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  1. It means it probably synergizes with the costs of hilt parts from the Endless Vigil Lightsaber crafting rules. It can also include special styles items as well, yes, but it also includes stuff like curved hilt modifications, training saber emitters or overcharged power cells.
  2. I have seen some instances of power creep. Stuff like the Ascetic and its amazing synergy with Eb and Flow. Compare that to something relatively useless like Makashi Duelist or Driver or any of the other myriad of one-not specializations.
  3. This is just anecdotal, but don't bother with voice changing software. From the few instances I have been involved in, the gimmick gets very old very VERY quickly.
  4. Sounds like you are referring to a story similar to Man+Plus.
  5. Yeah, a plot like this heavily depends on what your opinion (as a GM) the Force represents. Is it black and white, or is their some granularity to it? Your players may also have a similar idea in mind, and a conflict of views can spoil the fun. Keep in mind that the Sith are naturally backstabby thanks to Dark Siders growing more socio/psychopathic the more they delve into the Dark Side. You will likely need a good justification why this uncovered lore doesn't have them all try to fight each other over it. You should also consider what sort of force will counter them. Is this in the new canon, or is something more like Legends? If the former, you should try to consider what forces could feasibly counteract a coven of Dark Side users, as the Jedi at this time are near death with only Luke and arguably Rey representing it (so far at least).
  6. Wow, that is quite a feat. How exactly did they convince Vader to turn on his Master?
  7. Why would you want to beat him? Unless this is some sort of alt-history thing.
  8. The track record thusfar has been flawless, though I don't have players that try to game the system.
  9. Not really a talent, but kind of in the same way. If I am running a F&D game, I offer players the ability to choose a class from one of the non-F&D books and add Force Rating 1 at the cost of less bonus skills at character generation.
  10. Just use player character exp amounts to determine certain strength levels. A Sith Acolyte would have base exp, a stronger one might be 'knight level' and a master might have 400-500 starting exp.
  11. Once this time period is more expanded upon, provided FFG is still working on SWRPG content, I can easily see a sourcebook for the era come out. As much as I personally would want it, I sadly don't think it will ever come about. Disney has pretty much made itself quite clear that its keeping the Clone Wars era away with a ten-foot pole. Almost all new content is between the end of Episode III and before Episode VII. Like the Clone Wars era argument but a worse state. At this moment, The Old Republic era has practically no content outside of references that don't fit the traditional view of the era. Stuff like cross-guard lightsabers, hyperspace sextants and the Battle of Malachor being a completely different situation in nu-canon. Unless they dive into the setting through a new EA game or some out-of-left-field comic or book, I seriously doubt you will see TOR any time soon. However the audience is there, after the reveal of Rian's new trilogy I have constantly seen mentions of "Kotor movie trilogy pls" so its not as if it wouldn't be unprofitable.
  12. Well its pretty easy to refluff a lot of adventures into the Clone Wars era, especially stuff like Friends Like These. Also with the new Dawn of Rebellion book they have a specialist career/specialization solely for Clone troopers.
  13. If you cannot find a copy among your friends, your local stores or even some hobby shops, you can always order a used copy on a site like eBay.
  14. The narrative explanation is that by using the dark side to fuel this preternatural connection with friends and allies in battle, you are consciously or more likely subconsciously binding them to your will through your command and aid over their actions. As Battle Meditation is essentially acting like a Force Astromech to their Starship Body and reflexes, but an 'evil' Astromech might wish to take control of the Ship away from its proper pilot. This in turn lowers their ability to resist further mental effects or focus as you suppress or force them to exert mental effort to keep themselves in control to the best of their ability. So mechanically, it lowers their Willpower score which is linked to Discipline and Vigilance, which can be explained as them being too focused on your intrusions to worry about others.
  15. tl;dr GM's decision 1) You need the magnitude upgrades. This is if your GM counts each Stormtrooper in a minion group as seperate entities for determining specific targeting like called shots. To explain, the 10xp Influence Control upgrade specifically says that if you have a method of target, THEN you can target more than once (using the highest rank of Discipline among the targets OR the difficulty is set to a static amount based on number of minds (e.g. targets) and GM fiat/discretion). However the wording on minion's are quite vague, though I personally treat them as separate entities except for skills and wounds. To further emphasize this point, when you attack them with a blaster - you have to take account the next Stormtrooper's soak if you have any spill over damage. 2) You don't need the magnitude upgrades (but only against minions) This is if your GM counts a squad of Stormtroopers as a single target for the purpose of all Force powers. Stuff like Battle Meditation or Bind etc. Though this may run into the realm of disbelief when a Force newbie binds a squad of elite soldiers with a single pip. In either example, you still need to take into account the wording on page 295 regarding the difficulty of a 'group mind-trick'.
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