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  1. I tried this a couple nights ago at our weekly league. My list was: Han Solo - Seasoned Nav, Lone wolf, Kaydel Connix, Engine Upgrade Rey - Leia 12 point bid. Only got the test it once against imperial aces, me as second player. I feel like the list has some legs. Han is super slippery, but needs to play aggressive. Rey still burns down quickly and once she’s gone Han has almost no hope by himself. I made the mistake of not playing aggressive enough with Han, so Rey quickly became the main target. It would need a lot of practice to use effectively, but definitely feels like there’s something there.
  2. Got to put both Cova and Finn on the board last night, accompanied with Nein and Bastian. I must say I really enjoyed playing both of the ships. They certainly aren’t game breaking in any way, just fairly costed IMO. Cova ran with Leia and an Ion Cannon. If she did a red maneuver, I’d just Leia it to white and focus to get the extra dice and if not i’d just use the ion cannon for additional dice. Allowed me to set up a kill box as well, ion a ship then reverse and primary into it the following turn. Leia is still a huge cost but I feel like she can earn back her points on Cova, certainly did in that particular game. Finn’s ability is amazing, but the ship chassis is a huge draw back (as BVRCH has pointed out). It was difficult to set up blocks with him and generally keep an arc on an enemy ship. He did tank shots and took zero damage over the whole game thanks to the ability and heroic. He was good at harassing and that’s about it. Probably only lasted as long as he did as he was never a priority target either, only got shot at when none of the other ships were available. No way would he have lasted as long if he was focused fired. He is an auto include at the moment for me if I have 30-32 points spare in a list. A PS1 a-wing is probably more reliable if you can find the additional 3 points though.
  3. I too thought of this crew combo, but on Han instead. Having Leia on another ship (like Rey) you can pop Han on the opponents side of the board to harass while having a good chance of avoiding attacks. Dial in a 2 forward and you have 40 different end locations with the combination of Connix, Navigator, Leia and boost.
  4. Can’t say I hate any specific pilot by itself. I do dislike playing against Soontir if specific people I know run him though. Can feel almost impossible to catch him at times.
  5. This is exactly what I heard happened for us Aussies. FFG never officially informed our distributors that there was a delay. So everything went as scheduled and it was all released on the 6th.
  6. It’s just R5-X3. Same one from the conversion kit.
  7. I have a copy of the new ships. The ones we haven’t seen until now: TRANSPORT Cova Nell (I4) - While you defend or perform a primary attack, if your revealed maneuver is red, roll 1 additional attack die. Nodin Chavdri (I2) - After you coordinate or are coordinated, if you have 2 or less stress tokens, you may perform 1 action on your action bar as a red action, even if you are stressed. POD BB-8 (I3) - During the Systems Phase, you may perform a red [barrel roll] or [boost] action. Finn (I2) - While you defend or perform an attack, you may add 1 blank result, or you may gain 1 strain token to add 1 focus result instead. EDIT: Forgot Quick Builds: Cova (Lvl 3) - Composure, Leia, Korr Pammich (Lvl 2) - Autoblasters, R5-X3, Kaydel Connix, Spare Parts Nodin (Lvl 2) - Plasma torps, Angled Deflectors, R2-HA Logistics Division Pilot (Lvl 2) - Proton Torps, Larma, Holdo Rose (Lvl 1) - PZ-4CO Finn (Lvl 1) - Predator BB-8 (Lvl 2) - Autoblasters, Afterburners Vi Moradi (Lvl 1) - GA-97
  8. Maybe Range 1-2 and you can choose 1 friendly ship to regen a force and transfer a stress or something, possibly at the start of engagement? Yoda was always a good mentor after all. Would have to cost a small fortune too.
  9. x3 N-1 Starfighters. I’ll be keeping 1 boxed to begin with depending on points. It’s easier to sell new ships than it is the find more after release around here. x2 Resistance Transports. I’d like to be able to field any combination of x2 transports, x2 pods or one of each. Not sure if it’ll work but at least the option will be there.
  10. ROUND 3 This game was against another local leaguer whom I seem to come up against often in tournaments. He was also running republic with Anakin w/ Delta-7b, & R4-P17, Wolfe, and Jag. Just like round 2 I’m aimed to have his list commit to the engagement and set up exactly the same. No surprise, Anakin went to flank, not much I can do to stop him and didn’t want to leave the ARCs open to fire at me I turned my force in to engage once he was too close to turn away. After a couple rounds of shooting Jag and Wolfe were destroyed, but Sinker was a goner with Anakin constantly picking at him from his flank. Afterwards to was a matter of keeping as many ships alive as possible and try to set up traps for Anakin. Once Anakin was half health I just tried to play it safe but as luck would have it, managed to kill Anakin before time was called just with some hot attack rolls and some blank outs by my opponent. A surprise, but a welcome one to be sure. Clone Swarm wins. 200-124 ROUND 4 Now on the top table and the only undefeated player left. My opponent was a person from another local store who I hadn’t played before. He was flying a Inferno Tie Swarm with Howlrunner w/ swarm tactics, Iden w/ swarm tactics, Del, Gideon, Seyn, & Academy Pilot. I was feeling pretty confident with this match up as I practised with a similar list against an inferno swarm and it went quite well. We set up for a straight joust but I slow rolled just to keep some range control. My opponent turned away to test how aggressive I would be but ended up turning back for the joust which ended up being at a mix of range 2 and 3. He was forced to split some shots and ended up shooting both the ARCs taking some shields off each. I was able to focus fire Howlrunner with everything. He was forced to trigger Iden but still lost Howlrunner and Seyn was also damaged in the exchange. Following turn we both blocked each other with the only ships getting actions being the blockers (a torrent and Academy) and the 104th which turned away for rear arc shots. My opponent then continued to shoot Sinker and got him to 3 hull remaining. I was able to finish off Seyn and destroy Del. The remaining of the game was cleaning up the Academy and Gideon. He was able to destroy Sinker and get half points on the 104th as Gideon just would not take any damage for several turns. We both knew the result but decided to play it out to the end. Victory for the Republic. 200-78 Republic win the day, my second tournament win and some nice loot. This list seems to work well and with some more practise I’m seriously considering taking it to the upcoming trials in May. Overall it was a great day, with great opponents.
  11. Tournament results are being written up here:
  12. Hi, Following on from my thread discussing the Clone Swarm I’ve been thorizing on and building lately, I went to a casual 14 person tournament yesterday to see how it would perform. The results were much better than expected. Squad List thread: The list I ran was: •”Sinker” w/ •Clone Commander Cody - 57pt 104th Battalion Pilot - 42pt Gold Squadron Trooper - 25pt Gold Squadron Trooper - 25pt Gold Squadron Trooper - 25pt Gold Squadron Trooper - 25pt 199/200 Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/sGqESW7 ROUND 1 Was against the TO of the event who was running CIS (x3 precise hunters w/ energy-shells, & hull upgrade, Sears w/ Kracken, and x2 Haor Chall Prototypes). I had seen him run this list too great effect on league nights and had to be cautious of the energy shells. We both stuck to our board edges in an attempt to lure the other in. Eventually we both turned in, however sears and the prototypes were out of position and it ended up being the precise hunters against my entire force. His energy shells, unfortunately for him, rolled poorly and only did a single damage against 1 torrent with all 3. I managed to down a hunter. Next round blocking ensued and 1 of the prototypes also joined the fight, which I managed to also take out. The remainder of the game was knife fighting while sears struggled to join in. It ended in a republic victory with 2 torrents destroyed and 1 half points compared to 3 vultures taken out and 1 on half points. 99-68 ROUND 2 Came up against another person from league nights playing resistance aces, Zari and L’ulo w/ heroic, Jess w/ M9 & jamming beam, and Nein w/ PA, title, & Jamming beam. I stuck to my board edge as much as possible as I wanted him to make the commitment to engage me. He tried to have l’ulo Flank up the side of the board, as expected. The rest of his force eventually committed to an attack coming up the middle of the board and I turned in to meet them. Nein took shots from my whole force bar sinker, who shot out the rear arc range 1 into L’ulo who tried flanking behind. End of the first engagement and 1 torrent half health, Sinker sheildless, L’ulo shieldless and Nein destroyed. Zari and Jess turned away to avoid the swarm and ended up not being in arc. The following turns were mostly clean up with L’ulo and Zari being blocked and destroyed leaving Jess. During this time my opponent was able to destroy both my ARCs before time was called with Jess surviving on 1 Hull. Republic victory. 170-112
  13. Firstly, thanks for the mention. I’m yet to update that thread, will do tomorrow. Just finished the tournament a couple hours ago and went 1st place, undefeated. It was only a small “casual” Hyperspace tournament with 14 players but was a great test. A lot of the tournament goers were playing serious lists. The Sinker (w/ Cody), x4 GST, 104th ARC list is no joke. It just tanks hits like no bodies business. I’ll be continuing to play this list for some time to come.
  14. Since the announcement of the clone wars ships and the preview of “Sinker” and some of the V-19 torrent generics I’ve been slowly theorizing a swarm list for the republic. At that point it was mostly guessing points for pilots and upgrades and hoping for the best. Now that wave 3 is released the testing has begun. Version 1.0 of the Clone Swarm list being: ARC-170 Starfighter - •”Sinker” Shield Upgrade •Clone Commander Cody V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Blue Squadron Protector Dedicated V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Blue Squadron Protector Dedicated V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper 200/200 This list performed decently against an aces list (Anakin (w/ CLT, R4, Sense), Obi-wan (w/ CLT, R4), Saesee (w/ CLT, R4)). The game was lost, but even with mistakes on my side with the formation flying, and poor choice of target priority I still had a good chance to take the game. I learnt pretty quickly how restrictive the V-19 dial is, but also how much area Sinker’s aura covers, allowing for loose formations or breaking formation and still managing to get the re-rolls. Also, dedicated and Blue Squadron torrents are hopelessly over priced (no surprise really). This is a republic archetype that may have some legs with some alterations. The next game I changed up the list a bit, with some suggestions by a very experienced local player, in an effort to make the list more efficient. Version 1.1 of the list was: ARC-170 Starfighter - •”Sinker” Shield Upgrade •Clone Commander Cody Perceptive Co-Pilot V-19 Torrent Starfighter - •”Tucker” V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper 200/200 This list performed much better than the first. The second game was against a Inferno heavy Tie Swarm (Howlrunner (w/ elusive), Seyn (w/ marksmanship), Iden, Del, Gideon, Nightbeast). Now, I was concerned for a match up like this purely because of Initiative advantage. It was a straight up joust down the side of the board as my opponent thought he had the superior fire power and I was wanting to test the list’s staying power. The first engagement went as expected, traded shots at range 3/2, 1 Tie and 1 damage (Iden was also triggered) on another tie for 1 torrent and 2 additional damage on another torrent. Then traded shots at range 1, and this is when the durability of the list started to show. Traded 2 ties for 2 torrents (1 being tucker). It was now Sinker and 2 golds verse Nightbeast, Gideon and Iden. K-turns happened and the ARC banked to keep shots on the ties and aura on the torrents. Iden was then shot down and some damage on a torrent. In the following turns Nightbeast was finished off followed by Gideon while they tried to focus down the ARC, getting it down to half health. Clones win the game, an unexpected outcome. This showed me that the clone swarm has the durability to take on other swarms, even ones with a higher Initiative. In both games Cody performed very well, worth the 3pts 100%. Cody triggered 2-3 times each game and just about always resulted in powered up shot by the torrents or tough maneuver choices for the opponent. Tucker had some nice action efficiency but I don’t believe he is worth 6pts over a Gold Squadron Trooper. Now that I’ve had a few days to put my thoughts together I’ve revised the list again and I’m onto version 2.0. ARC-170 Starfighter - •”Sinker” •Clone Commander Cody ARC-170 Starfighter - 104th Battalion Pilot V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper V-19 Torrent Starfighter - Gold Squadron Trooper 199/200 This is as good as I think this list can get at this point in time. I’ll break down the pros and cons of the list. BASIC STATS 14 Red Dice (+4 rear arcs) 10 Green Dice 38 Combined Hit Points (6 shields, 32 hull) 12.25 average hits (assuming all in Sinker’s aura, have a focus token, at range 2) 1 point bid to help against other swarm lists FORMATION Start on a board edge for clear jousting lane for anyone game enough Sinker closest to the board edge Torrents in a square formation about a maneuver template apart to avoid bumping while banking, deployed next to Sinker and inside range 2 from the board edge 104th loosely next to the torrents, avoiding any obstacles in the corner ARC-170 STARFIGHTERS “SINKER” Passive re-rolls for side arcs Rear arc for chances of shots Decent survivability Decent firepower Decent dial Can melt to weight of fire, range control required Mid-late game can be awkward to position to keep enemies in firing arc and friendlies in side arcs, Barrel roll is super helpful CLONE COMMANDER CODY Strain tokens are no joke Makes just about all shots made by Sinker great. It’s either damage pushing me closer to victory, or strain to help get damage or make for difficult maneuver choices in following turns 104TH BATTALION PILOT Rear arc for chances of shots Decent survivability Decent firepower made great with Sinker Decent dial Can melt to weight of fire, range control required V-19 TORRENT STARFIGHTERS GOLD SQUADRON TROOPERS Good health for their points cost Average firepower made great with Sinker Poor dial, but less of a limit to tight formations makes it forgiving Talon Rolls are extremely handy to avoid bumps with higher Initiative foes Vulnerable to crits I’ll be testing Clone Swarm Version 2.0 in an upcoming local Hyperspace Tournament, I’ll be aiming to report my findings soon after. On paper this looks like the best list of this archetype I can produce. Additional ARCs reduces torrents and basic stats overall. Additional torrents has the same effect. I know it has the staying power to outlast tie swarms, it’s now a matter of practice to catch ace lists off guard. Obstacle choice is also a question I’m asking myself. Small asteroids seem the best option but it was suggested to me that gas clouds might also work well, purely because setting up blocks would be much easier. Might make games against aces harder though?
  15. ARC-170, In3, 1 non-recurring charge At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose an enemy ship in arc at range 0-2, and spend 1 [charge]. If you do, that ship gains 1 stress token. When you perform a primary weapon attack, you may recover 1 [charge] to remove 1 stress token from the defender and change 1 [focus] result to a [hit] result.
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