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  1. Did you find one? Im interested as well.
  2. Got mine! And they are doing reduced cost international shipping now fixed manually on the back end! A note for international customers:The Asmodee Webstore will be shipping internationally via USPS First Class at a $15 flat rate. Due to the way the store works, this shipping reduction will be handled by store staff on the back end. This does mean that the shipping displayed at the time of checkout will continue to reflect the higher Priority Mail cost. The reduction in shipping cost will be reflected if you check your pre-order in your store account after it's been adjusted, as well as on the confirmation email you'll receive when your card is charged and the expansion ships. Simply add the expansion to your cart usual, using the code above. Then proceed to checkout with the only shipping option available, USPS Priority Mail. The $40-60 shipping cost shown there will not be what you are actually charged, as the charge is not made until the order is shipped. If you'd like to check if your shipping cost has been updated, you can do so by clicking "Account" at the upper right of your screen, then "Active Pre-orders" on the left-hand side. Please keep in mind it can take several days for the webstore team to make the change.
  3. I wonder if they would do Plo and Padme's taboo in a Hero box set for retail. Maybe Ashoka as well to full out the Republic well known heroes.
  4. Thank you for expressing your interest in the Limited Edition Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack. At this time all available stock has been allotted randomly and you were not selected. If we are left with any unclaimed expansions after April 21st , you may receive another email with instructions on how to purchase. In either case, thank you for your interest in Star Wars(tm): X-Wing!Thank you,Fantasy Flight Games
  5. For enemies given the text "Meanwhile, an all-new campaign containing thirteen scenarios invites you to walk the tangled paths of Mirkwood and venture into the shadowed halls of abandoned Moria to face ancient evils." Mirkwood - mirkwood spiders - ?She-Lob? type boss spider Moria - goblins - orks?? - cave troll (boss?) - great goblin (boss)
  6. Another Aussie Store, Advent Games, have it listed as well http://www.adventgames.com.au/p/9392907/the-lord-of-the-rings-journeys-in-middle-earth---shadowed-paths-preorder.html
  7. A good X-Wing Epic Campaign series - possible thematically for the 3 time periods - would allow people to put more ships on the table and hence generate more sales. Producing plastic/acrylic for cardboard ships and devices etc for scenarios and epic play could link into this making kits worth buying rather than just downloading/printing the rulebooks. Modular space stations (HOTAC style), turrets, transports, boarding craft, etc. There is scope for a few expansions here generic to all factions. Another area I think that could drive X-Wing into new expanded space with new models, is a variation for "in atmosphere" planet side variation that integrates existing x-wing ships with to scale ground forces like troop squads and AT-ATs etc for reproducing great movie scenes like Rogue One Scarif, and ESB Hoth's opening battle scene etc. And then we have the turrets like those for capital ship and ground base attacks. Shield "walls" would be a thing as they are the movies for ground forces. Again homebrew 3D prints and rules are floating around but FFG could make this core with competitive Legion and Armada type objectives. This would be a whole new game in a way with scenery, squad blocks, tanks - think Attack of the Clones final battle, half of Clone Wars TV series (as well as the aforementioned). There are years to mine here with strong integration between existing "space" X-Wing and ground forces - LAATs dropping ATTEs, Gozanti dropping AT-ATs and AT-DPs or for Scum speeders and troops, and Mandalorian jetpack troopers, U-Wings dropping troops.... Ships could be downed and form cover... For both of these ideas some of these stuff has been done for years in the home-brew x-wing game space - FFG could expand its game and bring in Legion/Armada type objectives to shake the game up for fun but also potentially for competitive play to make the game more than just most dogfighting for points.
  8. Droids have some options as well at i3. should be double modded and can afford to lose a ship on engagement. DBS-404 (30) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) DRK-1 Probe Droids (5) Separatist Drone (21) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Separatist Drone (21) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Separatist Drone (21) Concussion Missiles (6) Separatist Drone (21) Concussion Missiles (6) Separatist Drone (21) Ion Missiles (4) Separatist Drone (21) Ion Missiles (4) Total: 199
  9. Good to see. Would be even better if each year I could preorder 6 months out if need be to lock in the select paint jobs.
  10. Yeah it would be good if they made these available. Even for sale.
  11. I wasn’t collecting first order but now maybe
  12. Anyone speak French and can comment on this video from France showing unboxing of Epic ships?
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