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  1. intoxicatedALF

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    ARC-170, In3, 1 non-recurring charge At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose an enemy ship in arc at range 0-2, and spend 1 [charge]. If you do, that ship gains 1 stress token. When you perform a primary weapon attack, you may recover 1 [charge] to remove 1 stress token from the defender and change 1 [focus] result to a [hit] result.
  2. intoxicatedALF

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    While we are translating I think I worked out the PS1 N-1 Pilot. Names are probably incorrect, but I’m confident in the abilities. PS1 - ••Naboo Royalguard (double unique!) SETUP: After placing forces, assign the Protection condition card to another ship, then.... (something else I can’t work out). Condition Card - •Protection While you defend, each friendly Naboo Royalguard in the attackers arc may spend 1 evade token to change one of your results to an [evade] result. If you are a Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter, each friendly Naboo Royalguard in the attacker’s arc may spend 1 evade token to add 1 [evade] result.
  3. Going off fluff I’d be pretty confident in saying the torrent and Delta will both have missile slots, not torp slots. The delta isn’t too much of an issue due to both of its configurations which help it offensively. The torrent is more concerning. It’s either going to be really cheap, like I’m expecting 23-24pt cheap so you can swarm them. Or I’m hoping for double missile slots so it can equipped barrage rockets, but that might just be me dreaming. There is a new torp coming in wave 4 too. The return of the Plasma torp! Only 3 red dice but a wall of text so it’s difficult to judge how good it is yet.
  4. intoxicatedALF

    Veteran Turret Gunner's time to shine

    Nice to know this type of list is working. I made a list just like one of your first ones and was intending on giving it a try in the next week or so. Drea w/ Dorsal & VTG Lok Rev w/ Dorsal & VTG Lok Rev w/ Dorsal & VTG Mining Guild Sentry Mining Guild Sentry
  5. intoxicatedALF

    Han, Bossk and Kavil

    Greedo gunner is concerning at Initiative 4. If the opponent has multiple ships at a higher Initiative you’ll be suffering a lot of crits on an agility 1 ship. I think I’d prefer BT-1 and marksmanship. So your bullseye covers crits and if the enemy wants to link actions or perform red maneuvers they’ll be punished. Could even try to get 0-0-0, 4-LOM pilot or Asajj in there to force stress on enemy ships which will trigger it more often.
  6. intoxicatedALF

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    The list I versed had a decked out wedge too, who did some damage (a couple shields, poor roll and re-roll a proton did not help him) but didn’t take much to remove. I don’t know who would be his best wingman/wingmen. I think i’d experiment with double Y or double X personally if we are staying with hyperspace. For extended corran may also be a good option now that he is much cheaper?
  7. intoxicatedALF

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    After versing a fat rebel Han last night with the new changes I think he has the potential to be in the meta. With Lando, R2-D2, and title at a minimum he is a tank. Even with almost my full list he was able to tank them all and win. I admit this was on unlimited time and in a timed game it may have been very different. But there is a lot of potential in Han now.
  8. intoxicatedALF

    Scum and the gunner situation, the good and the bad.

    Bossk w/ 0-0-0, BT-1 and marksmanship, add either 4-LOM/Asajj as a wingman and profit.
  9. intoxicatedALF

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    NZ Nationals was just won by a Dash/Roark build. Great player, but that list....
  10. intoxicatedALF

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    After reading your comment, than reading through Wookieepedia about phantoms. I came across this picture of the inside of a phantom. The cockpit is tiny, only built for a pilot and primary gunner/co-pilot. Now I can’t get the image of whisper and Vader shoulder to shoulder, cramped up into this awkward little space, while whisper is freaking out trying not to make a mistake or let Vader down by not lining up his shots effectively. Plus this just reinforces to me that the phantom should have a gunner slot for thematic reasons at least.
  11. intoxicatedALF

    Idea for a new gunner

    That’s a very good idea, wouldn’t even need to lock it to a turret arc and could have it function similar to 1e snap shot? Reactive Gunner (5pt) After an enemy ship partially executes a maneuver that overlaps you, if it is in arc, you may perform a bonus attack against that ship. If you do, your attack dice cannot be modified during the bonus attack.
  12. intoxicatedALF

    Idea for a new gunner

    Ordnance Speciallist (4pts) If you have an active charge on at least one of your [missile] or [torpedo] upgrade cards, after you fully execute a blue or white maneuver, you may preform a [Lock] action on an object inside your [bullseye arc].
  13. intoxicatedALF

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    This 100% for JM5K, YV and Scurgg. On the fence about the Lancer receiving a gunner slot, only due to potential combos with Asajj. A points reduction might be enough for the Lancer?
  14. intoxicatedALF

    Resistance and First Order in the Extended Meta

    I agree with this 100%. Been playing the resistance a-wings none stop since release. Current list I’m having the most success with is a swarm. x3 Blue Squadron Recruits - A-wings w/ Advance Optics x2 Blue Squadron Rookies - X-wings w/ S-Foils Heaps of fire power and the rear arc on the a-wing allows you to keep peppering the enemy after the first engagement. Only lost once with it so far against Null/QD/Kylo and that was a close game up until it was just kylo on 3 hull, 1 A and 1 X left. Couldn’t catch him at that point.