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  1. just so everyone knows what you mean when you talk about the head i thought I'd throw these head illustrations in to help. Not sure how scientifically correct they are considering race but just for a framework for discussion. I think the girl I'm with is beautiful, and I always wanted to see how many times I could take her head and stack it one on top of the other until I reached the top of her head. I'm not sure if that number has anything to do with how appealing she is despite popular artistic interpretation of appealing proportion. In the last season of the Bachelor I think he didn't pick the Russian girl because he liked taller women so maybe you like mini gnomish dwarfs or maybe you like gigantic dwarfs but either way if the base is 25 mm all you can do is consider which proportions are appealing to you. If they are that far off you can always throw down a token. lol
  2. The Guard is a Skill and specifies it is used as an interrupt on the card but once "this "attack" is resolved" which excludes using a Skill considering using a Skill is not part of a "this attack" resolution or even part of resolving the steps in a Combat but is a separate step after Combat is resolved. A Combat is resolved by following steps on p.9 of the Base set rulebook. A Skill is used after resolving a Combat as part of it's own step/action/or rule. So the card would dictate any rule that would trump the standard rules so unless Advance mentions interrupt on the card I don't think using it outside of the scope of a heros' turn is legal because it would constitute using a Skill "After this attack" stated on the Guard Skill interrupt. It doesn't say after this Combat is resolved it states specifically "this attack". I think your double dipping. but good luck those OL'd can be tough and yes i'm just a noob.
  3. My advice stop attacking and move instead. There are no X's when you move. I wonder if Trump was good at Sim City.
  4. Well worry no longer with the quest builder app the max map size is 32 wide by 37 high and I just put together a quest that uses every piece of the Core Set and the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion and used up the whole 32x37 square map in just one encounter. I think this is what the original post was about and I could agree with any2cards in saying it can be fun to have a massive single quest which plays like a campaign so I think with a few expansion sets you could make two massive encounters that would be epic compared to the individual campaign quest you play through in the campaigns provided. Of coarse you do have to get into the Quest builder App so you'll be writing your own storyline and balancing your own map design but how could an overlord not enjoy that? Better hero up though this dungeon is huge! I'm not done with the quest yet but the title is Salvation and I will make it public after I play through it and make a few adjustments. If you know of any good massive maps in the quest vault link them, I'd love to hear about some other epic map builds.
  5. This is like the guy working at the gas station telling you he is a petroleum service engineer. Maybe it's more like comparing granny smith apples to red delicious apples. You should see me play competitive tactical minis games, I role play the *&^% out of them Roll me a wisdom check, no make that a knowledge check. Sounds like your checking your competitive tactical minis' character role playing stats. Can you fight a hundred dragons without them being the same? Not sure but apparently you can move on the same 1x1 squares with your hero and they somehow feel different. Hmm, maybe it's the color? Makes me wonder if my role playing is the same? Are the dice even different or did they just change the colors? I've never rolled 6 surges. Well at least we are always sitting in a different spot - PS: Well to clarify Proto despite the eristic I think we all know what RPG is and you may attempt to obfuscate it's meaning by arguing how it is applied in the game but it was exactly my point. The answer to "what we are missing" is in my view not what the game is missing (Besides the miniture for Sir Alric Farrow being sold out! How am I supposed to OL this castle quest?) but what is missing with how we play the game perhaps. To me it seems to categorize a game into a narrowly defined class which therefore dictates the style of play is like... well it's like buying a jeep and only driving it on the road. I'm not going to argue what type of game Descent is or its' category because it is not my point but with the ability to build your own quests and an Overlord to implement "Special Rules" if your not role playing you need to do some self reflection. This game screams RPG and if you don't think it is read the title of the topic, watch the video I linked above and then tell my you think your sitting in the same spot. BTW the objective is determined by the storyline and written by the author of the quest so you don't even know the objective without roleplaying. ex: "Light the four torches to warn the city" (from the base game campaign Sir Alric Farrow quest).
  6. Great topic and I'd like to share my feedback as it became a debate with the group I play with me playing the OL and 4 H's (heroes') and as Silidus stated there are some issues that need addressed. First Issue Balancing - The games play very differently depending on the number of monster groups the OL has. The more monster groups he has the more sluggish his monsters seem. The less OL monster groups the quicker his monsters become. Same for hero's, the more hero's the slower they become the fewer the faster they are. So you have to address this which leads you back to the one turn per side hero/OL and then round end. Second issue Rules - You would be making some house rules for sure. Third Issue - Drawing from the OL Deck: If there are 2 OL monster groups and 4 heros the OL would be drawing twice per hero round because he would have two rounds per one hero round. Inversely with 2 hero's and 4 OL monster groups you would be drawing at half the normal rate from the OL deck. It is more realistic to have each hero and each OL monster group make an initiative roll then play through the turns based on the rolls and after the last turn the round is over.
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