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  1. Top16 https://youtu.be/FhZXmpvPUzM Top8 https://youtu.be/IlfwuF4NRJ8 Top4 https://youtu.be/ir_UOmpi2ak FINAL https://youtu.be/CUMYiaSBfcU
  2. https://youtu.be/Io07lxanGik https://youtu.be/z9DeJq4dnek https://youtu.be/3XeTjVKu6FY https://youtu.be/FAPzonp9DFk https://youtu.be/VtHsR_WpjAU https://youtu.be/dLUZgiyvSDQ
  3. if they wanted the modification done by the other ship, they would simply word it as "other ship can spend your force to modify its dice"
  4. RR 2.0: Use of “You” Many pilot and ship abilities use the word “you” to refer to the ship card’s corresponding ship. Upgrade, damage, and condition cards that use the word “you” refer to the ship to which the card has been dealt or equipped. Card effects that use “you” always refer to the ship or remote, not the player
  5. Wouldnt that be just a description of how Palpa can modify the dice? It clearly says YOU can modify ITS dice, but needs explanation how, and this is where "is though.." comes in and clarifies that Palpa can change force>hit or force>evade, or simpler same as if defender used force.
  6. Wouldnt that just mean that you need to use Palp first to modify focus, so the limitation is not the problem? and than just modify another focus
  7. Defender rolls 2 focus results, uses Palp force to modify one of the results to evade. Who did the modification? Imo ship with Palpa, not defender. Now defender spends his focus token to change 2nd focus result to evade. Right?
  8. While you defend against attack and you are in Amidala arc, can you modify 2nd focus using Palpatine crew from another of your ships?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/c/legionkrakow EDIT: all 6 swiss rounds recorded
  10. 77.1 To square up his unit, the player pivots his unit around the point of contact with the enemy unit until the squaring-up unit’s front edge is parallel with the enemy unit’s contacted edge for that engagement. Then, the player slides the squaringup unit in either direction of his choice along the contacted edge, stopping at the first opportunity for the trays of the moving unit to be aligned with the trays of the enemy unit
  11. I dont think your last diagram is right... contacted edge has one tray. Your edge line seem to "cut" one tray out in each case.
  12. Legion - Wednesday Practice - Sandstorm vs Vader MiniCrackSwarm (no audio)
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