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  1. SgtDurandal

    The Durnadal Initiative: Live Stream

    Once again after a long hiatus we're back with another friendly match of Pew Pew Starships tonight March 16th, LIVE around 8 PM MST.
  2. SgtDurandal

    The Durnadal Initiative: Live Stream

    Happy to be able to get a last minute game of Armada in tonight 8:30 PM MST. Drop in and check it out. Drop us a line in the chat!
  3. Just when you thought you were rid of us... We pop up again like an annoying cold sore. Due to family obligations it's been some time since we've been able to play, let alone stream a match of this game we all love. Luckily we'll be able to dust off the ships tomorrow and have at it. We'll be rusty and completely out of the loop with the current meta but stop by and drop us a line in the chat while we wreck it.
  4. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    That's life. And I think as it stands right now there hasn't been enough confirmed people that can make it so I think we'll have to shelve this idea for now. I think we'll try and organize something again in the Spring.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm working up a short paragraph or 2 to give some broad strokes of the general setting and history. Hopefully that'll be enough to get us started.
  6. I've got a group starting that has never experienced the L5R universe before. We're going to start off a week from today. Before going into the Starter Kit does anyone know of a nice concise way to intro players into the world? A brief background and history that would be easily digestible for new players before jumping into the Topaz Championship. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  7. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    Excellent! Let's have another sound off if we can of people that can commit. I'll put together everything based on those numbers.
  8. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    I totally get not looking forward to the drive. @durandal343 and I once drove to Denver for the regionals there. 6 hours in the car (with him) was very unpleasant . But totally worth it! Hope it works out that you can join us.
  9. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    I sympathize with you. It's not a terrible drive from Pierre. Any chance you'd be interested in attending?
  10. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    Totally understandable! My brother lives in Ft Collins and might be interested in coming up for this as well. I'll keep you posted.
  11. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    Sorry that the timing works out that way! I'm hoping this will just be the first we organize . I'd like to do a couple a year is possible. Next time and good luck at Worlds!
  12. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    Alright ya'll. It's a bit short notice but does the first Sat in November (that's Nov 3rd) work for anyone that's interested in a "The Other Tatooine Tournament" here in Rapid City, SD. I currently have a roof and 4 walls that can handle 4 tables of Armada simultaneously. Please let me know if you can commit and if we get more than 8 players I'll work at finding a better venue. https://www.facebook.com/events/311312389651868/ Also, big shout out to The Armchair Admirals who have offered to provide some tournament prizes for this event. More info coming...
  13. After taking a few weeks off @durandal343 is ready to get back into the Commander's chair, dust off his plastic Rebel Fleet and fly once more into the breach! With him as always is SgtDurandal, flying out under the mighty Galactic Empire's flag. Join us 9/6 around 8:30 pm MST for an evening of plastic space combat. We go pew pew starships.... everybody wins.
  14. SgtDurandal

    Other Tatooine (ND, SD, EastMT, SE SK, SW MB)

    Thanks for the responses! Right now we're looking at 5-7 people interested. If we can get up to 10 I'll get to work trying to organize The Other Tatooine Tournament.
  15. SgtDurandal

    Back to our roots

    We were lucky enough to be able to reschedule our match for tonight around 8:30 pm MST. The Durandal Initiative is happy to be hosting a special guest for tonight's match. Justin has been playing casually since Wave 1 and was a great encouragement to us when we first started. Really looking forward to this match!