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  1. Can't really disagree with you that much or fault the logic of your points. I am just wondering how long the game can last without a shift in gear to engage a bit more. Surely there is some wiggle room left?
  2. I have as well. Its a decent amount of effort to maintain and sleeve it, sort it properly etc (I do the same with AGOT and Netrunner and Call of cthulhu). Way easier with random booster packs in a box off the FLGS shelf, and the store makes a bit of dosh from each draft, and the players who want to trade for cards drafted have a easy time with it too. Cube drafting can be great, but I think their are greater advantages for the health of a store and a community from sealed pack drafting. Once you have built a cube there is no profit or growth for the product line, drafting new sets as they are released is a hallmark event, something lost with the LCG model, FFG had greay success with it for Destiny (though it wasn't my cup of tea).
  3. It does foster a different level of interaction and engagement in a game, one that I see regularly at the game shop. People come in regularly to riffle through cards and packs and share joyful stories about their card hunts and feelings of accomplishment when picking up the last piece of the puzzle. If it isn't something you can see or like I would wager you never did or preferred not to play card games before the LCG model. It is a big divide between the type of gamer and fan of a game line, and I really do feel (and observe) that the LCG model is serving one type of gamer over the health and growth of the game line (and it's potential). Time wil tell. Atleast at the dozen and a half game shops within travel distance all evidence is pointing to decent numbers and growth in old ccgs and new ones (Flesh and Blood is a prime example) and little engagement in ang LCG's (even the really good or dead ones).
  4. That would buy you 4 Booster boxes, maybe 5 if you get the discounted rate. Well worth it when you add in the hours spent drafting and playing sealed. Hunting down cards and spending more money on the game is actually good for the game's overall health and engagement. I know some people don't like that, or to be very frugal with their spendings but that does harm a game in the long run. With L5R being so much cheaper all things considered one would expect their to be alot more player's when it is the opposite.
  5. Aside from the painful buy in if you are a late adopter, is that LCG's are marketed to a mainly seperate crowd than traditional ccg players, hence the dwindling and nonexisting communities around the world. If FFG wants to create a competitive and actively playing community thr LCG mode just doesn't support that with their current products (Netrunner beimg the only one that came close), I can't imagine they are making a profitable return on L5R compared to IP intense things like Marvel, Middle Earth, or Star Wars. As I don't believe or see good sales from L5R as an LCG (or other lines of it really), I wonder how long it will even last. Games with better and more valuable IP have been cancelled by them before, ones that had better sale numbers, I worry L5R will disappear entirely within 5 years....
  6. Yes. if you are a clan focused player you will likely only ever use one or two cards from the current Dynasty packs. Buying a box upon release under the old model got you basically everything you needed with a bit of trading, and hours of fun via drafting and sealed play. You only use a small percentage of cards from the current arcs of dynasty packs anyways, most of it going unused. You could still participate in the CCG era without paying heavily if you chose to. A large enough sized community creates a big enough spare cardpool to enable that. The majority of card gamers prefer the random booster model, the gambling aspect, since LCG's have been put forward I have only seen the pool of card gamers shrink every year until competitive play is all but gone in the various cities I play in. The people that LCG's appeal to do not foster or create a vibrate and more widely played game, all you have to do is look back at old L5R and the many other ccg's of the past (even with all there flaws). If you miss an expansion you are screwed as reprints and second shipments from Asmodee just never occur (see the many Netrunner snafus and the perpetually out of print LotR stuff, much of which is essential). In a city of ardent L5R fans, were we have always had consistently 15-30 players during the CCG days it is almost impossible to get a turn out of more than 3 for any LCG as releases, tournaments, pack cracking, and rewards ate virtually non existent with the LCG's. As everything is fixed there is no incentive or risk to playing, the card pool is smaller, and there is less innovation. Having played and collected every LCG made by this company and others and seeing them all fail widely I would go back to the old CCG mode anyday, because atleast people played and showed up regulary when that was a thing.
  7. Getting rid of the LCG model is the way to go. sell a new fixed core game every two years and supplement that with quarterly releases in randomized packs. focus on sealed and constructed, jack up prize options for stores. regular storyline tournaments at the store level (nothing crazy just simple things). sell tie in products like sleeves and boxes and such
  8. Lion clan uses to have a popular tradition amongst some samurai of dying their hair a sandy blond/rusty blond (like Lion fur). Alot of older art showcased that.
  9. Undoubtedly. Its mostly just a theme hangup for me. For fast off the cuff basic D&D style games I use something like the UDT as shown by Professor Dungeon Master on Dungeoncraft. When we played it battle map tactics where fairly fun in 3.0/3.5/PF where that facet of the game was at the forefront. Same with Iron Kingdoms/Hordes rpg line for Warmachine which is built with the miniatures in mind, resolution of actions was very fast in it, though the system wasn't robust in other areas.
  10. I applaud the effort you went to in coming up with that manner of handling it. Thanks for sharing. However it goes to my original point of being so much of a hassle and effort to enable the Range band system. With the perfect group of fast thinking like minded individuals it could work. a beautiful elegant and cinematic system that works in the abstract is what I think most want, with enough slight rules to help implement and explain in very quickly and very easily. The issue with using a grid is the same, a break from the narrative if the game and more mechanical tactics being used, constraining the imagination and the creativity of the players because everything has been reduced to a battlemat with figures and tokens. Enough people get bogged down by the micromanaging and the analysis paralysis of what to do when using either method. I will continue to use theatre of the mind, no matter how many issues or slow downs in a game to redescribe, elabourate, and work out a combat scene. The worst thing about a game that is mostly narrative in nature is when it slows down for game mechanics instead of working them into the fold. One day I hope a beautiful and elegant system is made the reflects the setting and can be used intuitively with no disagreement and very little anal retentive "best tactical plays" considerations, counting of squares to determine distances, or the constant need to use templates. it's a pipe dream really, but I definitely want to hear it when someone gets close or has a good idea to work towards it.
  11. I may have been to brief, but I am mostly refering to player involvement in the story line, akin to the Clan Letters of old, voting on Clan choices, there was a time when new sets came out minor plot elements were left up to a vote from each strongholds tournament winners and resolved in that manner. From what I've seen entirely with the LCG tourney structute, if you don't go to worlds or a select other few events then you have no chance of said interaction at all. Maybe my store just cuts that part outnof every event that we have had and never told us. I've seen nothing of the sort, absolutely nothing. Even if those little things really didn't amount to as much as what choices the Hatamoto's get to make it certainly feels like, from a player in a store perspective that I'm way less involved with the story then before. As to my stand on the current storyline? I'm pretty mixed, they do a good job with the fiction but I am fairly staunchly opposed to anyform of reboots. I'm either for a full restart with new characters and themes, ignoring AEG's story. The 25% different modem sours me on the 25 year relationship i had with the setting and the characters. i am eager to read the novels, but if its like the rest of FFG's history with novels then we will see two to four and then nothing else ever (which is a shame), it was never a profitable venture for them, and even when the books at on the Christmas sale they stay there year after year with no one buying them. Without going on a further tangent, I think that whether it's Skirmish or a new alternate format that this game won't expand or grow unless we have some greater form of more regular "playrt involvement events" that occur regulary and at a local level (like every month), even just dinky things to make one feel like that. Thats what the game needs, not a faster playing format, a deeper connection that peoplr can make
  12. I don't write notes and setting info in a manner that is useful for anyone but myself to use, and it's all on paper, otherwise I would share it (but it would be gibberish to most as I memorize everything). I don't use or have a computer beyond my phone. We are only 6 years into a roughly 15 year arc. I'll likely share the mechanical ruleset at somepoint though, it's a hack of 4E R&K system, change a decent amount in some areas to make it fit the themes and philosophy of the setting, metaphysics, and remove some of the more power gamery elements that I aways see pop up in the game. I keep on tinkering with it, i think it will be locked in fully in a year or two.
  13. Sengoku RPG and the old Bushido RPG as well. For the OP @robothedino one of the biggest caveats about L5R is that it is the fantastical idealised version of the Samurai and fuedal Japan. It's not meant to be representative of anything factual or accurate. So you won't find that accuracy or realism in the game. I hack the crap out of the setting to make it more "realistic" in some senses. Changes it quite alot though.
  14. Tim "I move to Range 5." GM "Bad Guy Ninja 1 Closes to Range 1 of you Tim" Steve "Im at Range 2 with my spear of Ninja 2, so what Range am I to Ninja 1. If he is Range 5 from me, does that mean Ninja 1 is Range 4. Okay I'll move to Range 2 of each with my Naginata" Eustace "I return to the combat after rescuing the old man. I enter at Range 6, does that mean I am Range 0 or Range 2 of the Ninja 1 guy, the one attacking Tim ?" *the rpg table explodes* Maybe I'm just being hyperbolic, but that is always the situation I see, for L5R and Star Wars I haven't seen a system it really works in. if someone does, please share !
  15. Be careful mate, the suggestion might just cause Original Timeline Matsu Hiroru to jump over and beat up Chagatai and anyone who suggest he marries Shizue. True love crosses dimensions neh ?
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