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  1. Never heard of the place before now. I'll have to look i to it. :-) Is it close to the train station?
  2. Thanks. :-) Now that I know the details, I can wait. lol
  3. Hi guys Just starting my X-Wing collection and while browsing, I've noticed ships like the Y-Wing, Tantive IV and Raider are in short supply and going for high prices. Are FFG going to be releasing more, or is there a likely chance that these ships are going to become really hard to get? I don't wanna leap at really high prices, but at the same time, I don't wanna miss out entirely and wish I'd jumped at grabbing these ships while I had the chance.
  4. Essex based. Mostly play in Hockley (Wayland), but have started to venture out to London too.
  5. Excellent. Will keep that in mind as I decide my objectives for my fleet. Although, I've been thinking of tactics for various situations and Superior Positions might not be the best choice when facing them. But good to know there won't be any surprises if or when I use it. :-)
  6. Just looking for confirmation that the Superior Positions objective still works exactly as the card says and hasn't been screwed around with. For some reason, I feel like I bumped into a thread before, that mentioned in passing that squadrons no longer count in the objective and you can only score the points by attacking the rear of a ship with another ship. I'd rather know either way BEFORE I'm at a table, with a smiling player stacking their tokens, as they inform me of another old update that's about to shaft me. ;-)
  7. Imperial player: Make Imperial Star Destroyer your priority. Most powerful ship in the game and good for new players, cause it has really good survivability. Lots of fun using the front arc to make bad things disappear. ;-) Rebel player: Not really in as good a position as others to recommend something in particular, as I haven't played rebels much. Although I am trying to come up with a fun broadside firing fleet to mess about with, so I'll probably be using an MC80 Assault Cruiser (Home One). That'll probably be a fun ship for you to start out with. Especially if one of you has the ISD. :-) Big ships are fun and look awesome on the table. ;-)
  8. Yup, as far as I've seen you can do exactly that. :-) Concentrate fire adds any colour that is already in your attack pool and the black is added beforehand with the Defiance title. :-)
  9. Ok, cool. :-) Might have to add that then. :-)
  10. Thanks for clearing that up. :-) So it has to be a command? A token doesn't count?
  11. Just wondering how the title works exactly, so I don't mess up with it on the table. So, does it need to have a nav command/token to work? Or is it used by purely exhausting the card? I know Engine Techs works through nav commands/tokens, but it seems strange if you have to exhaust the QS card and still operate it the same way. It would make exhausting the card pretty pointless.
  12. Not a case of "I don't want to think". More of one where yes, I have a flotilla and I'm either going to make that big ship of yours a lot more expensive, or I'm going to make you a good bit more worried about shoving that MC30 in my face. Close Range Intel Scan might be viable for my current fleet though. Might make a couple of changes to set up better for it. :-)
  13. See, but that's the problem I have with Most Wanted now. There never seems to be any viable choice over it for my fleets.
  14. So I was playing against someone yesterday and they pointed out a change apparently made awhile back, to the Advanced Gunnery objective. The change that the Gunnery Teams card overules the objective and prevents me from choosing a ship equipped with it. Question is: WHY!? What purpose does that serve!? I could understand if FFG changed it to something like not being allowed to add the ability to a large base ship. But what is the logic in the change they made? I really don't see any purpose in it. If I want an upgrade at the cost of flying with a 7pt card that now serves no purpose, then surely that's on me? It just seems like a completely pointless nerf. So I either need to loadout my ISD in a way that means nobody will ever pick the objective, or just go back to something like Most Wanted.
  15. Only the 4 Defenders are getting the benefit from Sloane, aren't they? If I saw right on the card, she doesn't affect rogues.
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