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  1. Sorry for the silence, been pushing through midterms to get to Spring Break! Woo! Free and clear now though.
  2. Arkuat blinked. Cannon? I'm assigned to a CANNON? He could feel his outrage building but pushed it down with some effort. He tilted his head slightly as he concentrated on not doing something incredibly stupid. He needed this job, he really did. He was practically broke, had nothing to his name but the clothes on his back and- "Captain? I think there may have been a mix up." Darn. "I'm Fill, Arkuat Fill. I don't think I'm supposed to be on the cannon, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be in the cockpit." He finished it off with a smile and a laugh, trying to pass it off as a harmless mistake.
  3. Arkuat entered the docking bay, gritting his teeth against the noise of the outside hustle and bustle. As the door hissed behind him, the noise quieted slightly and he smiled as he looked up. There was nothing like the feel of freedom the flying provided and just the memory of it helped distract from his headache. He readjusted his backpack's strap on his shoulder, put a big grin on his face and started making for the Captain. "Hey there, Cap! Ready and reporting for duty!" Arkuat gave a mock salute, still grinning. He relaxed a bit, letting his hand drop and looked around a bit. "So, how soon you want to launch? Everyone here yet? I'm going to throw my pack down somewhere and get the ship prepped for takeoff."
  4. Not a problem. Though we DO need to discuss the name of the ship. What are we thinking? I looked up a name generator and got a few I liked: The Twilight Empress, The Vespira Eternity, and The Starhammer Terminus.
  5. Arkuat palmed the credit chip and tucked it into a pocket on the inside of his jacket. He gave a wink and a smile, "Aye, Cap'n!" and slid out of his seat. The world wasn't quite as blurry when he stood up, which he counted as good since he may be called to fly quite soon. I guess shore leave didn't last quite as long as I had thought!, he thought to himself as he made his way out the door. The street seemed to be wobbling slightly, and Arkuat took the opportunity to lean up against a wall, pull out his datapad and make a shopping list. A few minutes later when the ground seemed more receptive to his feet, Arkuat made his way into the market. His first stop was a pilot's depot, where he picked up a Crash Survival Kit. He'd been through that before, and didn't feel like trying to drink his own piss. Again. The kit had a bunch of useful stuff, just in case. Next he staggered into a chop shop that specialized in spare parts and quick fixes. He picked up a few emergency patches, for just in case. He stumbled his way over across the street to a street doc, a different sort of chop shop, and picked up a couple of stimpacks, also for just in case. After a while of wandering, he found himself in a weapons dealer's store. He was persuaded to buy a holdout blaster, some reloads, and a combat knife, for just in case. At this point he bought a backpack, to hold everything. Finally, he sat down at a much quieter cantina and had a few glasses of water while he packed his bag. He slipped the holdout blaster, one of the reloads, two of the emergency repair patches, and one of the stimpacks into the crash kit. His senses had begun to return, although there was still an undeniable haze from the liquor. He made his way back to the Captain's cantina, passing by another merchant's stall where he picked up two stun grenades, simply because he felt like it. A few minutes later, Arkuat walked back into the cantina and made his way over to Captain Asichi's table, somewhat less drunk then before. He ordered another glass of water and began silently dreading the hangover to come.
  6. Going to buy a Crash Survival Kit (300), 4 Emergency Repair Patches (100), 2 Stimpacks (50), a backpack (50), 2 Extra Reloads (50), 2 Stun Grenades (150), a Combat Knife (25), and a Holdout Blaster (200). The other 75 I'll just pocket and save for a rainy day. The stun grenades and the holdout blaster are both rarity 4. If that's an issue I can try rolling or seeing if one my new best friends can help me out.
  7. Arkuat swung his head around to look at the offending Klatooinian, his face a mask of indignation. "Hey buddy, why don't you shtow that kinda talk til ya get the job? I'll have you know I happen to be a pretty good pilot!" Arkuat swung his arm in a short arc, his index finger pointing at nothing in particular as it wobbled through the air. He leaned in and said in an almost conspiratorial tone, "That'sh what I do, I'm the pilot." He tapped his own chest twice then pointed at his own head, smiling and nodding. Arkuat leaned back and seemed to take in the rest of the group that had, to his view, suddenly appeared. He blinked and counted slowly pointing at each as he did, "One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . ." He considered his own hand for a moment, four fingers raised. He looked up suddenly, "Oh wait, I'm number five! Hey, Cap, I think we're all here!"
  8. Guess I should get this underway as well. Starting money: 1d100 32 Starting Destiny Pool: 1eF 1 Dark Side
  9. Arkuat hadn't meant to be late. He also hadn't meant to get as drunk as he was. This particular cantina was the last stop on his impromptu cantina crawl. Arkuat had meant to just stop around and see some people and get some info. The only hitch had been that each one of his 'friends' had insisted on having a drink or two or three while they discussed their business. Five cantinas later and Arkuat's head was spinning. If it wasn't for his datapad telling him exactly where to turn, he'd probably have been hopelessly lost. Staggering through the doorway, he scanned the room to the best of his quite impaired ability. Most everything past 5 feet was a blur, but there was only one blur with the Captain's particular color palette. He swaggered over to the Captain's table and sat down rather unceremoniously on the opposite side of her. "Hey there, Cap. Sshorry bein' late an' all. Meant to only have a few drinksh, but hey, you know how it goesh. Right?" He turned his head slowly as if with considerable effort and blinked his large black eyes twice before managing to fix his gaze on Ror. He shot out a hand and grabbed Ror's arm and shook it vigorously, "Hey there, buddy. I'm Arkuat. I'm the pilot. Nice to meet ya." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder as he swiveled his head back to Chora. "Who'sh this guy?" he asked in a rather loud whisper.
  10. For those of us who just keep refreshing this page every so often, the IC thread is up!
  11. Yeah, it looks like the only things it has going for it is the tractor beam (which we can use a HP for on another ship) and its speed, which isn't that big of a deal, IMHO. Besides, it looks like the vote is swinging for the E-9. Now we just need to name the lovely lady.
  12. Both ships are certainly great options. I wouldn't mind either but I'm leaning toward the YT-2000. That being said, I wouldn't mind either and would certainly be happy with the E-9 as well.
  13. Is there a best way to get a moderator to approve your posts? I'm having the same issue.
  14. I'm not sure I'd want a board game that re-hashes New Vegas, or Boston, or any place that's already been visited. I think it might be better to forge a new trail in a different location, like Kansas or the Dakotas where a bunch of different factions vie for resources to rebuild in a relatively untouched/recovered region.
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