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  1. Hey guys and dolls, What are your ways or organisng cards in a card binder? Particularly upgrade cards. I have a million of them and not sure how to go about it. Update: I have manage to organise everything using two card binders. One for pilots and the other for upgrades. And let me tell you, the upgrades cost me my will to live. And when I need to alter the alphabetical order due to new cards I will likely strip naked and run through the streets shouting 'The Swedish are coming!' Thank you all for your suggestions.
  2. Hey guys and dolls, For some reason I absolutely suck at making lists in 2.0. Probably because I've not been able to play much compared to my time in 1.0. Are there any good Republic lists with Y wings in it? I'm not super competitive as I play for fun with a fighting chance at winning. So as long as it works I'm happy. I just always loved the Y Wing and the Clone Wars design.
  3. Hey guys and dolls, So me and a friend had a somewhat heated argument today which he refuses to back down from about the phrasing of 'You may ready and fight with a neighboring creature.' I told him that meant you chose a friendly creature and use the chosen creature to do a fight action. His interpretation is that you chose a friendly creature to fight with alongside with the creature that has the effect. So for example he argues that if you use a Grey Rider to make friendly creature X fight the Grey Rider will also join in on this fight. If I am wrong I will fully concede but a clarification on the will settle the argument. Bonus question: If you use the ability 'You may ready and fight with a neighboring creature.' Can you chose a creature that ordinarily wouldn't be able to fight; for example a Xanthyx Harvester next to a non Mars creature?
  4. Stupid question but what makes the Torrent so bad aside from the fact it isn't a Republic Headhunter?
  5. Hey guys and dolls, When looking at gunner upgrades like Veteran Turret Gunner, Hotshot Gunner, Agile Gunner etc, the symbol they reference is that of a single turret. Does this mean they don't benefit ships with double turrets like the Decimator or Falcon? Edit: Also can I fire using a double turret out of one arc and then use VTG to fire using the same double turret fire out of the opposite arc?
  6. I'm a bit of a noob. What makes R4 Astromechs so good? The Aethersprite already has a decent dial. Also the Delta 7B. Is reducing defence dice worth it? Again I am a noob so I'm genuinely asking to get better.
  7. That's the Sith Fury Interceptor! It's one of my favourite ships in all of Star Wars.
  8. Does the Republic ARC 170 use the same dial as the Rebel version? I'm cheap and can only afford to get one ARC atm.
  9. Oh ****! Okay I now see why it's so good. I thought it was just postponing the effects.
  10. So do you roll for damage at the end of the turn?
  11. I have a very stupid question but what makes collision detector so good?
  12. Dear FFG, Recently a gaming shop has opened up near me (finally!) and I'm hoping to get a bit of a following for some of the FFG games I play, namely Star Wars Destiny, X-Wing, Imperial Assault and hopefully KeyForge (what's the UK release date for that?). So I'm going to demo some of these games, probably X-Wing and Destiny and KeyForge when it comes out. Are there any tips you have for me or any resources I should look at? While I have introduced some games to my friends I've never done it to several people at a store.
  13. Hey guys and dolls, Do we yet know what the general gameplay differences are between the houses? Or is it just theme and art?
  14. For the most part it seems to really good but as always there are a few cards here and there which are pretty bad.
  15. 4 decks + tokens? Not bad. As everyone else has said if you have tokens to use it's probably not worth it but again you get 4 decks, 2 usual and 2 structured.
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