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  1. I feel your pain. I had just gotten a few scenarios into Carcosa when the world imploded. I was able to track down all the packs except Black Stars Rise, and there’s some deep visceral revulsion that keeps me from ponying up $75 on eBay for it... 😒
  2. That makes more sense. Thanks for the help!
  3. I am seeking clarification or consensus on the composure assets (eg combat training, etc). Should they be treated like the other talents, such as Scrapper, but only become active/played when horror is assigned? Or is it a one-use card that gives you a skill buff for one test, but then gets discarded after the skill test similar to other assets that take damage/horror? Thanks!
  4. I believe fantasy flight has halted a lot of their production due to the pandemic, as many packs are running out (I’m missing one of the packs in the middle of Carcosa). Hopefully once things start ramping up again, then everything should gradually restock.
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