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  1. Reading this I asked myself, why the planet themes? Why not using the actual building blocks and subdivisions of both organizations, which are both not that regionally tied? In the end that would boil down to naming and lore representation changes, not gameplay ones. Just to illustrate here a few examples how it could be changed: Alderaan House of Organa -> Fulcrum Network Chandrilla New Republic Defense Fleet -> New Republic Navy Mon Cala -> Exodus Fleet Hoth -> Rebel Command Yavin -> Rebel SpecOps Mustafar -> Death Squadron (just dropping the planet obviously) or Disciples of the Dark Side (even both could exist) Scarif -> Tarkin Initiative Coruscant -> Political Leadership (That name needs work. I just want to emphasize the top of the hierarchy over the location) Csilla -> 7th Fleet Corulag -> ISB Kuat -> Sector Fleets. Here are multiple options, basically one for each Over sector (Core, Corporate, Mid Rim, Outer Rim, ...) So yeah, it's just about dropping the planets to eventually gain more freedom for new candidates. After all in some cases the planets still make sense. Exodus Fleet for instance is still very much tied to Mon Cala.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily expect a new core, taking X-Wing 2.0 as precedent. If we get one, my money is on Munificent with 6 vulture squadrons vs Charger C70 and Arquitens with 4 V-19 squadrons, replicating the 1 medium + 6 squadrons vs 2 small +4 squadrons from the original core. I do however think that faction packs with a medium, a small and a couple of fighters are more likely. So I'd say V-19s, C70 and Acvlamator for the clones and Diamond, Munificent and Vultures for the Droids.
  3. I think the thing that makes Armada even harder on the entry is the rule system in addition to the price tag. It's just much harder to wrap you head around all the delayed stuff like orders or begin of activation shooting. I think those two together make the game a not so great newbie attractor. X-Wing seems to be way more suited for the entry level and thus I think Armada is more for people jumping over from there (and other TTGs like GW stuff) anyway. One Consideration regarding the Core Set or not question is, that this art needs to come from something. The way X-Wing 2.0 has handled factions tells me that this might very well be the box art for the republic starter set. If that's true, I'm kind of disappointed due to hoping for some revisions similar to the TFA core for X-Wing 1.0 (which kind of was a X-Wing 1.25).
  4. Although the Canon version might have scrapped all the existing backstory, keeping only the design somewhat intact.
  5. I think (second hand9 that they are mentioned in "the rebel files".
  6. I wonder if we could get the Bad Batches ship as a combat flotilla once clone wars comes in. Buuut maybe it's a bit to small being slighlty larger than a shuttle. Maybe it could be a rogue squadron?
  7. C'mon it isn't that bad. It just needs to be quite a bit pointier and get some angular struts on the bridge window and we are fine. 😉
  8. Exactly. Based on this I'd expect an imperial (only) ship, with 2 very variants to represent the modular weapon options. Both could be relatively tanky with one as a support and AA vessel and thither being a short ranged broadside ship.
  9. It appears to be a bit more fragile than a Victory, just judging from their visuals.
  10. Update: Republic: Charger C70 Stealth Corvette CR80 CSS-1 Arquitens (some different shapes from imperial variant) Pelta (varies significantly in shape from the rebels version in TCW. Also no weapons, so possibly the republics fleet support platform) (AA-9) Acclamator (Victory) Venator CIS: Gozanti (seen in TCW: bound for rescue, different than both imperial and C-ROC) Trident (the larger version seen in the Mon Cala arc) Hardcell Diamond Umbaran Support Ship Munificent Recusant Providence Lucrehulk Core DH-Omni Lucrehulk whole (Subjugator) Verdict: Looks like 11(12) to 8(10) in favor of the seppies, unless I've forgotten something. That's most likely the case.
  11. Mostly yes, but I guess the extra armor on the middle engine and the alternating bridge shapes would still be quite noticeable. Not at first glance but still not requiring to close scrutiny.
  12. Good point! BTW these 2 are supposedly taken from BFII, so we should take them with a grain of salt: The differences appear in a close to life action version. BTW they differ quite a lot behind the bridge (engines and connecting part) which I previously missed.
  13. There isn't really any. I guess you'd have to check out the clone wars episode "Gungan Attack". I haven't really found any concept art, but the episode has interior shots were you can clearly see a window which can be recognized from the exterior allowing some estimation. It also appears directly next to some small Tridents giving us another method. Thinking about the dimensions, the large one might actually be 88m and the small ones smaller. It's just that you used a picture of a small one.
  14. The thing is that the main features in those ISDs are the same. Sure, the proportions are off and everything's quite simplified, but the base shapes remain intact. If something is elongated in an animation show I write it off as representation through artsyle but if a new triangle is added I guess that means it's different. Just look at the rebels AT-ATs. They are so different that they got considered a new suptype which even got its own close to life atcion version in Fallen Order. The contrast here is that the base features are changed beyond warping (gun mounds, viewport flat with main head geo). But that's all irrelevant and we can agree to disagree. In the end this is about two questions: Will FFG do "duplicates for TCW? I guess yes. If you cut the Arq and Pelta the republic uses to much ships to really be viable. Will they be different molds? That depends. They could certainly get away with just different paint jobs like the Chimera (missed chance for an ISD-I mold btw). These aesthetic differences in animation however give them the opportunity to make them something new entirely. Packaging, paintjob and cards + cardboards have to be redone anyway, quite possibly with mechanically differing variants for the new factions. So why not depen faction identity even more by making them look different?
  15. I'd be inclined to agree. However the differences between the different cartoons are very likely to be included, since they exist in similar ballparks of artstyles. Also different proportions are one thing but things like differences in weaponry and completely different bridge shapes on the Arq would propably be translated over. After all the main features of the ISD also remain intact here but I still wouldn't argue that the proportions of TIEs and ISDs in rebels are canonical (although funilly enough the TIE fighter owners manual does. It lists the mining guild TIE as being wider than the noramal one.). Also so far FFG has remained relatively faithful to the Cartoons in things stemming from them. What it boils down to, is that I think that (some of) these changes are to large to be written of as artstyle.
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