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  1. The Bunker Buster and Raddus are both post RotJ civil war too, as is the starfortress (but that one is no capital ship).
  2. Except Chess itself isn't balanced. Statistically speaking white wins more often (single digit percentage IIRC) due to being able to keep black in the reacting loop.
  3. Given the SSD as counterweight, this is actually a good idea. It also really pushes my wish of the rebels having larger diversity than the empire (which has already been done a bit through the Chimera).
  4. What about that Neimodian with that weird rotating light thingy on his hat? Really can't remember how he's called or what he did. Generally I'd say the GAR should get admirals and Jedi knights as commanders with other officers (clone commanders and CAPTAIN Tarkin for example) and padawans (also rank commander, not the upgrade card just the military) occupying the officer slot. For the CIS tactical droids, council members and ofc admirals seem to be right as commanders, alongside grievous ofc. Speaking of Grievous, I don't think he should come in the core set. Although we see him Commanding from several vessels (Munificent, reclusant?) he's kind of tied to the invisible hand in my mind. So I think he should come with the Providence class dreadnought. A case for dooku there could be made though.
  5. I really have no idea, why I wrote that. I meant loosing potential on the stormtroopers ofc. In the end it would do as much fage as a single mini has wounds per dice at max. The result would be a rock, paper, scissors effect differentiating between many wounds or many minis.
  6. Think about how cool it would have been, if they packed it with both the tracks and repulsor pads as interchangeable parts. The hole for the hover stand would have been covered up by the model for the tracked variant anyway. In that case it should have also come with two different unit cards of course. Well I guess here's Rome for some cool conversions.
  7. Generally when magnetizing smaller things, remember that you often only need a magnet on side, with a appropriately shaped/sized ferromagnetic metal object on the other. Maybe even glueing iron shavings on the surface might work? The good thing with that solution is, that you don't have to worry about polarity.
  8. What about horizontal differentiations in addition to current vertical ones. The matter has already been touched on here, with the idea of multiple surges on a potential black defense die. For comparison you could look at armada were each die color, has a different range and attack profile. Red dice have a relatively normal distribution between accuracy, hits and crits but work up to long range with the most blanks. Blue dice(medium range) have the most accuracy results whereas short ranged black dice come with the chance for multiple hit/crit symbols one one die. Especially multi damage dice could enrich Legions depth and counter system. They could easily make a system were one die can only be applied to one mini, with all overkill being lost. So that a 3 damage result would kill both a wookiee or stormtrooper but in both cases nothing gets to the rest of the squad, loosing a lot of potential on the At-ST. In the end it would be a simplified version of Wh40ks current damage system.
  9. Well, that is kind of mixing canon and legends. If we look purely at canon, there is still a development in lightsaber technology though. The oldest design we know is the "Malachor type" used by Kylo Ren and originating in the time of the siege of Malachor. That is probably the Canon version of the KotOR era. In that time the Jedi were seemingly still limited in their technological capability to contain the Kyber crystals energy output and had to build these energy vents into their sabers. Presumably Kylo used that technology to make his unstable, cracked crystal work. Another old design we know is the dark saber. It is younger than the Malachor sabers though. So we can assume it is a development step between the "current" and older ones. Maybe the flat blade dissipates energy better than one with a round cross section and can thus replace the vents. So there definitely is some development visible. Maybe the Fallen Order sword represents another step in the weapons evolution? Scientific progress seems to be largely limited to kyber stuff, energy technology (sequel era energy cell magazines are supposed have a larger energy capacity) and biology. If was a scientist in the star wars galaxy biologist would probably the way to go. Between researching alien life, genetics, bio weapons and the connection between life and the force there seems to be a lot to be done here. Edit: the Tarkin novel also seems to imply that there is development done regarding hyperspace navigation, with regular traffic being guided by navigation node thingies and ship mounted navigation systems being cutting edge.
  10. Good point. I guess I consider the Arquitens to be the go to vessel for stuff like force projection (in a limited capacity), patrol and escort duties, alongside a gozanti here and there.
  11. Before I really start, let me explain the point of this post. Since I first thought about the matter I felt like there there is something off about the lore about the Nebs origin in Canon, but also legends. According to the Nebulon-Cs description in the incredible cross sections, it was build for the empire. The issue is, that we never see it being used by the empire in any canon material (afaik), it doesn't look the part and is awfully impractical as a full blown military vessel (okay, star wars). It doesn't fit and seems to be Canon in me only in that regard. Also such speculation is just fun. So here is a possible explanation, which does only involve one tiny retcon(if it even is one): Encountering the Munificent class frigate as its main adversary during the clone wars, the Republic Navy quickly came to admire it's capabilities. As it is the nature with a force build from scratch in a short timeframe without any actual experience in large scale warfare, much refinement was to be done to the fleet. AS part of this naval command started an attempt to adapt the principles behind the enemy design for their own use. So KDY was tasked with developing and realising a ship according to it. In the end the project was hit by the end of the war and the republics transition into the empire before completion, but in a late state of development. The failure of all attempts on the companies behalf to convince the new government of the projects completion, led Kuats engineers to repurpose it for the free market. The new B variant of the vessel, aimed at local and private security forces, met the empires approval, possibly due to its fragile structure posing no perceived threat for the imperial navy and it being a strong asset for allied forces taking off pressure for the navy itself. Thus the Nebulon-B became the most successful paramilitary capital ship of the post clone wars era, finding it's way into many forces, eventually even the rebel alliance and imperial Military. The idea behind this "solution" is kind of changing "was build for" into "was designed for" and also to imply how the rebels got them. The ship being wide spread makes it easy for them to acquire it through indirect channels such as the aftermarket. Also it makes kind of sense as a craft to be used against pirates and such, but seems under armored for a "proper" combat vessel. For escort duty it is perfectly equipped, featuring lots of laser cannons to combat quick fighter raids, external docking rings to quickly scramble an hyperspace incapable escort squadron and fixed heavy turbolaser for engaging large pirate transports and such. Und pitched battle conditions however it might be hard to bring into bearing, there would be other vessels to consider for positioning after all. What do you think about my solution and, more importantly, how do you view the matter yourselves? Are you fine with it being imperial? (Originally that was wizards of the coast right?) Or do you have a crazy head canon like me yourselves? I'm sorry for any mistakes and the unpolished language. I was to lazy to prove read and am not a native speaker, so I might have missed some errors.
  12. Well, there also are the Arrestor (from Solo), Taylander and this rebel tanker thingy...
  13. Wouldn't that slot better be filled by ARC troopers? Aside from that, clones have great spec ops potential between those two and ARF-Troopers (equivalent for Commandos and Scout Troopers?)
  14. The problem here is, that (at least Canon, seemingly) the Venator is the largest ship, the republic can field. So making it medium would kind of deny the republic an whole classification. Gameplay wise I still feel like it should essentially be a mini battlestar, performing carrier stuff and long range barrage (i.e. high squadron and mostly red dice more evenly spread than for the ISD).
  15. What they could honestly do for turnaments is separating GCW from Clone Wars in "matchmaking" only allowing lists to be paired with those of their own era until the new factions have caught up. I doubt it though, due to X-Wing not having done it. It would take care of uneven balancing coming from limited options though.
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