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  1. Several people have email me requests. Have you received the excel sheet? Any thought on the scenario. By the way, I am attaching the Excel Spreadsheet again in case it works. GOT 7 Scenario.xlsx
  2. Feel free to email me at volbound1700@yahoo.com if you want me to email the excel spreadsheet
  3. Rules for 3-5 players 3 Players: One person takes House Stark One person controls both House Lannister and Greyjoy One person controls House Targaryen and their two allies: Tyrell and Martell Turn order remains the same (it should play like Axis and Allies when players control multiple nations) 4 Players: One person takes House Stark One person takes Lannisters and Greyjoy One person takes Targaryen and Martell One person takes Tyrell 5 Players: One person takes Stark One person takes Lannisters One person takes Greyjoy One person takes Targaryen and Martell One person takes Tyrell Victory conditions stay the same for each faction, however when playing multiple factions, the Targaryen and Lannister victory conditions apply only (i.e. Martell condition is not played for 5 players, they support Targaryen in earning their victory condition. Same is true for Greyjoys when controlled by Lannisters and Tyrel when controlled by Targaryen)
  4. The Dragon or Dragon(s) Unit cannot be build and only one exists. The Unit has a 4 attack and 2 defense. It can move and attack on both water and land but is only allowed to move once per turn similar to other units. The Dragon Unit does not count towards the supply track. The Dragon Unit cannot be used to gain influence in a region unless a ground force is present. However it can gather influence through a raid. Since it does not count towards the supply track, the Dragon Unit can only be killed in battle. Piece will need to be created or substituted to represent this unit. I used a piece from SmallWorld
  5. Instructions: Starting on the second turn, the player is required to draw a card from the Wildling cards. Reaction to Cards If Wilding Victory says Nothing, take no action and move the Wilding Marker Up If Wilding Victory states any action, the player reviews the Wilding Marker and attacks any adjacent areas at a 1+Wilding Marker rate. An example, on the second turn, if the Wilding Attack is drawn and has an action, Castle Black is attacked at 1+the Wilding Marker. Let's assume there is no unit in Castle Black, it is taken. On the following turn, let's assume Wilding Attack is rolled again, this time combat is issued against both Karhold and Winterfell. Each area is attacked at a 1+the Wildings Marker. If Wilding Track reaches 10, it resets. Factions can use Hero cards and bonuses to match the White Walker attacks. Influence points can also be spent by any Faction to give a +1 defense to any region under attack. Defeating the White Walkers Players are allowed to attack lands conquered by the White Walkers. The White Walkers defend at a 1+the Wilding Marker. If anytime after the sixth turn, the White Walkers possess no lands, a player may launch an attack north of the wall. The battle will be handled similar to attack any White Walker land as mentioned on the row above. Should the player win the battle, the White Walkers are defeated and no more Wilding Cards need to be drawned. Piece will need to be created to identify lands conquered by White Walkers. I used a piece from Small World (a coin could work)
  6. Faction Major Victory Minor Victory Allies Targaryen All Factions Submit, Lannisters are wiped out, White Army is defeated All Factions Submit House Martell (Submitted) House Tyrell (Submitted) Lannister All Factions Submit, Targaryen Faction is wiped out, Tyrell Faction is wiped out, White Army is defeated All Factions Submit House Greyjoy (Allied) Stark White Army is defeated and the Starks have not submitted to any player Stark faction survives and White Army is defeated None Greyjoy Targaryen Faction is wiped out, Stark Faction is wiped out, and Greyjoy have not submitted to any player Targayen Faction is wiped out and Lannisters force everyone to submit House Lannister (Allied) Tyrell Lannister Faction is wiped out, Tyrell forces all factions to submit Lannister Faction is wiped out and Targaryen force everyone to submit House Targaryen (Vassal) House Martell (Allied) Martell Lannister Faction is wiped out, Tyrell Faction is wiped out Lannister Faction is wiped out and Targaryen force everyone to submit House Targaryen (Vassal) House Tyrell (Allied) To explain further the diplomatic state, House Tyrell and House Martell start out submitted (bent the knee) to Daenerys and the Targaryen Faction. Whether you want to play with the 10 turn, 7 caste rule is optional. Scenario is intended to run until one of the Major objectives is completed by any of the factions (which might trigger minor victories as well).
  7. Starting Positions Track 1 2 3 4 5 6 Iron Throne Lannister Greyjoy Targaryen Tyrell Martell Stark Fiefdom Targaryen Stark Greyjoy Lannister Tyrell Martell King's Court Targaryen Lannister Tyrell Martell Stark Greyjoy Faction Lannister Targaryen Stark Greyjoy Tyrell Martell Supply 4 3* 2 1 2 1 Note: Targaryen start at a +2 supply but they will lose it after the first turn if the supply track is required to be adjusted under normal game rules
  8. Game of Thrones: Third Edition Season 7 Alternative Setup Original Faction/Character Card New Faction/Character Card Map Setup Baratheon Targayaren Location Forces Robert Drogon Dragonstone 2 Knights, 1 Footman, 1 Fleet, 1 Dragon* Stannis Tyrion Lannister ShipBreaker Bay 1 Fleet Renly Daenerys Davos Varys Salladhor Saan Yara Greyjoy Brienne of Tarth Grey Worm Melisandre Missandei Lannister Lannister (Cersei) Location Forces Tywin Lannister Jaime Lannister King's Landing* 1 Footman, 1 Gar *For this scenario, King's Landing is the Lannister Faction Capital and not Lannisport Jaime Lannister Qyburn Blackwater Bay 1 Fleet Gregor Clegane Same Seaguard 1 Footman Sandor Clegane Bronn Riverrun 1 Footman Kevan Lannister Lord Lefford Lannisport 1 Knight Tyrion Lannister Cersei Lannister Harrenhall 1 Influence Token Cersei Lannister Amory Lorch Stark Stark (Jon Snoe) Location Forces Eddard Jon Snoe Winterfell 1 Footman, 1 Gar Robb Davos Seaworth White Harbor 1 Footman Wyman Manderly Wyman Manderly Castle Black 1 Footman Roose Bolton Arya The Stoney Shore 1 Influence Token Rodrick Cassel Brienne Tarth Greatjon Umber Lyanna Mormont Kathryn Sansa Greyjoy Greyjoy (Euron) Location Forces Euron Same Pyke 1 Footman, 1 Gar Victarion Same Storm's End 1 Footman, 2 Fleets Aeron Greyjoy Same Balon Rodrik Harlow Dagmer Cleftjaw Greyjoy Captain Theon Same Asha Greyjoy Raider Tyrell Tyrell Location Forces Mace Tyrell Willas Tyrell Highgarden 1 Knight, 1 Gar Loras Tyrell Randyll Tarley The Reach 1 Footman Garlan Tyrell Same Old Town Influence Token Randyll Dickon Taryley Paxter Redwine Same Olenna Olenna Margaery Alerie Tyrell Martell Martell Location Forces Note Oberyn Martell Archibald Yronwood SunSpear 1 Footman, 1 Gar Areo Hotah Gerris Drinkwater ShipBreaker Bay 2 Footmen* Located in Targaryen Fleet Arianne Martell Same Yronwood 1 Footman Nymeria Sand Same Obara Sand Same Tyene Sand Same Doran Martell Ellaria Sand Neutral Location Forces The Eyrie Neutral Unit per Standard 6 player game
  9. Andy advice on how to get it to work? I have attached it to the file, I will try copying and pasting each page.
  10. Hmmm worked fine for me when I just tried. I will attach again. GOT 7 Scenario.xlsx
  11. One optional rule that I failed to list in it is this one minor rule change: If you are planning without the Tides of Battle Option is that you could require a player to suffer at least one casualty every time they are defeated. This would make it easier to eliminate a House from the game as required in the objectives.
  12. I have created a scenario that takes place right before the sea battle in Season 7, Episode 2. Here certain factions are faction cards are changed to represent the climate up to this point. (i.e. House Baratheon is now House Targaryen). I had a hard time completing all of the character cards from certain factions so I got some obscure names or in the case of the Greyjoys, even called some of the cards simply "Greyjoy Raider." I cited the removal of any character cards for dead characters. The game starts out with an interesting diplomatic situation that pits House Targaryen, House Martell, and House Tyrell against House Lannister and House Greyjoy (lead by Euron). House Stark is neutral. Several Major rule changes include: 1. New White Walker rule set that replaces the Wildlings. White Walkers can attack and take territory. Several factions have an objective to defeat the White Walkers 2. Dragon Unit for House Targaryen 3. Unique Major and Minor Victory rules for each faction. Rules allow for more than one victors but only one Major victor 4. Unique board setup Please checkout the Excel File and let me know your thoughts. Be sure to read each tab. GOT 7 Scenario.xlsx
  13. I was lucky and got Shards of Throne for retail at a local game store. I forked out $ 170 for the other expansion though.
  14. I am in Nashville, Tennessee. I have base game with both expansions.
  15. Interesting. With mine, the Federation of Sol, Emirates of Hacan, and Barony of Letnev have done well. Federation due to extra CC and starting with XRD. In fact, anyone that starts with XRD Transporters does well. Emirates because of their high resource potentially. Someone won with the Xxcha as well. Most of the time, it really depends on how the systems look around your home world and luck. I think it is balanced enough that you can win with about any of the races.
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