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  1. But seriously the ship is extremely lacking. I have used it semi- successfully with double edge carrying ion missiles and ion turret for a chance at two shots and as a general nuisance, but really only in an effort to field the ship. Those 38 points could be put to better use. I just loved at it as a challenge to field it.
  2. I don't own a second Tie Advanced V1 model, so the aggressor model makes for a convenient model to differentiate seventh sister and grand inquisitor in my space wizards squad with Vader.
  3. Is no one talking about the potential for Hotshots and Aces style expansions for X-wing based on the characters in this? We are going to have a new cast of named characters, signature flying styles, and even new mechanics and upgrades (which in the Polygon interview they specifically said they pulled from x-wing miniatures). If the Rebs and Imps are done for ship designs, this is exactly what we need to expand the options available. I personally really really hope they put out a Squadrons specific card pack.
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    Random Thought

    I like this idea a lot. I think there are a lot of interesting or silly things that could use that negative effect for a high risk high reward. "Mega Cannon - Action: Gain one disarm token. During your next engagement phase make a 5 dice attack against ALL ships in your bullseye firing arc." Or "Mega Cannon - Action: Gain one disarm token. During your next engagement ALL ships in your bullseye firing arc suffer three critical wounds." (Two charges) Take out the option to not shoot, possibly endanger your own ships, even highlight what's coming to your opponent...but if you can land it....
  5. Nice get! Now just hoping FFG ship some more soooooon
  6. Do you live in the US? I see one for like $50 plus shipping. You might have just gotten lucky. Maybe FFG will restock when they get their new stuff in.
  7. I wonder if they ever implemented a ranked system? It was always a bummer to hop for the first time in a while, and the top three players on each team being the only people killing everyone. On the plus side, the attempted insane level of loot box leveling EA tried to implement in this game has led the way for a lot of good laws against loot boxes and less play to win games.
  8. I would say buy two starter sets (cheap way to get 2Xs and 4 Ties [and enough dice]). From there a Y-wing, Falcon, X1 (Vader), and the interceptor, and maaaybe a Decimator, just so both factions can experience large base ships and the bomb mechanic. Then...play! Part of what I loved about getting in to this game was loving what I had and what the game was...and then the anticipation and excitement of going and getting a new ship! The first time I tried a phantom, the mechanics blew my mind. Then with the Ghost popping a shuttle out, oh man. I loved growing the game over time, and I would argue that growing from a reasonable base will help you enjoy the game more and for a longer time. But that's from the perspective of someone who went that route. Your path doesn't have to be the same by any means. This is an amazing game. My favorite list even includes an E-wing which you can still only get by converting a first edition model. That being said, my top 5 favorite ships to fly for rebels and imperials: Imperial Decimator, Defender, Interceptor, Tie Advanced, Tie fighters. Rebel X-wing, Arc 170, Y-wing, E-wing, Falcon. P.S. Also check out the card packs like Hotshots and aces (more pilots and useful cross faction cards that dont come with the aforementioned ships), Dont Tell Me the Odds (extra obstacle types), and...the bomb one (cant remember the name but gives you all the bombs lol). The second two also provide some scenarios in case you feel like spicing up your dog fights. Have fun and welcome to X-wing!
  9. +1 Also as a primarily x-wing player I have no fear of that beast being overtaken 😉
  10. Just finished all the Legends comics for Knights of the Old Republic with good ol' boy Zayne Carrick at the head, and the start of the Mandalorian wars. It also has Revan putting on his mask for the first time and Malak raising his army of Jedi to join the Mandalorian wars. They are some of my favorite Star Wars stories so far. I think the Old Republic with the Republic, Sith, and Mandalorians would make awesome Legion entries.
  11. The game is played on a 3'x6' play area, so that one mega-city map one could maybe work. Not sure if you would figure in the actual buildings, since Legion is in a 3d environment, but might be able to make it work, but just a generic open map would definitely be easier. Either way though, thanks for sharing. I might pick up a map pack for future RPG stuff. Just started collecting Legion recently and I keep thinking how perfect the minis would be for finally running a star wars game with minis instead of all theater of the mind. Even though the FFG rpg uses range bands instead of measurements, I still think having the minis in the game would be awesome.
  12. Am I the only one picturing a single unit sized base per foot? Because if not, try it on for size. It's pretty funny.
  13. Nah. One place online shipping was a but much, and two on ebay got a bit rich for me as well. Excited to get them, but I can wait it out I guess. Not worth spending $40-$50 when I'll be able to get them for $25 from my local places. (Unless you happen to know your store doesn't charge a ton for shipping lol)
  14. I know the feeling. My first batch of rebels I was happy with, but stormtroopers gave me way more grief. The white on black painting I had much harder than trying to use colors, and I haven't dared try using a wash since like I said before I knew it would just make them look dirty. I'll look in to buying more washes. Since recently moving, all the FLGS are about a half hour drive, so unfortunately Barnes and Noble and Hobbly Lobby are my closest resources, but I will make the trip soon to phone in a decent order since most are doing curb side pick up (trying to buy more than a $5 paint when I make the trip) For another off topic question, how do you compress pictures? I tried uploading a pic I took on my phone and the file was way too big. My minis must be seen! Lol
  15. That looks great! I swear no pic I've taken looks like the final product. I know I need more color variation than i have but i feel I've done pretty well so far. I like your final color. So far i have not had great success putting washes on white or light colors. I only have a darker wash. You (or anyone) have a good way to make washer on light colors look smooth and not dirty? Yours looks great and I cant see any of the residual dirty Mark's that usually comes with the washes
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