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  1. Situations like this are why I dont go to Tournaments. Its just toxic to fun
  2. I LOVE this idea, will totally play with these rules. My only asterisk is that I love the Force Awakens Era (Tie FO is my fav ship) and I would really like some kind of FA equivalent so I kind exercise my 3 T 70 lists in a safe and clean environment
  3. Playing "Core Set" (core set ships only) is pretty fun actually. I prefer the Force Awakens box, because six FO ties is a fetish for me, but the format is an amazing pallet cleanser for any bad taste in your mouth.
  4. DarthCognis

    Carnor Jax

    You just made me laugh, thank you.
  5. The Only thing we lose is time
  6. Preach brother My LGS is a bastion of fluff and jank, where the meta is banned, and an X wing lies on every table (besides biggs) But I have gone to other stores where the culture is different. To me, I love the beautiful pure experience of showing a noob how to play with 2 tie fighters vs one x wing. I went to a store, new guy shows up, they give him parratani, poor guy didnt even understand or remember the triggers of the broken **** he was flying. I think I puked in my mouth a little at first......then he beat my veteren player friend who was using A wings, and I had Diarrhea for a week.
  7. "Ignore the data, go to a tournament and whatever the anecdotal evidence you see is the real proof!" I haven't heard such ignorant nonsense since the last time I watched the news. Seriously, here we have some real evidence, actaully compiled from thousands of results in a fair and objective manner, but your "gut" disagree's, you think Miranda is better? Well the stats disagree. Numbers dont lie, but poeple do, and poeple act really stupid as well.
  8. Hey. named guys are great, but it takes so much effort to fly them all optimally, and too pick the right upgrades, why not just Pimp out some Goons? Red Squadron Vet+ Expertise, targeting astromech, Integrated, and Pattern Analyzer X2 Bring a third thats the same but no Targeting Astromech. Now, I know that these guys lack ability's or high PS, but they have great mods and decent Defense even on red maneuvers.
  9. Im playing a LOT of Epic Lately, Im flying a Gozanti in the next game against my Opponents C roc. I need to anticipate a lot of Scum Shenanigans like Jabba Spammed Glit, but Gentlemen s agreements and a general sense of no being an ******* keeps him from spamming, or even bringing Jumpmaster 5k's. Long story short, what do I put on the Gozanti? what the right amount of points to spend? How do I know if I spent too much or too little? Right now my build is Suppresor title, Unique Gun, Targeting Cooridnater, Tarkin, thug droids. docking clamps and Optimized Generators Link to Build https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!c=300!150:88,129,154,234,-1,158:38:22:;22:219,26:23:25:U.124;148:140,14:23:25:U.124;49:-1,-1,-1,231,-1:-1:31:;49:-1,-1,-1,231,-1:-1:31:;10::-1:-1:;10::-1:-1:;10::-1:-1:;10::-1:-1:;146:186,-1,-1,231,-1,237,-1:-1:31:;239:140:48:31:;240::48:31:&sn=Epic Empire&obs=
  10. Seems fun. My problem is PS, I would consider putting advanced sensors instead of FCS on the shuttle, it bumps like a Mutherluver and keeping A target in arc (never mind the same target) is tough. Weapons guidance isn't terrible for modding dice. Stealth device seems pointless for such a low priority target (even If I love her) use the points on crew for Whisper or upgrades on Starkiller
  11. Norra hits like a truck, I think some of these other post's underestimate her. Personally, the only reason Im not flying Norra every game is cost, a fully kitted Norra is expensive, closer in price to a large ship like the freighters than to a heavy fighter.
  12. The humble PS 1 Academy Pilot. A cheap, reliable and menuverable frame that makes up firepower with numbers. I started playing the game with a couple of these girls, and they have always carried me when I needed them too. My question is this, today, with red dice creep and ability shenanigans, is the Academy TIE viable?
  13. Dont forget the empty mod slot for Lightweight Frame AKA (Sorry guys we didn't realize all Imps needed three agility to be useful)
  14. Ladies and nobles of the Empire I speak to you now in exile from the star destroyer "Contemptuous" broadcasting from the secret location of the imperial remnant fleet. Do not listen to the LIES and PROPAGANDA of the SCUM and TERRORISTS who would have you believe that our empire lies defeated. In truth, the death of the Emperor has caused the empire greater pause than ever before, but our forces are REUNITING, and our fleet is building its strength. It is now nearly every day now that reinforcements and stragglers are organised back into the command structure, and imperial patriots lie hidden deeply within every layer of "New Republican" society, including the hive of scum and villainy known as "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES". The monster, known as BIGGS DARKLIGHTER, and his army of clones will soon see his end, and the dreaded JUMPMASTER 5000 will rue the day it every decided to mock imperial airspace by confronting our latest TIE Fighter designs. Imperials are not ones for hope, or dreams of salvation like naive younglings, we make our own fate. With cunning and fury, the Imperial Remnant and its ally in the FIRST ORDER will use their most elite TIE designs to stem the tide against chaos until our next ULTIMATE WEAPON is unveiled from its secret development location. Loyalists, fight with all your fury and hatred, know that soon it will be time to remind the rebels and pirates who we ARE, it is almost time to remind them the feeling of our jackboots against their throats.
  15. Okay, Ive mentioned this before, but how about "Starkiller Base" Use Kylo Ren as a Railgun 4 FO's between 50 points kitted out at you desire and Kylo Ren with Swarm Leader, Advanced sensors, Recon Spec, and Weapons Guidance +whatever you want to sprinke on top. I really think that Advanced sensors is the key
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