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  1. To be clear I want to throw someone but don't want do the full amount of damage. It just seems reasonable to me that with all of the control updates that one should be able to control how hard to 'move/throw/push' someone. If I can manipulate fine motor skills from across the room as if I was actually holding the object, doesn't it seem reasonable that you could control how hard you throw/move someone?
  2. In the game we're playing there's a character who asked if he could control the damage of the force power MOVE when he uses the force to throw another person or object. The rules state 10x the Silhouette so that's pretty clear when you want to inflict maximum damage. However, lets say you want to knock someone around but don't want to necessarily kill them, say do 3 pts of dmg instead of 10x the Silhouette. Has anyone weighed in on that concept? I figure it's up to the GM but seems like it should be allowed if you have the full Control powers that go along with MOVE. Thoughts?
  3. I know this had to be talked about already but I can't seem to find anything definitive. Can the Move Force ability be used to stop or slow your intentional jump down or free fall from range short or medium even long or extreme? You see it all the time in the movies, Clone Wars and Rebels. I'm thinking a Move check silhouette 1 and Discipline vs easy check (short) difficult check (medium) or hard check (Long) with any setback dice for wind or obstacles. How do you weigh in on this one?
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