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  1. Lol, right? But truthfully, there are a bunch of cards on the jank list that aren't actually jank. We just picked them because we wanted to reward choosing them. For instance, in our meta, we rarely see Leia, but we see Sato far more often. Arguably, Sato is more jank than Leia (in effect, if not price), but we already see Sato around here. So he was legal in the tourney, but you didn't get extra points for fielding him. Us too! And I know I'm already building off my jank idea, personally. My offshoot isn't a Leia fleet, but builds on the idea more than the actual list. But it still includes Malee, who I might end up taking a liking to!
  2. Inaugural Jankvid Tournament Hope y’all are staying as hale and healthy as you can during these difficult times! I know we’ve all been missing Armada something awful, so I thought I’d share this latest endeavor to come out of St. Louis, as we’ve been able to get some very limited Armada happening! First of all, it’s worth noting that we are aware of Covid cases rising in Missouri, but the numbers are still shaking out. At the moment, St. Louis City is still doing a fairly good job of social distancing and masking, and that’s really helped us keep this under control. Additionally, we were never hit as hard as a lot of other places because we’re in “fly-over country.” That said, as a former New Yorker for 2/3rds of my life or so, I’ll say that I shared that perception of St. Louis. But since I “discovered” the city nearly a decade ago, I’ve fallen in love with and that perception has changed. I suggest that if anyone has the opportunity to visit after all of this is said and done, we’d love to have you! The city has quite a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and food, all at Midwest prices Anyway, the local Armada community had come up with the notion of a “jank” tournament JUST before the lockdown happened. It came about because a lot of folks around here love the game, but just aren’t interested in *really* competitive Armada. But they’d like to get in more than one game at a time. We knew we had some prizes at our FLGS, Game Nite. And we were already running a casual Armada league. But we thought it might be fun to put together an event. It was suggested that we have a banned list of cards that were “no brainer” choices so that we could see some more variation without needing to really justify NOT taking Leading Shots or Demolisher. If the card is banned, you simply need to figure out how to build and fly without it. I’m sure Armada communities in other areas have held such events, but I didn’t know of any before we pieced this first run at it. The following is our banned list: Objectives - Advanced Gunnery, Most Wanted, Surprise Attack, Contested Outpost, Fire Lanes, Intel Sweep, Solar Corona, Superior Positions Upgrade Cards - Captain Brunson, Governor Pryce, Strategic Adviser, Bail Organa, Darth Vader (officer), Demolisher, Yavaris, Avenger, Admonition, Ravager, Admiral Sloane, Rieekan, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Ackbar, Electronic Countermeasures, Leading Shots, External Racks, Linked Turbolaser Towers, XI7s, Gunnery Team, and Ordnance Experts ADDITIONALLY! Moff Jerjerrod cannot be used in a fleet with a Super Star Destroyer, H9 Turbolasers and Quad Turbolaser Cannons cannot be used together on the same ship, and Turbolaser Reroute Circuit cannot be used on any ship with two Evade defense tokens! Then we wanted to encourage some jank builds, so we put together a list of cards that players would be rewarded for fielding. If a player featured the following "jank" cards in their fleet, they were awarded Victory Tokens in each match. Each token was worth 25 points, and each player could max out at 3 Jank Victory Tokens for their list. These couldn’t turn a loss into a win, but they could bump a player up in tournament point brackets! Objectives - Blockade Run, Volatile Deposits Upgrade Cards - Admiral Konstantine, General Tagge (not to be used on a Super Star Destroyer), Emperor Palpatine, Mon Mothma, Leia Organa, General Cracken, Cluster Bombs (min. 2), Jamming Field (min. 2), NK-7 Ion Cannons (min. 2), Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams (min. 2), Ordnance Pods (min. 2), Heavy Fire Zone (min. 2), Redemption, Dominator Ships & Squads** - Combat Interdictor, Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter (min. 2), Aggressor Assault Fighters (min. 2), TIE Phantoms (min. 2), YV-666 (min. 2), Pelta Class Assault Ship, Malee Hurra, Kanan Jarrus, Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (min. 2), Z-95 Headhunters (min. 4) **If a generic squadron is named as "jank" but an accompanying ace of that squadron-type is not, then the ace does not count as "jank" for MOV bonus point purposes. For instance, if you have 2 Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters, you receive the bonus points. If 1 of those 2 is Gar Saxon, you do not receive the bonus points. If you have 3 Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters, 1 of them is Gar, and 2 are the generic squadrons, you do receive the bonus points. Anyway, one day, I’ll have a more concise way of explaining all of that, but it’s not today! So we ran the event this past weekend with the requirements that people social distance as much as feasibly possible and wear masks. Game Nite very generously provided prizes and hand sanitizer for us all, as well as opened an hour early so we could squeeze in 3 rounds! We had 6 people show up, so not bad on short-ish notice, as well as given the state of things! Here are the fleet lists we got to experience! Dakota H’s “High on Ion” fleet (87/400/400) LMC80 Star Cruiser General Dodonna Fire Control Team Ion Cannon Batteries Heavy Turbolaser Towers CR90 Corvette B Lando Calrissian Ion Cannon Batteries Jaina’s Light CR90 Corvette B Major Derlin Ion Cannon Batteries CR90 Corvette B Toryn Farr Ion Cannon Batteries GR-75 Medium Transports Bomber Command Center Boosted Comms Bright Hope Hera Syndulla X-Wing Squadron (x2) Y-Wing Squadron (x3) Blockade Run, Planetary Ion Cannon, Dangerous Territory Frank S’s “Attack Brick” fleet (easily the best fleet name we’d see on the day) (0/396/400) Starhawk-class Battleship Mark II Garm Bel Iblis Unity Lando Calrissian Expert Shield Techs Caitken & Shollan Quad Laser Turrets XX-9 Turbolasers High Capacity Ion Turbines Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I Amity Kyrsta Agate (officer) Walex Blissex Local Fire Control Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Turbolaser Reroute Circuits Ion Cannon Batteries Targeting Beacons, Fleet Ambush, Minefields Chris N’s “Indestructible Starhawk” fleet (86/400/400) Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I Kyrsta Agate (commander) Walex Blissex Major Derlin Local Fire Control High Capacity Ion Turbines H9 Turbolasers Unity MC30c Torpedo Frigate Lando Calrissian Caitken & Shollan Advanced Projectors Assault Proton Torpedoes H9 Turbolasers GR-75 Medium Transports Comms Net Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (x2) Z-95 Headhunter Squadron (x8 ) Targeting Beacons, Hyperspace Assault, Doomed Station Ted D’s “Stay!” fleet (68/395/400) Onager-class Testbed Admiral Konstantine Rakehell Admiral Ozzel (officer) Sensor Team Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons Interdictor Combat Refit Interdictor G-8 Experimental Projector Victory I-class Star Destroyer Harrow Admiral Titus Assault Proton Torpedoes Quad Battery Turrets Aggressor Assault Fighter (x2) Morna Kee Black Squadron Opening Salvo, Fleet Ambush, Minefields Nathan F’s “Konstantine Jank” fleet (0/397/400) Interdictor Suppression Refit Admiral Konstantine Taskmaster Grint Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams Grav Shift Reroute G7-X Grav Well Projector Heavy Ion Emplacements Projection Experts Interdictor Suppression Refit Commandant Aresko Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams G-8 Experimental Projector G7-X Grav Well Projector Heavy Ion Emplacements Projection Experts Interdictor Victory II-class Star Destroyer Reeva Demesne Disposable Capacitors H9 Turbolasers Fire-Control Team Heavy Ion Emplacements Dominator Close-Range Intel Scan, Abandoned Mining Facility, Volatile Deposits Chris L’s “Janktastic!” fleet (97/398/400) LMC80 Star Cruiser Leia Organa Weapons Battery Techs NK-7 Ion Cannons Projection Experts Liberty CR90 Corvette B NK-7 Ion Cannons Liberator All Fighters, Follow Me! CR90 Corvette B NK-7 Ion Cannons Jaina’s Light GR-75 Medium Transports GR-75 Medium Transports Malee Hurra X-Wing Squadron (x3) Gold Squadron Y-Wing Squadron (x2) Close-Range Intel Scan, Jamming Barrier, Navigational Hazards As you can see, it seems that some of us had the same go-to’s when we thought of “jank fleets.” Some builds are more janky than others, but it was really nice to not see a single list I would call meta. Anyway, the first round matchups saw Dodonna’s LMC-80 and CR90s run up against Konstantine’s double Suppression Interdictor fleet, Kyrsta’s double Starhawks slam into Kyrsta’s Starhawk and swarm of Z-95s, and Konstantine’s Onager, Vic, and Combat Interdictor plow into Leia’s Liberty and CR90 NK-7 ball. Unfortunately, I can’t give much in the way of batreps, as I was flying Leia’s Liberty Janktastic fleet, and I went to time in all 3 rounds. I can talk about my own matchups, but nobody else’s. I was one of the organizers and TOs of the tournament, as was Nathan. First time for both of us, and man, it is hard to run the show while also participating! I’d already decided that I’d drop if we had an odd number so nobody had to miss out on a game with a bye, but we happily had 6. So there it is. I should note that I’ve never flown this fleet before, nor have I flown anything like it. I had a plan coming in, but sort of threw it to the wind because in the spirit of the jank tournament, I wanted to “see what would happen.” Make no mistake: I was playing to win. But I was trying to see what kind of garbage I could get away with, since I had already built this very fragile machine for fun rather than effectiveness. To that end, I started each match the same way: my GR-75s deployed in the middle as did my squadrons (except for Malee, who was the odd squadron out). That ate up 5 deployments before my real ships. Against Ted’s Onager, Interdictor, and Vic (which were spread out across the table), I decided to line up my Liberty against his capital ship Onager, then sent my two CR90s out wide to the right so they could either flank the Interdictor and Vic when they went after my Liberty or run like **** if they turned out to get my CR90s. Ted went first and chose Navigational Hazards. Basically, my Liberty took his Onager shots and shrugged them off while closing with Malee as quickly as he could. My squadrons moved to intercept his squadrons, but then I foolishly split my fire between the Vic and the Interdictor based on whatever I thought I could maybe kill. My CR90s closed fast on the back end of his Vic and Interdictor, but I got just a little bit greedy and never cued up Engineering commands. I’ll be honest: I basically forgot about his ability to mess with my speeds because how often do you run into that, right? I was a little distracted the whole day, but still...anyway, man, it ends up being FAR closer than I could have anticipated. The squadrons scratch it out amongst themselves, and I end up losing both CR90s. However, my Liberty does JUST enough damage to the Onager as it squeaks by that the Onager lands on a debris field with no shields left, eats two hull damage, and explodes. Meanwhile, my Liberty BARELY turns hard enough on an Engineering dial (instead of a Navigate dial, which, again, I should have anticipated…) to avoid screaming off the back end of the table. I knew it was close, but I didn’t realize it was 5 points close! That said, my MOV actually ended up being zero because I got several objective tokens, he got a couple, but then he had 3 jank tokens (Combat Interdictor, Konstantine, 2 Aggressor Assault Fighters) to my 2 jank tokens (Malee, at least 2 NK-7 Ion Cannons), which meant that I pulled off a 6-5 win with a zero MOV (because the jank tokens could not turn a win into a loss or vice versa). Chris’ single Starhawk and blob of Z-95s beat out the double Starhawk list with a 7-4 win, and Dakota’s Dodonna Ion list blew by Nathan’s Konstantine double Interdictor list with an 8-3 win. There was a math mix-up here, as the second round should’ve been Dakota vs Chris’s Starhawk and myself versus Ted, but instead, I played Dakota with Leia, and Ted matched up against the single Starhawk. Against Dakota, I had the bid and chose to go first. I didn’t think I could kill his ships in Blockade Run before they were past me, and my little ships didn’t want to deal with Planetary Ion Cannons, so I settled for Dangerous Territory. I figured that I’d at least collect a couple of tokens with a flotilla and Jaina’s Light. That said, it played out fairly well for me, as I was moving fast and able to snag not 2, but 4 tokens. I took damage, but the crits weren’t nearly as bad as they could’ve been, and Leia was able to heal my ships up in no time. This was a bit of a mirror match, except Leia had more opportunities to do work than Dodonna because of the way dice rolled out. The result was that I was able to steal kills. I got his LMC80 before he could get my Liberty, but then, we were in a position where we figured time would run out before we could finish the fifth round. The result is that some choices were made with the impression that the round would be the end of the match. Instead, we beat the clock to round 6, and I was able to throw one of my CR90s and squadrons at another of Dakota’s CR90s and finish it off for more points. The result was a 9-2 for me. Chris’ single Starhawk took out Ted’s Onager/Combat Interdictor/Vic fleet for an 8-3, and Nathan’s double Interdictor took down Frank’s double Starhawk fleet by a margin of 7-4. So the final round saw my Leia fleet against Chris N’s Starhawk at the top table, Nathan’s double Interdictor against Ted’s Onager/Combat Interdictor/ Vic, and Frank’s double Starhawk against Dakota’s Dodonna fleet (as Nathan and Dakota could not play each other a second time this tourney). I had the bid and chose to go first. I knew I couldn’t deal with having an MC30 land behind me, so I skipped Hyperspace Assault. I couldn’t contest Doomed Station, so I rolled with Targeting Beacons. In the end, my deployment doomed me. He had me out-deployed with the 2 Lancers and 8 Z-95s, no problem. So my flotillas and squadrons deployed in the middle, as per usual all day. Then my Liberator went wide right while Jaina’s Light and Liberty went wide left. It was just a dumb deployment, and I’m not sure what I expected to come of it. Nonetheless, into battle we went! My squadrons held their own for a little while, but then I got cute with my Liberator in front of the MC30 and dialed up a Con Fire for the double-arc instead of a Navigate to make sure I could speed up and get out of black range. I was confident I could land out of black range, but Liberator landed JUST inside black range. The result was a one-shot kill for the MC30 before it could plow into both flotillas and kill them both in a single activation, courtesy of H9s. Once that all went down (and I had only killed a handful of Z-95s), the game was over. I couldn’t push my squadrons, so they couldn’t pursue the Starhawk (outside of Gold Squadron and Malee), and most of them died in a fiery blaze as the red dice swung hard between blanks and doubles. Jaina’s Light and Liberty did a great job of stripping literally all 6 of the Starhawk’s defense tokens, as NK-7s went off nearly every turn. So it was flying with minimal shields and no defense tokens. But then my ships were past it, I only had two squadrons on it, and had landed no hull damage. So, you know, that wasn’t great. I mean, it’s the complaint everyone has about NK-7s, right? At the end of the day, did you strip the tokens at the cost of doing damage? And the answer was yes. I stripped the tokens, and if I had more attacks to throw at the Starhawk, then I could kill it. But I’d spent all my attacks stripping the tokens and not doing enough damage. Which, again, I knew walking into this build was the likely outcome. Still: it stung. I only scored something like 21 points off of Z-95s in addition to my jank victory tokens, so it was an 8-3 thrashing for me. I ended the tourney with 18 points in 3rd place. Chris N and his Starhawk finished in first place, and was awarded a dice bag, some Con Fire tokens, and an alt art Hera card, as well as some store credit. Nathan blew by me after winning 10-1 in the final round and ended the tourney with 20 points. He won the Con Fire tokens, Hera and some store credit. I got an alt art TIE Phantom for coming in third, with which I was thrilled, as I didn’t have one, I love the squadron, and it totally fits with the jank theme, as far as I’m concerned! Frank’s double Starhawk ended in 4th after securing an 8-3 in the final round, and he was awarded an alt art TIE Phantom as well. Dakota’s Dodonna fleet finished in 5th with 13 points, and Ted’s Konstantine fleet finished in 6th with 9 points. Both of them were awarded additional alt art copies of External Racks in addition to the first alt art copies of External Racks that were awarded to everyone for showing up. Everyone also received the double-sided LTT and Skilled First Officer. So overall, it felt like a fairly successful event! People leaned into the spirit of jank pretty hard, and we saw some builds we likely wouldn’t have seen otherwise. What about the rest of y’all? Ever run or play in a jank event before? What did it look like? Any thoughts on our banned and jank lists? I’m looking to refine it further for future events. In the meantime, enjoy your day, and I hope y’all can get back to Armada sooner rather than later!
  3. Great question! I echo everyone else: this is a tough one. I think my favorite has to be Hondo. I just think his utility makes him so much fun, and I feel like I have options no matter what I'm up against.
  4. Happy Juneteenth, everyone! I was most pleased to sneak in a game of Armada this past week and so I've decided to share it. I've been messing about with Palpatine for a little while, trying to find a build I think I want to bother trying. I have long thought that squadrons were a good way to go in order to burn opponents' Redirects, and so I settled on squadrons. Figured that as long as I was trying something that was unlikely to work, I might as well mess with the Command SSD because I like the idea of it, though I know the Ravager build sees the vast majority of play and success. So I landed on the following: Papa Palpatine (94/400/400) =========================== Command Prototype (220 + 86: 306) · Emperor Palpatine (35) · Weapons Liaison (3) · Damage Control Officer (5) · Commander Vanto (7) · Gunnery Team (7) · Take Evasive Action! (6) · Intensify Firepower! (6) · Rapid Launch Bays (6) · Leading Shots (4) · Quad Battery Turrets (5) · Executor (2) Howlrunner (16) Gamma Squadron (10) 4 x Tie Bomber Squadron (4 x 9) 4 x Tie Fighter Squadron (4 x 8 ) Ion Storm Capture the VIP Superior Positions After giving it a whole lot of thought, I decided that my best approach was to keep the TIE Bombers back while holstering the TIE Fighters and Howlrunner in the SSD with RLB. It doesn't cost me any deployments because my SSD is the only thing that can deploy anyway. It ensures my TIEs get the alpha strike and can hit the target they want to hit. Everything else is fairly well self-explanatory, I think. I flew against a friend (Ted) who was fielding a Leia list that had been converted over from Dodonna. It featured a B-Wing, Ten, Biggs, an X-Wing, a YT-1300, Jan, Norra...and I think that was it for squadrons? He had Yavaris, a Pelta, Leia onboard Jaina's Light, and a pair of GR-75s. He had the bid and chose to go first. He chose Capture the VIP as the objective, as he figured he'd either get the SSD or not, and so MOV did not matter as far as he was concerned. We set up obstacles a little pell-mell. I chose the station to be near me, but set up other objectives further away from where I planned on deploying my SSD so that his squadrons wouldn't have anywhere to hide. I deployed my SSD in my left corner pointed toward the middle, and my Bombers tucked into its auxiliary right arc. The TIE Fighters and Howl all went on RLBs. He deployed semi-aggressively at the center of the map with the exception of Jaina's Light, which was kicked out wide to avoid unnecessary conflict. I was happy with that, as I was hoping Jaina's Light would try to flank the SSD and run into the cloud of TIE Bombers. My priority was killing Yavaris before it could do too much damage, but I obviously wasn't in a rush to engage. Why give his squadrons more opportunities to punch me? Ted had AFFM equipped, but he had deployed far enough away that I figured I could wait until turn 3 to dial up squadrons. Normally, I'd start with Navigate so that I could have two Nav tokens to start, but I thought I'd try and go against my instincts with the dials a little bit and see what happened. So I went with Engineering, Con Fire, Squadrons, Squadrons. This choice would cost me, but not for the reason I feared. The first two turns were dull: Ted tried to position as best he could, and I just chugged forward with the SSD, picking up the VIP token on my first turn. I banked each of my first two dials as tokens, thereby netting two tokens each turn (unable to use Vanko because I was not resolving commands). This, right here, was my mistake. I did not have a Nav token banked, and so chose not to use TEA at the top of the third round, which I should have done. I knew I had Yavaris, no problem. But I needed to turn in to make sure I didn't miss out on the Pelta. I briefly considered discarding TEA for the effect, but didn't do it. Biggest error of the game, by far. And really, the only one that I'm convinced cost me the match. It also occurred to me that I sort of saw this coming in round 2 and could have resolved a meaningless Engineering token just so Vanto could hand me a Nav token. Easy peasy! But I didn't think to do this until later. Anyway, I did not discard TEA in time for round 3, and the ramifications would be fatal. Round 3 goes as expected: Ted easily had me outactivated, so I banked the Squadrons dial as a token because I didn't want to drop my TIE Fighters too early. His Yavaris dice weren't good, but his Pelta and squadron dice bordered on great. I knew he'd hit me first, so I wasn't panicked. And DCO nullified Norra, so that was fine too. At the top of round 4, Palpatine names Brace and I burn a token for IF and a Vanto token for TEA. I obviously take another hammering from Yavaris, but I'm still okay. I drop my TIEs and start going in on an X-Wing that's escorting Norra. My hope is that I can lock her up, force an unwanted Jan move, etc. My dice swing wildly between excellent and absolutely awful, even with Swarm rerolls. Can't quite finish the X-Wing after throwing 19 blue dice at it, with 4 rerolls. I do force some Biggs damage mitigation, and Jan is forced to burn a Brace defense token. My TIE Fighters are spent, so I use my sixth and final squadron activation to throw a TIE Bomber at Yavaris. Whiff. Executor starts with flak, as all of Ted's squadrons are in my front arc. My dice are awful. I manage a total of 4 damage out of 14 dice. Then I throw my front arc at Yavaris and one-shot it. I have the two Accuracies to kill the Braces, and I roll exactly enough damage, even before IF. I'm pretty happy, as now I don't even have to ram Yavaris to kill it. Except that probably would've been best for me, because NOW I'm trying to turn my boat to make sure I don't lose the Pelta. And the result is that I bellyflop ALL OVER THE SQUADRONS. I need to turn, but I land on all of my TIE Fighters but one, and all of his squadrons but the YT-1300 and Ten. Which...is not good. Obviously, my TIEs are relegated to the back and his squadrons are now stacked on my front. His Pelta takes a shot at me and rolls well, and then Jaina's Light hits me. Then his remaining squadrons roll well. I'm up to 15 damage at this point and have had to burn all defense tokens except for a single Brace (which I can only use once, as one of my 2 or 3 crits is that I cannot spend exhausted defense tokens). I call it at the end of Round 4, knowing that his Pelta will activate before I get to do anything, and I just can't imagine a double-arc from the Pelta as well as 4 bombers reinforced by BCC failing to deal me 7 damage. Certainly possible, but really unlikely. So, that's the show! Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh....I ended the game with 4 command tokens. So I made a couple of mistakes. But the biggest, by far, was my unwillingness to discard TEA a turn earlier than I used it so that I could turn BEFORE dropping my TIE Fighters in order to keep the Pelta in my front arc without landing on them afterwards. The second was using Vanko. I really liked hoarding command tokens via Executor, but if I lose the game with 4 tokens (one of each command) still on my SSD, then I didn't need that many tokens or I was too miserly with them. It wasn't the latter, which means it's the former. I have since changed my fleet to include Flight Commander - my reasoning is that I not only save 4 points so I've got a bid at 396, but now if I'm forced to splash enemy squadrons, I can drop my TIE Fighters in afterward and lock everyone down, regardless of whether I'm turning or not. Otherwise, overall, I'm pretty happy with how it ran! Now, is that to say Palpatine is the best commander for this fleet? I'm not sure yet. I'm still working him out. I like the threat he presents, but I can easily see how a switch to Jerjerrod, Piett, or even Tagge might be more beneficial. I'd save a butt-ton of points, and the effects would be more reliable than Palpatine. That said, I'm going to stick it out with Palpatine for a little while and get a better feel for him; see if I can't exploit his ability some more. Thanks for reading, and stay well!
  5. RLB makes it even more thematic (and therefore cool) by launching 5 TIE Fighters in one fell swoop. I don't mean to brag, but it seems I'm even cooler than I could have imagined back in high school!
  6. See? Imma take that post from Biggs to mean that 4x TIEs is, in fact, cool.
  7. Sure. But is that keyword only applicable to a very specific ace, or to generic squadrons as well? Maybe that's what I'm not following?
  8. I think that would make generic squadrons even less useful. And we already rarely see more than one or two generics to round out a squadron contingent.
  9. I'm not gonna say it's anything special, but I've flown this twice and really enjoy the heck out of it. I can't remember the last time I saw a swarm of generic TIEs on the table, and I know SSDs aren't popular outside of the Ravager build. Finally, I enjoy the *idea* of Palpatine, even if he's really expensive and difficult to maximize. Papa Palpatine (94/400/400) =========================== Command Prototype (220 + 86: 306) · Emperor Palpatine (35) · Weapons Liaison (3) · Damage Control Officer (5) · Flight Commander (3) · Gunnery Team (7) · Take Evasive Action! (6) · Intensify Firepower! (6) · Rapid Launch Bays (6) · Leading Shots (4) · Quad Battery Turrets (5) · Executor (2) Howlrunner (16) Gamma Squadron (10) 4 x Tie Bomber Squadron (4 x 9) 4 x Tie Fighter Squadron (4 x 😎 Ion Storm Capture the VIP Superior Positions
  10. I don't know about that. 40k is super reasonable and accessible, I think...
  11. Thank you very much for the clarification, Tokra, even if I now feel like a total POS! Seriously, that's good to know and I appreciate your saying something. With 4 blue dice I probably should have gotten the Defender anyway, but I'd have felt even worse if I did that to kill a scatter Ace and had that swing the match results. Now I know not to, so I thank you!
  12. Thanks for the feedback, Tokra! I was worried that breaking up each round might be announced for the reader, but I'll be sure to break it up in the future for easier reading! As for Hondo, my understanding was simply that a squadron needs to overlap the Purrgil to take damage, not end movement on it. Mauler specifically says "after you move," indicating that his movement during activation is a requirement to me. Can anyone clarify this for me? I'd hate to have incidentally cheated!
  13. I've really enjoyed reading other Prime batreps, so keep them coming! My friend and I visited Chicago this past Saturday for the Gift of Games Prime, and we had a fantastic time. As always, we met and chatted with excellent folks, and though it was about 5.5 hours there and then back again (making for quite a long day), I'd absolutely make that run again, even if it was only to get stomped 🤣 Anyway! There were two reasons that I took the same fleet from the Elizabethtown Prime to the one in Chicago, despite expecting that the competition would be even fiercer given that we're running out of chances to win a Worlds ticket: 1) I thought it ran fairly well the last time I played it, and 2) I haven't had much time in the past couple of weeks to play a match (didn't play a match at all in the week leading up to the tourney) because of work. So, I chose to fly what I know and resist the siren-like call of subbing in my Tarquitens-Onager fleet (which has seen play exactly once) for my current Tarkin fleet. Ain't Tarkin 'Bout Love (45/396/400) ==================================== Kuat Refit (112 + 66: 178) + Grand Moff Tarkin (38) + Strategic Adviser (4) + Darth Vader (3) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Leading Shots (4) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 18: 74) + Skilled First Officer (1) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Auxiliary Shields Team (3) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 18: 74) + Skilled First Officer (1) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Auxiliary Shields Team (3) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 + 2: 25) + Comms Net (2) Hondo Ohnaka (24) IG-88 (21) Onto the matches! Round 1: I as matched up against Jason F., who had come in from Wisconsin. Really pleasant, fun guy who had me worried out of my **** mind with a Leia CR-90 swarm. It's hard for me to get my black dice to stick to these slippery corvettes, and so I worried that I would just run past them and then get harassed by their red dice in my flanks the entire game. So I chose to take first player so I would at least deprive him of last-firsting me. I believe I outbid him 396-398. We played his Asteroid Tactics. If his defense tokens are the difference between my winning and losing, then I've already done screwed up. I deployed my Gozanti and two Glads in the middle of the board, angled to run to the right. He piled up a couple of CR-90s and squadrons in the far right (of me) corner, so that's where my Kuat went. His flagship went wide left of me with a single CR-90 directly across from my Glads. His CR swarm moved to the right of my Kuat, who turned hard to make sure they did not escape the front arc. My inside Glad and Gozanti turned in the same direction, while my outside (left) Glad sort of stayed out there to keep the outlier CR-90s honest. 3rd round is when we began to engage, resulting in a dead IG-88 (which I'd expected, but he still went a little sooner than I'd have liked), as well as a dead TRC-90. At this point, I had a decision to make: have the Kuat stick around for side shots and hope to land something meaningful, or just get the heck out of there. In the past, I'd have stuck around. But before we started, I'd insisted to myself that I would absolutely only take what Jason gave me rather than trying to force anything. So my Kuat ran while my outside Glad turned in so that both of my Glads could meet the oncoming CR-90s and cover the Kuat's flank. By the top of round 5, I was able to kill another TRC-90 because now there was nothing for Jason to do but try and ensure getting at least one kill to offset his loss. So one of the chaser CR-90s got too close to one of my Glads and went down. Shara died to Hondo by the top of round 6, and then Hondo began to flee. We were coming up on time, so trying hard to finish so we could actually get some lunch (which was REALLY important for me, as I'd not eaten anything but an orange and a handful of Doritos since I was up at 3am...bad call, me. Bad call...). My Gozanti had had some close calls, but lived up until this point. He did great work, but finally went down. However, I had two really strong shots on his ships - one on Jaina's Light (which was carrying Leia), and one on another TRC-90 (or perhaps the lone CR-90B, I can't remember which). However much damage each Glad did, they could not take down either ship before the end of the round. Luckily for me (and I always say I'd rather be lucky than good), Hondo had disengaged the previous round in order to avoid sustained fire that might cost him his merc pirate life. As such, he was in striking distance of Jaina's Light, moved in, and took the shot, landing the damage I needed for the kill. I won the match with a 7-4, discovering that I missed the 8-3 by only two points. I was a little disappointed, because I knew I'd need more tournament points to be competitive, but I was still happy with this result, given that I felt as though I were starting the day against a fleet that traditionally gives my Tarkin fleet a lot of trouble. Round 2: I played against Steven J., who also came in from Wisconsin! Yet another pleasant, fun opponent. He was fielding Piett on an ISD-I, a Raider, and a Gozanti, alongside a load of squadrons. If I recall correctly, it was 4 TIE Bombers, 4 TIE Defenders, and Dengar. At this point, I'm scared, because that bomber cloud will rip me apart. IG-88 and Hondo are there to target the most dangerous squadron an opponent has (2 squadrons, at best) and buy me a little time. But against a bomber ball like that? Yeah, no, that's not going to work for me at all. If I remember correctly, he had the bid and chose to go first. After Steven looked over my objectives, he said “these are all terrible.” At that point, I felt simultaneously flattered and awful. Flattered that I’d given him miserable choices, awful that he was not going to necessarily enjoy any objective he chose. The round had started, and we were the last ones to start playing, so he decided that Abandoned Mining Facility was the least of 3 evils. Unfortunately, I have to admit that this was something that caused me a sigh of relief, because at least now I could force him to fight on my terms, which was hugely important because I was still desperately worried about his angry bomber cloud. We deployed everything but the dust fields, and I chose to deploy mine just left of center. I figured that gave me options depending on where his dust field landed. He put his right of center, and so I deployed my ships in a very tight formation behind my dust cloud where they could begin mining on the first turn. Unfortunately for him, he’d never played AMF before, and as a result, I think I was able to exploit my plan better than I had anticipated. By the top of round 2, he was moving, and the only ship of mine not dropped down to speed zero was my far left Glad (having deployed my Gozanti far left, and then my two Glads flanking the Kuat so I could remain flexible). I’d farmed 4 tokens to his 0. By the top of round 3, I’ve got 8 tokens to his 0, but he’s on approach and this is the round when my ships need to start moving again, lest they be defenseless against his squadrons. Sure enough, the first casualty of the match in round 4 is IG-88, but I also have 13 tokens to his 0. At this point, I decide this is the match in which I can accumulate as many points as possible and go for the tabling, too. But I make said decision a little too eagerly, and turn my Kuat just a little too hard to join the fight. I’m not great at flying tight formations, and so my Kuat runs into the back of the Glad deployed at its right, scoots, back, and they both take damage. This is obviously terrible news for me, and now I’m a little worried. At this point, one Glad is right in the ISD-I’s side, ready to wreak havoc. But my other Glad hasn’t finished its approach and is already surrounded by bombers. There is, literally, no daylight for this guy. So I’m flakking as much as I can, and the first Glad goes on his bombing run after Steven’s Gozanti goes down, and runs like **** past the ISD. I’m certain I won’t get the Raider, but I can chase it away from the battle. So I do. My swamped Glad dies before doing taking action much more meaningful than flak, which is all my Kuat can do as well. By the top of round 6, he’s lost a Gozanti and a couple of squadrons; I’ve lost a Glad and IG-88, and I’ve got 16 tokens to his 0. At the end, I didn’t trust my dice from Hondo enough, and pushed one of his Defenders onto a Purrgil in order to get the remaining one damage for the kill. I ended up with an 8-3 win because I just didn’t have enough juice to burn the ISD-I. I’m obviously happy with the outcome, but know I still needed better than an 8-3 to give myself a cushion going into the latter two rounds. Round 3: Aaaaaaaaaand I’m paired up against Jack O. Ruh-roh. If you’ve met Jack, you know he is a ridiculously nice guy, and I really enjoyed talking Armada with him. But you also know he’s a skilled player, and this is the guy who stomped me with Ravager awhile back at the Chicagoland charity tournament. So, you know, I’m not feeling great. Oh, he’s not flying Ravager, mind you. He’s flying a Starhawk with Kyrsta, against which I’ve not yet flown. I don’t know about the rest of you, but here’s what happens when I fly against an SSD: my hands get a little shaky, and my heart starts beating a mile a minute. I’ve beaten more SSDs than lost to them, but they still just intimidate the **** out of me. I apparently have the same reaction to the Starhawk, though I’d never flown against one before, so it was a little bit worse. So here’s one of my two biggest errors of the day: I choose to go second. He’s got more squadrons than me, I worry that he’s got that unholy triptych of squadron objectives, and so I overthink it and choose to go second. If you read a lot of the blogs, a lot of the best players say the same thing: don’t get cute, stick to what you know, DON’T DEVIATE FROM THE PLAN. It’s not until we’re done with the match that the words “I looked at the trap, Ray!” bounce around in my skull because I let myself get rattled. He had two flotillas and a Starhawk. I should have gone first and just chanced the objectives. Instead, I have the bid, choose to go second, and we end up playing my Advanced Gunnery. So I won’t be mining objectives for points: I need the kill. I’ve got Advanced Gunnery, so I think I can make that work. I knew I’d be outdeployed, so I set up my Glads and flotilla at the center of the map, and then landed my Kuat on the outside facing in, knowing that I could blitz his flank. I march into battle, and by the top of round 4, one of my Glads is dead, along with both of my squads. I knew Hondo and IG-88 would die, but they went down a heck of a lot faster than I anticipated, so that wasn’t great. Now the thing that really sucks: as my Kuat approached the Starhawk, I knew I only had one shot at avoiding the double-arc, and that was stepping into the front arc where he could shoot my Kuat once, and I could hammer away at him twice after stripping away an upgrade with my Vader boarding team. It was so, so close, but I was confident that I had found the maneuver that would get me there. I locked in the tool, and started moving. **Always move slowly so you don’t bump one large ship model into another large ship model, thus moving the stand. “Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon!** I pushed his Starhawk model with the nose of my Kuat model. Ugh. Absolutely UGH. Jack was extremely gracious and felt so awful that it came down to that, and I appreciated it, but I just couldn’t see anyway around what happened next: we approximated where the Starhawk was, put it back, and I landed my ISD, at which point, I was double-arced. I had measured, and was 98% certain that I had the move to get inside the front arc. It was going to be half a hair’s distance, and we probably would’ve had to call judge to check and make sure I’d gotten it. But the estimation of where I would have landed was strictly my own, was already going to be ridiculously close, and I didn’t feel comfortable making any sort of assertion that I could fit without getting double-arced. Again, Jack was incredibly gracious and heartsick over the whole thing, but at the end of the day, these things are going to happen, and I should have simply moved a little slower or asked him to pin down his base so that I could’ve avoided this. I’m less frustrated about the way it turned out for me, and more frustrated that I will never know if my assessment with regards to placement and avoiding his side arc was correct or not! Anyway, at this point, he burns my fleet to the ground and I get a 1-10. No losses on his side. I knew I needed to kill the Starhawk, thought I had it, and then the bump happened. But, so it goes. Looking forward to facing my next Starhawk! But at this point, I know I’ll be tumbling from table 4 and have no shot at a top finish. All I can do is try to salvage my score in round 4 and maybe earn myself something I likely don’t deserve! Round 4: I get paired up against Mike M, who is flying an Onager with Jerjerrod. Just as I’d not yet flown against a Starhawk, I’ve not flown against an Onager either. I’ll be honest: my brain was fairly fried by the final round, so I’ve got fewer details on this match than my previous matches. He had Demo in this build, as well as two flotillas and a Raider. Sticking with my streak of honesty, I looked at his build and couldn’t figure out how such seemingly disparate elements of a fleet could synergize. I assumed he was making it work somehow, but I just couldn’t see it until he sprung it all on me. I gotta tell you, it was the most successful original build I’ve seen in person in a long time, so big kudos to Mike, even if it resulted in me getting stomped, lol. So I spread my ships out, trying to force him into making a choice regarding which ship to target with his Onager. He chose the Glad I’d deployed just right of the middle of the board. I deployed my Kuat on the far right so I could zoom in and flank his Onager and when Corvus moved to that side, I thought maybe I could snag Corvus too. His Demo was out to my left, so I deployed my left Glad out there to keep Demo honest as best I could. He chose to go first, and we played Infested Fields. IG-88 and Hondo were on token duty, and as Mike had deployed his two obstacles in his far corners, IG was going to snag one of them before bouncing back to battle, since Mike was flying squadronless and IG was unlikely to impact the fight. This is where, again, I tried to get cute. Lesson learned: don’t do that, dummy. I was messing with the middle Glad’s speed, trying to stay out of close range of the ignition token, then planning to jump it and speed up to hit the Onager before it melted me. Demo came in at me, but couldn’t kill off either Glad before it landed between them both. I knew at least one of my Glads, if not both of them, were going to die this turn. So I chose one to hit Demo. I rolled one hit/crit and several hits, but chose to keep most of the roll. He used Brunson to shrug off the APT die. This was probably the worst I felt today. I know Armada fatigue kicks in by round 4, but to have missed something so obvious? Woof, I felt dumb. He easily braced and redirected the remaining 3 damage (I think it was 3 or 4, non-crit), and then the Onager killed both Glads in one fell swoop. At this point, I’m going to lose, but I can try and salvage things. So my Kuat turns in on the Onager hard. But the Onager’s Salvo combined with XI7s takes its toll (I had used my Vader on Mike’s Raider to strip HIS Vader because I didn’t want to lose APTs or ECMs). I hammered as best I could, but wasn’t thinking about the fact that the Onager can move up to speed 3, and since Mike was first, I couldn’t keep up with it. However, I’d already committed, so now, Demo is swinging back around to take another pass at me while I’d been wasting Hondo’s excellent rolls (seriously, his first attack was a hit/hit, then every single attack after that was a hit/crit) on the Onager thinking I could get it, instead of wiping out Demo and saving my Kuat. So, you guessed it, Demo kills my Kuat on the last activation, I get tabled again, and he lost nothing. It was brutal. That said, Mike was an extremely gracious and lovely opponent to play, which meant that even if the result of my match was undesirable, I have to admit that his winning with such a nasty and original fleet was something he absolutely earned, and I can’t possibly begrudge him that. So I ended the day with 17 tournament points, and I believe I was third from last by the end of the day. I was sorry that I tumbled from table 4 to table 8 all the way to the bottom of the standings. Especially because I believe the Starhawk matchup against Jack was a more favorable one for me than I realized. I think he was actually at a disadvantage, but outplayed me, and I let my nerves prevent me from being a particularly worthy opponent for him. But with that said, I knew the competition would be fierce, and I already had plans to attend the LCQ at Adepticon, so, that’s the way it goes. I exceeded my expectations at the Elizabethtown Prime, and I underperformed at the Gift of Games Prime. I will say this: I had a really great day, chatting with folks, playing a ton of Armada, and I got to watch my friend Nathan match up against Nathan Coda at the top table at the end of the day, which was really exciting! And by “got to watch,” I mean I know it was happening because my fourth match was my third of the day to go to time, so we were the last ones done 😁 Thanks to Gift of Games for running a great Prime, and thanks to the Armada community at large for always showing up and making these trips worthwhile!
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