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  1. Guess it was missed, just enrolled it an wasnt banned. Not really a naughty word, pretty much every man outside of the US, Israel, and Muslim world should feel some kinship to it 😜 ill cherish it until i lose it.... oh this deck will be fun with terrible and inappropriate puns with the players in town. Guess we never aged past Grade 4!
  2. Got one today called Fourskin of the Blazing Competition. just rolls right off the tip, so to speak.
  3. Weird looks like FFG justed turfed all the Netrunner stuff from their site.
  4. Does anyone know where those Android Netrunner Worlds pdf promos will be made available ?
  5. Gauntlet Games ! Must have been a different chap in New York we mailed to. I'm just happy the internet allows for such lucky finds to occur. The number of times ive lucked into finding something rare us always suprising.
  6. That may have been my store. We had a bunch of foreign and ouy of country online orders.
  7. Our store got stuck with 6 extra copies on the reorder because people backed out. Luckily we moved a few via some people, ill be upset if they are resellers but iys best not to sit on a dead game. checking with our distributor it seems mosy stores on the ground got their reorders (ie they went to the effort to make sure all the local stores got what they requested), not so sure about online though.
  8. Poor guy. Its players like Nik that made L5R great.
  9. This is a unfortunate happening. I hopd he is able to find some comfort and reprieve from pain in hospice. My thoughts are with him. The Naga Duel he and Rutledge held on the Day of Thunder was awesome, i felt so validated as a Naga player when i started playing the game at 12. In a store tournament around the same time a fellow Naga player and i also got paired up and didbmuch the same thing, one of the first times i felt a connection in thought to another i had not met after hearing talk of the day of thunder from locals who went. playing Naga back then was truly a wonderful experience and a great mindset to get into when Way of the Naga came ouy for the RPG. Nik is a great player who truly left his mark on the game and the world of L5R.
  10. You could also mine the Heroes of Rokugan 2 setting/timeline and modules on Kaze no Shiro, that version of the timeline has much heavier Gaijin influence from the Thrane (as opposed to the Merenae).
  11. I meant cards like "Lady Liberty@ my set only comes with 1 copy, its Limit 1 per deck, but i have more than one deck i would likely put it in. Its not a runner or corps id so i would expect to get three of it. Now if i want a second copy of the card i have to go buy another Reign and Reverie. I had though the rule was three of every card in a pack/box.
  12. So i just noticed this after busting open Reign and Reverie, is this the first time its happened in a pack, i am used to getting three of all the cards even the Limit 1 per deck stuff. The store i got mine will likely not have extra copies for sale.
  13. Yeah good point. The resale market for collections is pretty big.
  14. True. But look at a CCG " I must buy certain cards suggested to me by friends/store to play". New players look at an LCG and see an expansive product line and that they need to do actual research to determine what they can scrimp to build one fictional deckbuild. This is the complaint I hear from new to the LCG players at my store.
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