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  1. Really appreciate your insight, Giled Pallaeon. Congratulations!!
  2. Thanks for your diligence in keeping everyone updated!
  3. If you say so. Day 2 is much more the balance I was expecting. And I've only been to Nova once, and maybe I'm just misremembering, but last year felt more balanced than yesterday, that's all.
  4. Only 4 Rebels in a list of 18 players? Again, only day one, so I'm sure we'll see more Rebels in play today. But given that the majority of major tournaments have been won by Rebel players (and GenCon just saw no ISDs crack the top cut), yeah, I'm really surprised to see that kind of data from day one.
  5. It is only day one, but I'm still stunned.
  6. "The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. Karneck is believed to be dead. And he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him."
  7. Ah HA! Finally! The evidence of collusion we all never bothered to consider might be there!
  8. They're in the store. Mine will be sent to the store for pick-up when RitR is released because they were pre-ordered together.
  9. Thanks, everyone! Again, I have really great information I use as a baseline from some great websites, but I really appreciate the input here. I know that, overall, the community finds him just too expensive to play competitively when there are so many other more competitive options. It really comes back to what Dras said: I'm paying a lot, and unless I've got a machine in place that makes it worthwhile, why am I paying so much to make it work in the first place? As someone who is an experienced player, but not a great one, I really appreciate his flexibility. Not so much to cover my errors, but to give me more options from round to round. Especially with Sovereign. Allwings: I really enjoy dropping to zero speed, actually, so I'm with you! Honestly, even now. It's not feasible in every match, and not always the right move. But it's kept me out of firing range unexpectedly because with the build I'm currently running, I can easily swing a 2 speed change every turn. I'm still trying to make sure I'm using it effectively and not just using it in order to convince myself I've built something that's worthwhile. A lot of you have suggested using Arquitens, and as a Rebel player up until Nova last year, I really love the **** out of them! But honestly, each time I use them, I'm disappointed in them. Well, not specifically the ships. I know they can do work. I just don't like the way I tend to build them. "But dude, then just change the way you build them, you dope!" Yeah, I know. I've just sort of moved on from them at the moment, I think. Between them and the Cymoon, too many red dice for me at this point. I love red dice, but they are fickle (as we all know). Anyway, again, thanks all so much for your great input! I'm really appreciative of y'all taking the time. I'd like to have something solid to field for GenCon, and this all helps me make headway.
  10. I've decided to fly Tarkin this season, starting at Gencon. How have y'all flown Tarkin? I've read and re-read everything CGYSO and Steel Command have written about Tarkin, but I haven't seen him hit the table in a good long while. I've got something like 8-9 different fleets built around him, but have only had time to test out the one I think most likely to be effective so far. So yeah, how have you used him or seen him used lately that you think is interesting/fun/effective/whatever.
  11. I'm with MadCat on a lot of what they said. I worry about your squadron composition most of all, because that's a lot of squadrons that can't hit scatter aces. Sure, you can overheat their scatter tokens, but if your opponent has a couple of scatter aces, that's a lot of wasted attacks, I think. What do you want your squadrons to do? I know you broke down their dice, but what function do they serve in your fleet? Are they tying up opposing squadrons? Are they meant to go after ships? What do you want them to accomplish? From there, I think we can come up with better ideas for your squadron component.
  12. Subscribed. Keep up the good work!
  13. Man, people have different experiences. I had a great experience when I went to regionals here last year. But you know what? The two people I came with (dominos being one of them) didn't. And I saw the events that marred their experiences. They happened, and if others had good experiences, that's great! But I hardly think that invalidates a bad experience someone else had. Especially given that the store's owner didn't simply say "don't come back" or explain that he thought dominos handled it poorly. He called him "an awful person." I believe in the power of words. Dominos has never been anything but welcoming and considerate to me. It's only because of him that I discovered our local Armada community and came back to the game and fell in love with it. Neither he nor the owner like each other? Fine. But I didn't see dominos calling the guy "an awful person." I've been a geek my whole life, and insults like that never really just roll off my back. I think that's pretty cold and inconsiderate, even putting retail and business aside.
  14. Umm, yeah. For the record: NOBODY "asks for sexual harassment." That's a really ignorant statement to make, and it's victim blaming that is unwelcome in this discussion thread or any other.
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