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  1. I've been using half-dollar capsules from Hobby Lobby for the order tokens and they fit perfect (remove the lining first). I didn't even think about some of the other tokens till this post appeared. I just bought some nickel coin capsules also from HL that work great for the shield tokens (with liners) and super-tight fit for other tokens like Sabine's graffiti and thermal charges and the other charges/objective tokens (although I had to pop them in and may have great difficulty getting them out, but they are well protected). They are too big for some of the other tokens like aim, dodge, etc. but are good for the more rare tokens such as poison, immobilize, ion (without liners) as well as the wheel mode tokens for the Droidekas. Hope this helps!
  2. BCW makes them but they are full page for 3-ring binders (four tarot and four minis). As far as on the gaming table there are none that I know of other than Ultimate Guard small binder sleeves that hold a standard card and 6 minis all sleeved (the sleeve holds on both sides) for Legion and X-Wing. UG also has the binders that have 9 minis per page (again, double-sided). I cut some of these out to use for Armada. I'm hoping UG decides to make a sleeve that holds one tarot and four minis (which is possible if you've seen the Legion/X-Wing ones).
  3. Did anyone else notice C-3PO turned into 0-0-0?
  4. Ironically I can only afford the one at this time. I have always purchased at least two of every expansion (except CC) since the beginning. I have to focus on getting the two new expansions this Christmas! Oh, and I figured out the real delay for the release of the SSD: they needed to make sure an A-Wing fits crashing into the bridge of the SSD! It does, I checked👍
  5. List? Also, congrats and so glad no more Rieekan wins!
  6. The black and space colored Ultimate Guard 9-pocket mini sleeve folders are on sale at Miniature Market ($2.50 for black, $3.00 for the space, whoa!) https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ugd010475.html
  7. I just picked mine up at my local FLGS. I seem to be the only one who ordered one!! And yes, I felt nervous taking the SSD out of the blister!! Also, I just realized the number tokens for the ship are 24...like the size of the ship. Coincidence? Now to painting the sucker!
  8. I plan to use 4x6 top loaders which I also use for the Imperial Assault Hero cards (that are also the odd 4x5 size). There's a little extra room but it's not bad and I would store the cards back to back (the two different standard play SSD cards in one sleeve and the other two in another sleeve) which keeps them from sliding out. Hope this helps!😄
  9. I usually play on the Thursday heat (last two years plus the two-day event three years ago). It just seemed some spots suddenly opened up all of a sudden. This is local for me but I usually stay overnight and I wanted to play IA on Saturday so I went for the Friday heat. As for the RITR I understand how it works it just usually pre-releases at GenCon then "Sept. for the rest of you" but it's possible for early release for all like the SSD. I'm just excited for both to release and bring more variety to the game (though it will always be my favorite)!
  10. Okay, I just saw the Continental Prizes and just learned we may be getting RITR possibly BEFORE the NoVa Nationals...oh, yeah, and the SSD is arriving in a few days. HOLY COW!!! I've spent the last few months preparing for the Armada Nationals with what is out now and, okay, SSD stuff I can deal with that, but now RITR?!!!! Eight more squads, 28 more upgrades, TWELVE more objectives, and, Pirgils amongst other new obstacles. What a wild month! Glad I'm not also playing Legion, though I'm not sure Clone Wars factions would compete in Nationals at this time. I am playing Imperial Assault so easy right (I can see them pull some craziness at the last second, they at least nerfed Spectre Cell already)? One question, though, the Thursday Heat for Armada has 20 spots left, is this correct? A glitch? That means only 16 players at this point. I'm playing on Friday so naturally it will be full (of course) but are there really only going to be 16 or so players on Thursday? I'll be stopping by to see how many SSD's will be on Thursday and I'm sure there will be more people but it just seems strange at this point. Anyway, just want to hear any thoughts from others going to NoVa Nationals. Or if anyone else is both crying and laughing like me...
  11. Just wait for RITR to come out, TWELVE more objectives!
  12. I use 4x6 toploaders for my Imperial Assault Hero cards. They should work fine with the SSD cards with some room left over. I use the 3x5 toploaders for the regular Armada ship cards and sleeve them back to back (the two different ship types). Storing the sleeved cards is a different situation, I can with the normal 3x5 but not the 4x6, though there would only be two to store (unless I go crazy and buy another SSD!).
  13. Hahaaa, Hah. Has anyone been able to use the new upgrades from the landspeeder to help the poor T-47?
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