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  1. I mean, if the theme is important, the child’s bed was in a small side compartment in the show. No reason he couldn’t be put into a compartment on a Z-95 if, for whatever reason, you wanted a Z-95 with a force.
  2. I feel like Jango was very good at suppressing the enemy with all his attacks. Could have something like: Pilot Ability: After you perform an attack, if the defender modified their defense dice, they must gain 1 strain token. Slave 1: (1 recurring charge, reload action) When a friendly bomb detonates, before the device is removed, you may spend 1 charge to choose 1 enemy ship within range 0-2 of the device. The chosen ship gains 1 deplete token. Jango forces the an enemy ship to be predictable and do blue maneuvers to continue removing tokens so Jango can continue the pursuit. Or they can risk a non-blue and make themselves and easier target. The title represents the bombs detonations throwing off the enemies attacks and distracting them while Jango is being pursued.
  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Child should be an Illicit slot, not a crew slot, require the mando in the list (either as pilot or crew) and should only give +1^ Force. No special abilities needed. 🙂
  4. Looking at Kaz w/ title, R1-J5 + toys to suit (heroic, Advanced Slam, etc). If I have Bucket on board, I’d always pick Direct Hit as the starting damage. It gives you that first SLAM without weapons disabled with no consequence. SLAM > Expose Direct > take additional damage > repair Direct Hit automatically > Repair it again and remove it with Bucket. Also sets you up for the next SLAM, although that’s a gamble from there on. And as an added bonus, cycles a Direct Hit out of your damage deck.
  5. I guess so. I’m not complaining. Bring on the LAAT! Wishful thinking....
  6. Probably wouldn’t expect the announcement until the overdue wave is released/closer to release.
  7. I was originally thinking that, however I wanted it to be able to combo with IG-88D and IG-11 crew for multiple calculates. Which means it needs to be an action. So it was either have it go before executing the Red maneuver to avoid stress or have this particular action ignore stress if after the maneuver.
  8. I guess that means reinforce isn’t an option. Don’t have that special wood hull.
  9. The Child* I think I’d prefer to see the child as an illicit that requires the mando in the squad (like maul requires Ezra for Rebels). Then have mando as pilot and crew options. •The Child (Illicit) - +1 Force While defending, if you have an active force charge, you may re-roll 1 defense die.
  10. Update! Added the most common survey responses I got plus some ideas for pilot abilities. •The Mandalorian (I5) - During the Engagement Phase, if you are focused or have 1 or more active force charges, you engage at initiative value 7 instead of your standard initiative value this phase. •Zero (I4) - When you reveal your dial, if the revealed maneuver is red you may perform a calculate action.
  11. Super interested in this configuration. Thinking Jamming Beam plus Autoblasters/HLC would work well. Remove tokens then punish with the double tap. Or if token removal isn’t required just go primary first.
  12. I absolutely love this! The best part of it is having to waste your action to flip it back. “Initiating Self-destruct sequence.” ”No no, don’t do that!”
  13. To make this easier to compile I’ve made an online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LWLTVRL
  14. For that reason, for the Mandalorian’s ability I was thinking something more QuickDraw like. In 3 separate scenes in the first episode alone we see him draw is pistol or both weapons lightning quick. I don’t know how it would translate to the game though, maybe like a charge token that bumps him up to In7 at the start of engagement, but only recovers when something specific is done? Like a disarm token is taken? With 7 more episodes to come I’m sure we’ll get a better idea soon. You’re correct here, I am holding back a little. The idea was to update this as we get more information with coming episodes. But speculation is still fun and I’m open to all suggestions. I’m super keen to see this scene in full. Hopefully it’ll give us a good idea of how the ship operates and how the Mando pilots it in a dog fight.
  15. I suppose it’s a bit early to tell. Could have 1 gunner and 1 crew, but at that point it’s basically a Scurrg... The tech would be awesome though and who’s to say it wasn’t modified? Good point here, completely forgot about the cannons on the front. I also had a quick look at wookieepedia,looks like it was a patrol gunship. So 3 attack would make sense.
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