentially against swarms - maybe good deterrence to jousters Hit TV Swarm - best medium Squad Primary TV-94 - 3 hits possible at ranges 2-3 spend calc TV-94 (calc to add hit with 2 dice or less) SO NOT RANGE 1 Need rerolls and mods so Hunter and Hadr Add Sear and DFS-311 to add hit and crack to one ship - decide bullseye at engagement
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