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  1. I love Wrecking Crew and have always thought they got a bad rap. Their decks are able to pull off some crazy combos but you need to see enough cards to make those combos actually happen. For that reason I feel like they have been an encounter I’ll only get out with 3 or 4 players. Solo or even 2 player they just dont flip over enough encounter cards. So heroic mode has definitely made smaller games viable with them. Hopefully they’ll start getting the love they deserve.
  2. Haven’t been on these forums in a little bit but I just found Black Widow in Barnes and Noble and was going to come tell people about it but apparently everybody here already knows haha
  3. So I read somewhere on the discord that all the cards in Strange’s pack have been spoiled but I haven’t seen them anywhere. I checked on Hall of Heroes but they don’t show them all. Where have they been spoiled?
  4. I’ll just add my plug in for this podcast. The length makes it very easily digestible. The hosts are easy to listen to and their analysis is pretty good. One of the better Champions podcasts and one that I have subscribed to on iTunes. Recommended.
  5. You are correct. Surge on its own would only trigger once. Surge when part of a when revealed effect would happen twice. In the case if “Hard to keep down”, the surge is part of the when revealed effect. When revealed the card tries to heal rhino. If it can’t do that it surges. Because of “media coverage” it would try to heal rhino twice, fail twice, then surge twice.
  6. Fascinating. For all the times I’ve been through the reference guide I don’t think I have ever noticed the peril keyword. wonder what else I’ve missed...
  7. I like the idea a lot more than somehow using the scenario to make the game competitive.
  8. That’s about the gist of it yes. My own opinion of it is that it’s my least favorite way to play the game by far. But a lot of other people here swear by it so if you’re at all curious what the play experience is like you should give it a try.
  9. Yup. That 5.7 near Salt Lake City. That was wild. I mean I know 5.7 isn’t exactly a huge earthquake but I’ve never felt anything like that.
  10. Interesting. I wonder if we experienced the same earthquake.
  11. Oh wow the live steam is tomorrow? For some reason I thought I had to wait all the way til next Tuesday. This stay at home stuff is really messing with my internal calendar.
  12. I mean, I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say it’s a development failure. The game is great. I do agree that I was a little...not disappointed but underwhelmed. I think you’re right about the number of knobs they have for general difficulty scaling but again I don’t think that speaks to design failure. Turns out you don’t NEED a lot of knobs if the ones you do have are so effective. And it is effective. Having more encounter cards each turn does indeed make it more challenging. The encounter decks, especially the modular encounters and the sets brought in by Shadows of the Past, have some cool synergies and combos, but they don’t always get a chance to actually DO those combos. With more cards dealt each turn there’s more of a chance for the combos to actually go off. But....it’s also what a lot of people were already doing anyway which is maybe why it felt underwhelming to me. So is it the most interesting solution? Well no probably not. I still hold out hope they do things like add modular environments you can add to any encounter to change the rules in some way, or revisit old encounters with nightmare versions in the future. But what I do like about this is the infinite scaling. I look at it kind of like the nightmare levels or whatever they’re called in Diablo 3 where you’re constantly trying to get better gear and optimize your build so you increase the difficulty and play in higher nightmare levels. Maybe right now my group can only do rhino heroic 3 for example. But with new heroes and player cards and more refined decks in the future we can do it on heroic 4. Or 5. So there’s potentially reason to go back to old encounters that would otherwise be obsolete due to power creep. That seems pretty cool.
  13. It’s sort of what team covenant was doing if I understand it all correctly. Team covenant only dealt one extra encounter card per turn. So player 1 got and extra card but player 2 didn’t. in official expert mode each player gets dealt and extra card per level. So expert level 1 it’s not just one extra card that gets dealt but one extra card to each player. So each player gets 2. Then expert level 2 gives two cards to each player so each player would get 3 encounter cards each turn. So similar concept but different.
  14. I find Wrecking Crew to be best played with 3-4 people. They are able pull of some really crazy combos the more encounter cards that are drawn each turn. One or two player games don’t really do justice to the scenario because the encounter decks don’t have any room to pull off their combos with fewer players. I don’t even pull Wrecking Crew out of the box if I’m not playing with at least 3 people. I’ve played several games where a hero got completely obliterated because of an unexpected attack from bulldozer who was only activated because of a change in active villain due to an encounter card. But that has only happened in 3-4 player games. Also because of the crazy combos Wrecking Crew can pull off when each member is still alive, I’ve wanted to try combining each villains health into a single health pool so they are all alive until the end of the game. Has anybody tried this?
  15. Decent point. I actually didn’t notice that post had something hidden and in truth have no idea how to hide images in my post. So I removed the picture.
  16. Someone on Reddit is saying this came from Gamma.
  17. 1) You do one scheme at a time. You start with 1. If he completes stage 1 you go to stage 2. If he completes stage 2 he wins. 2) You absolutely can use multiple Wakanda Forever cards in a single turn. None of the cards get exhausted when you use them and nothing on the card says you can’t use the ability when it’s exhausted anyway. So yeah you’re good to Wakanda Forever your heart out. Play each one you have and can pay for. That’s why we all like him so much. When he’s fully set up, the amount of things he can do in a turn for a 1 cost card is crazy.
  18. The ally does not take damage. He/she isn’t actually attacking just basically boosting your attack value. No consequential damage taken.
  19. Just curious on the general philosophy everybody has with card sleeving. Specifically the question I have is do you all sleeve every card all the time or do you only sleeve cards when you play and I sleeve them after? I currently have every card sleeved and intend to continue that way but it occurred to me that if I just sleeve cards I’m using and I sleeve them after I save a ton of space and can stop buying sleeves every time these a new expansion. On the other hand un-sleeving and re-sleeving doesn’t sound awesome. And I worry about card damage while in the box, though I’m sure that’s nonsense and they’d be just fine. What are your general thoughts and practices on this subject?
  20. Best comment of the day. Hoping to get to my store to pick it up in the next little bit but I haven’t heard from them about it yet. They got allocated pretty hard with Cap and Mrs Marvel (though not with Wrecking Crew which was interesting) so I’m hoping nothing crazy happened with Thor.
  21. Yeah that was my favorite part too.
  22. This thread seems to have derailed somewhat.
  23. So my son is 3 and while that’s to young to understand the mechanics of the game it isn’t too young to enjoy the theme and characters and artwork. He wanted to be in my lap while I played the other day and I had him help me decide what to play and who to attack and where to thwart etc. He was super excited when I drew Hulk and got to play him and have him attack. He liked when I got to use black panthers claws. I was able to get him to yell “Wakanda Forever!” Whenever I played one. It was far and away the least optimal game I’ve ever played but it was also the most enjoyable and he had a blast. So I’d say go for it cuz the potential for fun and bonding is there whether he’s actively playing or not.
  24. Yeah this makes sense. I’m pretty excited for the story box to se what they have in there and I really hope it’s a jump up from even Mutagen. The thing that’s being talked about in my playgroup though is the new villain content release schedule. We’re all really excited for the new heroes being released (seriously Black Widow looks awesome!) but what we’re having is 3 months of new hero content that only looks to make the existing already not difficult encounters even less difficult. Again I’m totally new to FFG LCG’s but what we were kind of hoping for in the villain release schedule is something that we could really sink our teeth into for the three months while waiting for new encounters and that it might take that three months with all the new heroes and player cards to feel like we really had a handle on it. Instead we play the scenarios and then begin trying to think of ways to make the scenarios more challenging ( @KennedyHawk2 has some great home brew environments for each encounter) and honestly that has been its own kind of fun, it’s just different than we thought. We started to wonder how it would be if each hero pack had a new modular encounter (or even a modular environment which I think would be cool) rather than extra aspect cards. I think that runs counter to the model FFG has for this game so I don’t think that works necessarily. Just some way of making it so existing encounters don’t get stale while we’re getting new, more powerful ways of beating it while waiting for the next villain. Incidentally I like the achievements that have been released for the core set heroes and encounters. Some of those are legitimately hard. Maybe all that’s needed is each hero/encounter to also be released with a new achievement list specific to that pack and that’s a method of upping the challenge. And hopefully in the future they do what they did with Arkham and release something that makes past encounters more challenging.
  25. I’m curious how the game will get harder by an expanding card pool. It’s usually just the opposite. This is my first foray into LCGs and I’m genuinely having a blast, but I definitely recognize the game is not difficult. Thematic, fast paced, super fun yes. But difficult no. And as much as I enjoy the fame, I am firmly in the camp that would love to see the game be more difficult. As things are right now, as soon as you decide to play the game, before you have even picked what villain and difficulty and modular encounters, before you select your hero and aspect, the odds are more likely that you will win the game than lose it. You can intentionally pick sub optimal cards to put into your deck and still have it be more likely than not that you will win against any giving scenario other than possibly Mutagen Formula. So I’m not sure how A growing card pool and giving hero’s access to higher power level cards is going to make the game harder. At least not a growing hero card pool.
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