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  1. sim1killa

    Marking Dice

    What is an acceptable way to mark dice so they don't walk away?
  2. Wow. I was way off base. You are so right. I can't believe, I didn't see it before.
  3. Lol no it won't. The problem undercosted ships would just have a new flavor of the week.
  4. I disagree only otherships and obsticles count as overlapping nubs per the rules. This doesn't change because you are now executing a maneuver.
  5. bombs don't count against ship guides poorly worded. Needs to FAQ'd it doesn't say when performing moneuvers. It states "ignored in ALL cases except executing maneuvers and overlapping obstacles and other ships." Does not mention bombs anywhere in that sentence. regarding fleeing the battlefield that ruling is separate. It specific stats any part of ships base. That's why it over rulls the above ruling under guides. in summary bomb guides always count ship guildes don't count when resolving bomb effects.
  6. I believe the mind link ebt is fine however jmk5 is under costed. I believe nerfs do more harm then good in general. How about buff some stuff instead?
  7. All Threads with "Nerf" in there title should be auto locked. Simple solution to nerf this thread.
  8. Haha very funny. Awesome April fools joke.
  9. What is up with people instantly wanting to nerf something because the top tear players are winning with it?
  10. I don't think Finn works with hlc
  11. After seeing what happened to palp with a heavy handed nerf bat, I would say for 6 points leave it alone. If you want it see less play make the other turrets better.
  12. They aren't going to nerf a card that is confirmed to be in a wave 11. Just move along.
  13. At naboo there were a good number of imperial plays. I would guess I saw more imperial than rebels. The x7 nerf was fair and makes defenders still worth playing. Day 2 to saw a large number of defender lists.
  14. i believe it's been stated before Carolina krayts are recording naboo system open however since they don't have wifi they aren't live
  15. Dash lone wolf rey hlc+title Counter measures -Vs- Dash Ptl rey hlc+title engine upgrades. which would be better at avoiding an alpha strike.
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