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  1. I am trying to make a basic tier list of regiment types in terms of strength vs cost, versatility and playablity. I would love to hear your input on this, if you think I miss ranked something or would like to question why I put something in a location do let me know. No: Siege Infantry Salvage and Recovery Regiment Artillery Regiment Heavy Reconnaissance Regiment Maybe: Rapid Reconnaissance Regiment Drop Troops Close Assault Regiment Hunter-Killers Guerrilla Super-Heavy Armored Regiment Good: Rough Rider Regiments Grenadiers Armored Regiment Line Infantry Light Infantry Yes: Reconnaissance Regiment Mechanized Reconnaissance Regiment Mechanized Infantry Thanks for reading.
  2. Okay so assuming it's a world with "modern technology" what are some example uses? What are some things that you can't do with it?
  3. Agent of the lords dragon have a lovely talent that lets them look into the Praecursator Grid called all seeing eye. However its rather.... Vague. For reference Lathe worlds page 33. Can anyone give me their interpretation of what this can and cant do? If the book says anywhere? Because it seems rather up to interpretation of the GM and so I worry if I wanted to go this way I would have a rather useless toy if there are no guidelines given. Thanks.
  4. So I did some reading, it seems to me everything a shotgun can do, a flamethrower can do better. For close range death that is.
  5. The Vanaheim is from the Inquisitors handbook in the forgeworld section. The arbites gun is from the Book of Judgment, its name is the Vox Legi
  6. Hmmm point taken. Hey random thing, do you have an experience with the untouchable trait thingy? Is is a problem? Or useful?
  7. Until you have to shoot someone in power armor.
  8. I mean how else will I ever afford dual inferno pistols and bolt pistols? But honestly that is a minor expense compared to my extravengent hat budget
  9. The stat line on the vanaheim makes it good room clearing gun. 40m s/3/6 1d10+4 I pen 0 clip 15 scatter. So going full auto at point blank means on something unarmored its probably going to die. Plus when firing full auto extra hits can be allocated to neighbors which means it can slaughter rooms wholesale. The weapons is 400 thrones, and only average rarity. However this comes with a catch as its mostly used by skitari, so unless your know a tech priest average might as well be very rare. The other neat part, it comes standard with a extendable saw bladed bayonet, and a red dot laser. I believe the bayonet counts as mono, but don't quote me on that. All in all a brutal weapon for eliminating revolts on forge worlds. EDIT: No its not mono but 40 thrones more is not much for a weapon that pricey.
  10. Plus no one looks twice at an arbiter with a shotgun. A bolt gun draws looks. A justice not law arbites sounds like they could be fun.
  11. But if the weapons are equal at anything shorter than long range. Whats the downside of the shotgun? Also if you load slugs. The math changes and they are better than a bolt gun for damage at all ranges if the armor is 2 or less. Ties at 3.
  12. Oh alright thanks. So to adjust the calcs, we can look at Righteous fury as adding 5.5 damage 19% of the time. so it also can be looked at as adding 1.045 damage all the time. this is for a tearing weapon. on a non tearing weapon you add .55 damage all the time. So, the shotgun on two hits gains about 1 damage, and the bolter gains about 2. Meaning they become equal weapons statistically on no armor at short range. Point blank the shot gun still wins out by a decent amount however. Now there is still the point of that a shot gun which is 20 rounds per throne does the same damage at normal range as a bolter which is 16 thrones a round.
  13. Hmmmm I know you are right, I just don't remember why you are right. Can you give the math justification for why the odds of a single number on X dice is that way?
  14. Okay fair, so buckshot vs bolt shells. With 2 degrees of success you have 1d10+4 pen 4 tearing twice. Rolling 2d10 and dropping lowest will produce an average of 7.15. So against an unarmored target you have a total of 2x11.15= 22.3 total damage on average, against an armored target you will not lose damage if it has 4 or less. Lets use guards man flak as an example for the math, as well lets say the target has a TB of 4. With 4 armor you have a a total damage of 22.3, then losing 4 damage per hit to toughness you have a total damage of 14.3. On the other hand, the shotgun, its 1d10+9 pen 0, so a single d10 averages to 5.5, meaning each shot does 14.5 damage, with no penetration and 4 armor and 4 toughness your damage per hit reduces to 6.5 on average. You get three hits at 6.5 on average, finishing at a total of 19.5 average against a tough guardsman. With less armor or toughness the difference widens even more. At this range bracket and number of successes, there is no way for the bolt to do more damage unless the target has enough armor/toughness to reduce the shotgun to less than one wound. Now all this math was at point blank. If we pull out to short range the weapons are inflicting the same number of hits. At this point the boltgun does more damage if the target has 4 or more points of armor, otherwise the shotgun is still the superior weapon for raw damage points. Now I have not compared the crit tables for the two weapons so I don't know if that difference is enough to justify the loss in flat wounds. Also do let me know if I made any mistakes in my math. EDIT: A quick look at the crit tables seems to me that explosive is about 2 wound levels superior, so I would conclude that against unarmored targets at short range the shotgun is still better, however with one level of armor they are effectively equally lethal, and any more than that and the boltgun is better. However at point blank the shotgun is easily the better weapon.
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