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  1. Spartan_Dude

    Countess Ryad & Rexler Brath

    Oh ****! Okay I now see why it's so good. I thought it was just postponing the effects.
  2. Spartan_Dude

    Countess Ryad & Rexler Brath

    So do you roll for damage at the end of the turn?
  3. Spartan_Dude

    Countess Ryad & Rexler Brath

    I have a very stupid question but what makes collision detector so good?
  4. Spartan_Dude

    Demoing at FLGS.

    Dear FFG, Recently a gaming shop has opened up near me (finally!) and I'm hoping to get a bit of a following for some of the FFG games I play, namely Star Wars Destiny, X-Wing, Imperial Assault and hopefully KeyForge (what's the UK release date for that?). So I'm going to demo some of these games, probably X-Wing and Destiny and KeyForge when it comes out. Are there any tips you have for me or any resources I should look at? While I have introduced some games to my friends I've never done it to several people at a store.
  5. Spartan_Dude

    Differences Between Houses?

    Hey guys and dolls, Do we yet know what the general gameplay differences are between the houses? Or is it just theme and art?
  6. Spartan_Dude

    Artwork -- how do you feel about it?

    For the most part it seems to really good but as always there are a few cards here and there which are pretty bad.
  7. Spartan_Dude

    What's the point in to buy a Core Set?

    4 decks + tokens? Not bad. As everyone else has said if you have tokens to use it's probably not worth it but again you get 4 decks, 2 usual and 2 structured.
  8. Hey guys and dolls. When Luke resolves his shield dice as melee, can these dice also be resolved the same time as resolving other regular shield dice?
  9. Spartan_Dude

    Legacies vs Way of the Force

    Well we've still got plenty of other options for Luke. Luke Skywalker - Rebel Pilot (Blowing up the DeathStar) Luke Skywalker - The Chosen One (Confronting Vader) Luke Skywalker - New Born Baby (End of Episode 3) Luke Skywalker - Not Actually An Orphan (Just got his hand cut off) Luke Skywalker - Way Too Into His Sister (Kissing Leia on Hoth)
  10. Spartan_Dude

    Legacies vs Way of the Force

    Hey guys and dolls, I'm a bit of a casual player and was wondering which set is better to concentrate on, Legacies or Way of the Force. I should say that I have a fairly decent Awakenings - Empire collections as well as all the starters and a copy of Rivals (hopefully getting a second copy soon). I imagine both sets have good and bad cards like always but do either have any major staples that I should go for. PS. I did open two packs from Legacies and managed to pull both Tarkin and Grand Moff.
  11. When the next years sets come in and Awakenings - Empire are no longer in Standard format are older cards just going to be all discontinued? Also will you be keeping out first year collections or sell them as they become illegal in tournaments?
  12. Hey guys and dolls, I've been having some trouble generating resources with Villain decks. With Heroes it's easy, especially with yellow cards. But I struggle to get it going with the bad guys. Any tips? I should probably mention I have most commons and rares from awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion but not later sets.
  13. Spartan_Dude

    Multiple Starters?

    I guess for now I'll just get one of each. Probably look into a second copy of the Luke/Han later.
  14. Spartan_Dude

    Multiple Starters?

    Hey guys and dolls, With the new Starter sets are there any cards unique to them (excluding Han, curse you FFG) that are good enough to warrant a second copy of the sets?
  15. Hey guys and dolls. When exactly can you play conflict cards outside of a conflict?