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  1. Ok, time to show the Rebel Alliance some love before the Clone Wars stuff drops...^^ Finally finished my core box AT-RT...^^ Took me way too long to paint it because I always chickened out doing the LED mod and painting the camo pattern with the airbrush. Really happy both worked quite well. A vicious alien puffin was added to make this thing super terrifying. https://www.instagram.com/finiatures/
  2. Wear and tear is as expected. It happens but you can't tell from looking at the mat. It's just the debris it leaves that's giving it away.? No visible tears or blank spots yet.
  3. I finished two more Imperial Terrain buidings a couple of days ago. The Desert Tower had been collecting dust for almost a year now and it was about time I brought it to life... With those newest additions my board starts looking the part: As always, more pics here: https://finiatures.blogspot.com/2018/09/imperial-terrain-desert-tower-and.html
  4. Although it's acutally "just"a piece of terrain, this truck makes me want to play convoy missions: Imperial Terrain's R47 Heavy Lift Truck As always, more pictures here: https://finiatures.blogspot.com/2018/08/imperial-terrain-r47-heavy-lift-truck.html
  5. Alliance High Command has sent a Sphyrna-class corvette and a pair of DP20 frigates into the Abregado System to support the local Rebel cell. Times are desperate and the veteran crews find themselves in the thick of the fight more often than they would like it. More pictures on the blog: https://finiatures.blogspot.com/2018/08/abregado-fusiliers-fleet-troopers.html
  6. I didn't like the Leia model when it was relesed and decided to search for alternatives. Found one in Skull Forge Studio's Marvel style Leia. An sbsolutely stunning yet brittle miniature. After painting up the FFG Leia, I have to admit that it's not a terrible model tho. I quite like her now.
  7. Hah... Just finished my Leias (FFG & Skull Forge) as well...^^ Well done! I picked the same colour scheme for my FFG Leia.
  8. I'm pretty sure Stormtrooper Crews will pop up on Shapeways soon enough...^^ As for modding inspiration: Did you already check the "Painting" section? There are great conversions in every second thread...
  9. The one and only way to use snowtroopers in Legion games! Blizzard Force ftw!
  10. The AT-ST is Action Fleet. Bit tiny but fits the range quite well. (The Action Fleet AT-ATs are in scale for X-Wing btw...) The ferns are from Busch, a German company that produces model railway scenery: https://www.amazon.de/Busch-1203-Farne-und-Pilze/dp/B000VKNQZ0 I did.^^ Pin-ups make everything better. Even boring grey Imperial vehicles....
  11. Along with Imperial Army Troopers, the AT-PT was the backbone of my Imperial forces in WEG days... Don't think they will ever come to Legion but I sure hope for some nice STL files one day...
  12. Well done! Still wait for some proper Legion scaled Droidekas... The Tarkin novel as well as Lords of the Sith mention Rebels making use of old battledroids during the Galactic Civil War. I totally want some of these guys supporting my Rebels...
  13. 1. I'm afraid I'm terrible at documenting my WIP stages... However there are a couple of shots I took. More on that later... 2. I started sculpting after having a great chat and a couple of beers with UK based sculpter ebob at a LotR event in Germany. His tutorials were a great starting point. Ebob himself has long advanced from the tools and methods described in his tutorials, but the basic concept still holds true: Work in layers and take your time! http://www.ebobminiatures.com/sculpting/sculpting.htm Most of the time I start with a wire armature which will provide a guideline for the basic shape of the miniature. If your armature's dimensions are off, the whole miniature will be... Before I start sculting I apply a base layer of putty to the armature. This basecoat of putty already gives you a more detailed idea if the concept you had in mind is working or not. More importantly, this "sausage man" (as ebob calls it) gives the later layers of putty something to grab on to and makes it MUCH easier to work on fine details. Be aware that this baselayer needs to be sufficiently set before you can start sculpting. From then on, it's just layer after layer until you're finished... Human faces are a totally different matter. I spent hours on the Twi'lek because every time I was making progress my wife came around and asked me if I seriously thought that female faces looked like that and made me start again...^^ When sculpting faces I still use ebob's face pulling method and I'm prepared to start over if it doesn't work out... Don't worry about the back of the head. As you're pushing the putty around it will soon start to look weird. Just clean this up later once the face is set.
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