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  1. I spray the whole thing with Matt varnish (testors dull cote) then glue down flock/sand/static grass etc...never had any issues with it sticking to the varnish.
  2. Well shucks...I better start painting my 3 carrion lancers...wanted to wait as sort of a reward for painting everything else, but seeing all these badass giant maggots is making it hard...
  3. I'm with tvayumat...the carrion lancer is why I bought this game...I've been into this crazy crap since the very first edition of d&d umpteen thousand years ago, and the lancer is one of the sickest, most badass things I've seen in a long time. Seriously, a skellie on top of an oversized, toxic pus filled maggot with mandibles? What's not to love?
  4. I've been pondering this as well...thinking about Army Painter barbarian flesh base, than flick a watered down yellow onto it, followed by a red wash...Will it work? Your guess is as good as mine. Might be interesting even if it doesn't do what I want.
  5. I think I went blind just looking at the post...great stuff Hepitude!
  6. If you have any old plastic sprue laying around, heat it up and stretch it...give you a long piece that's a bit thicker towards the ends, and since it is plastic, it glues easy and takes paint. I've done it many times, works like a charm
  7. I hear what you're saying...but I'm a model builder at heart and I gotta get rid of them all...for me, the mini isn't done unless I've done everything...that's my thing, and I absolutely respect and understand your take on it. Your minis look great, btw.
  8. Yeah, they suck. But it's worth it because, like you said, the sculpts are good. Doesn't help that I'm totally anal about removing every last mold line...
  9. Thanks BigKahuna and jonboyjon...
  10. Pardon my stupidity, but what does 'nerf' mean in the gaming community? I don't want to start anything, I just don't know...
  11. Well crap. That means another core box to hide from my wife. Thanks for the info Jocke, appreciate it!
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