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  1. So, my team and I were discussing how the defensive effect of Veteran Wing Leader, Agent of the Empire, and First Order Elite works, timing-wise. The listed timing window is "While you defend..." which, according to the Rules Reference, says: My first thought was that this would easily fall into the Modify Attack Dice step, because the RR says "Dice modification occurs during the respective Modify Attack Dice or Modify Defense Dice step, unless otherwise stated." But, then there's this very clear definition of what Cancelling dice is: So my question is this: When does Veteran Wing Leader (et. al.) actually cancel the dice? During the Modify Attack Dice step, so it only affects the dice naturally rolled? Or later, like Biggs and Selfless, which both specify "before the Neutralize Results step?" Or is there some other timing window this ability belongs in that I didn't think of?
  2. For the record, according to the new RR, v.1.05, this is no longer correct. You may only reposition the First time you are Tractored in a turn.
  3. That's actually 100% the reason I raised the question in the first place.
  4. So, does anyone have any thoughts on the new lines in the Ability Que rules? The example clearly shuts off chaining Ensnare, but I can think of a few other cases this might seriously affect. Like the previous Official Ruling on Kanan Jarrus and Inertial Dampeners, since the ship in question isn't stressed when Kanan's ability would be added to the queue. Or, Anakin Skywalker in the Delta-7 Aethersprite, after executing a red maneuver, he'd be stressed, so couldn't performed the bonus action from Fine-Tuned Controls, even if he were to add his Pilot Ability to remove the stress.
  5. Exactly this. List of every pilot ability in the game for which "All" can mean 0: Wampa Lieutenant Kestal Omega Ace Countdown Han Solo Keyan Farlander Every single one of these ships can do "All" of something, where All is zero. Though, that's not to say that "all = 0" is always good... [Ahem - Countdown]
  6. Total necro here, but the fastest pilot in the game is Sabine Wren. Fastest ship is the Shadowcaster, with Burnout Slam, can move equivalent of a straight 12 but can't attack. However, Sabine Wren in the Tie can move a Straight 10.5 with a Barrel Roll, Focus, and Evade. Equip Cloaking Device, Stygian Particle Accelerator, Kaanan Jarrus, and PtL. Decloak forward (free evade), free boost (PTL to focus), straight 5, Kaanan removes stress, Barrel Roll. Or, for more raw distance, decloak sideways, free boost 1-bank, straight 5, barrel roll. Haven't measured yet, but I believe it's the farthest displacement in the game. Plus, she can still attack with mods.
  7. One flavor I like is you give everyone 3 ships, one that costs 30, one 35, and one 40. Since Lone Wolf is a unique upgrade, only one of them can have it, so you make players do something different (Also, limited to 1 regen effect per player). When each ship is destroyed, they can deploy a new one before the next Planning Phase, and you award points based on kills and eliminations (plus some bonus for Last Man Standing). I'm gonna pitch to my my FLGS owner tonight about making one of his monthly tournaments Furball. (He usually alternates, 1 normal, 1 "fun." Last fun one I played in was 100 point lists, but all cards, ships, and Pilot Skills are unique.) Also, totally necro'd this thread...
  8. Obviously, the only pilot who could fly an Imp T-65 is Gara Petothel (Aka. Lara Notsil, aaka. Kirney Slane). Of course, that would mean that FFG still produces stuff from the E.U., in which case... Seriously. A Rogue and/or Wraith Squadron T-65 X-Wing Title... And Garik "Face" Loran... And Faylnn Sandskimmer... And Myn Donos...
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