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  1. Subscribed. Keep up the good work!
  2. Man, people have different experiences. I had a great experience when I went to regionals here last year. But you know what? The two people I came with (dominos being one of them) didn't. And I saw the events that marred their experiences. They happened, and if others had good experiences, that's great! But I hardly think that invalidates a bad experience someone else had. Especially given that the store's owner didn't simply say "don't come back" or explain that he thought dominos handled it poorly. He called him "an awful person." I believe in the power of words. Dominos has never been anything but welcoming and considerate to me. It's only because of him that I discovered our local Armada community and came back to the game and fell in love with it. Neither he nor the owner like each other? Fine. But I didn't see dominos calling the guy "an awful person." I've been a geek my whole life, and insults like that never really just roll off my back. I think that's pretty cold and inconsiderate, even putting retail and business aside.
  3. Umm, yeah. For the record: NOBODY "asks for sexual harassment." That's a really ignorant statement to make, and it's victim blaming that is unwelcome in this discussion thread or any other.
  4. Hehe, Spined Threshers are being tried out upon their arrival, as it turns out.
  5. Ok, so I've been picking the brains of @FranquesEnbiens about this, and while I trust him more than y'all, I thought I'd ask about your thoughts anyway ? For those of you fielding Maro and using his ability to take a non-unique unit from another faction, what unit are you taking, and why? At the moment, I'm vastly disappointed that the Scions don't seem to do much for Waiqar because I couldn't wait to paint dead trees to add to my army...
  6. I echo everything said here. If it's within driving distance of St Louis and I can take the day, I'll make the trip.
  7. I think the doom and gloom is premature, but I think the frustration over how they've mishandled the Hyperspace Report is warranted. After all, THEY'RE the ones who insisted it was not to be missed. You make that kind of assertion, and from a marketing standpoint, you need to deliver. Especially because a lot of us feel intentionally misled. I feel awful for anyone who showed up early to Worlds to hear big news about their favorite game, and who got absolutely nothing for showing up a day early. The same with their misleading graphic about the number of Armada players compared to other games. I don't think the game is toast, but honestly? I got into it to play competitively because I find that to be a lot of fun. But for that, we need FFG support, and it isn't fun being jerked around: either as a competitor (average player though I am) or a consumer.
  8. http://www.dicetowernews.com/board-game-giant-asmodee-potentially-up-for-sale/51721
  9. Dude, it's super important. You can't win if you can't turn left.
  10. Oh good! They posted a new article on X-Wing! I was worried they hadn't already said enough about it during Worlds...
  11. Ovinomanc3r: dude, your friend has ruined me for life with his fleet builder. I tried finding something similar for Runewars Miniatures and haven't found anything close to the Armada app. Such strong work. I really need to donate and support, as I use it nearly every day.
  12. I think that's the struggle I've had! I don't want to "waste" my commander, but I've tried others, and no commander has really given me the kick I've wanted, and then Raddus addressed the main roadblock I was hitting: Home One being on the wrong side of my LMC-80. As I've evaluated, I just haven't found a commander for this fleet that I like as much, I guess...
  13. It's funny, I thought the same thing specifically about CRIS, but so far, nobody has been willing to trade two accuracy for points, and I usually have more accuracies than I need. I figure the victory tokens are bonus if I get them. But if I'm getting a token or killing your ship, I'll take the kill every time. Green, here's the thing: I love criticism. I need it to get better. But I'll also be honest: while I appreciate the input (and it's not invalid!), if I were a less experienced player, I don't know that I'd feel like you were trying to help instead of tear me down. It's all good, I'm just saying, it comes across hard rather than helpful. That said, Raddus isn't there to surprise my opponent in the middle of the game (which, again, is why I think you guys are right about Strategic Advisor); he's there because Home One needs to be on the correct flank in order for the fleet to work. Owing to incredibly low deployments, where I should land Home One to cover my flank was always a guessing game. Now it's not. I deploy one ship, a few squadrons, then I wait. Home One lands before we're engaged. If you commit your squadrons that early to inconvenience me, I'll just make you pay for it. It's good to know that this bid isn't huge in a larger meta, but it's been more than enough to get me first in my own meta. But I'll examine it and make it bigger if I need to. Again, I definitely appreciate the input, and I'll be applying some of it for sure. But I also tend to win more than lose with this fleet, even though that doesn't make much sense on paper. Walex is still fresh to my fleet, and he's been 1-1. I want to give him a little more time before I drop him for something else, though he is definitely a potential for the chopping block.
  14. Hey Broba! Yeah, I hear what you're saying about Strategic and not wanting to wait once Home One hypers in. But I also found my best counter to squad heavy fleets is to slow-play, in which case I've enjoyed having the advisor for more than just a turn or so, you know? But if I'm honest, I don't like the card. I think it's really useful and a good include with most fleets! But I just don't like using a slot to delay. I want something more interesting (hence my trying Dutch in this fleet: I figure I can't go wrong with A-Wings, but I'm trying some variations to see if I can slow down the squadron game a little more, even though I know it will likely be like Han and the YT-2400s and not work out the way I'm messing with it). I like the idea of Engine Techs, though! I tried Lando before Walex, but didn't like the consistency with which I still took hits I didn't want. With Walex, I find myself depending defense tokens a little more freely, countering my more conservative nature. I like Solar Corona as an objective, but it seems to me that anyone who looks at my objective list will have absolutely no problem picking that over the other two options. I would like to make the choice a harder one. But maybe that's sort of just not an option with this particular fleet?
  15. Thanks for the clarification on Fire Lanes, svelok! I thought about Nav Hazards, but my concern is that if my opponent gets to place obstacles and then move them, I'm not particularly agile, and I'm quite likely to run over stuff if my opponent can move obstacles. But you know what? I'm not certain, so I'll give it a try. Thanks!!
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