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  1. A lot of the rewards say "When you gain this card, do X". In the subsequent games in the campaign mode, after you've got your reward, do you technically gain the card again? This would mean Monterey Jack's reward lets him start with an artifact in each game in campaign mode. I'm kinda torn on this. On one hand, a decent amount of the rewards are not great if you dont get the improvement, but on the other the consequences would probably make me sacrifice characters just to get rid of them. Halp
  2. Alright, thanks yall! Seems like my close to 100% winrate is about to take a dip..
  3. After playing a bunch of times me and some others were a little confused about certain things. Does the +4 during combat from a Tommy Gun stack with the +1 str from a bodyguard? Does the Sledgehammer only give a total of +2 for combat or is it +3? Does the Scales of Thoth stack with any item/ally giving +stats as well? Am I allowed to use both the Sword of Y'ha-Talla and a Gatling Gun at the same time for a total of +2 will and +5 strength during combat encounters? If I have multiple items that say "You may reroll 1 dice when resolving a x test", does that allow me to reroll several dice or just one? If there are 3 monsters on my space and I fail the combat test when facing the first monster, do I still have to face the other 2? In the case of a blessed Skids with a double barreled shotgun and a gatling gun, you would roll a base of 9 dice, am I allowed to reroll the rerolls as long as they're either a double or 1's? Because that would mean at most 2 failures and every other dice have to be a success, right? Also as a side note, I played quite a lot of games on tabletop simulator and I noticed that pretty much every player who's played the game before (including myself) added bonuses to combat/skill checks incorrectly, making it way too easy. I wish the wording on the cards were more clear on this.
  4. My group and I have started playing league 2, but we're all incredibly confused about how to handle clue tokens and I've tried so hard to find any clarification without luck. We just finished the second scenario and have 18 clue tokens left over so later we'll have to decide how many corruption cards we take. I'm confused about the line that says: "Clues banked at the bank do count towards the maximum that can appear" Does that mean we should've kept track of all clue tokens used from scenario 1 and 2? Plz halp
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