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  1. So I took Rey with holdo, transport pod, i1 awing, and fireball with cloaking device to space jam. Did fairly well overall but lost faith in the list. But with the new gsp tourneys coming up and merl releasing i tweaked it a little and want to see what you guys think. New Squadron (68) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (9) Rose Tico (8) Amilyn Holdo (9) Finn (2) False Transponder Codes (4) Stealth Device (2) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 102 (26) Colossus Station Mechanic [Fireball] (4) Cloaking Device Points: 30 (32) Merl Cobben [RZ-2 A-wing] (3) Intimidation Points: 35 (27) Vi Moradi [Resistance Transport Pod] (6) Hondo Ohnaka Points: 33 Total points: 200 So i lose the ability to move Rey down to i1 and tank shots with a cloak token, but i am now able to jam with either FTC and/or hondo. And reduce agility with merl. I can also transfer the cloak token from Rey to Merl making him more survivable which is a huge bonus. Just sling Merl up, cloak him and if he survives, which he should a lot more, then you can decloak and get shots and pull his ability off more. I know i didn't post the original list, but if you aren't familiar then just go by the list posted. I know i could take zizi or other ships that are more meta but i want to try to make this work again. Let me know your thoughts on tweaks you would make
  2. Funny seeing this thread bumped, i took Boba/Ketsu to gsp coruscant tourney. Went 3-3, with 2 games decided at last shots and the last game i made a few errors. I feel like there is a lot of potential. Just started practicing it a few days before so could do better i feel New Squadron (86) Boba Fett [Firespray-class Patrol Craft] (3) IG-88D (6) Proximity Mines (4) Cloaking Device (6) Stealth Device (3) Fearless (5) Slave I Points: 113 (67) Ketsu Onyo [Lancer-class Pursuit Craft] (7) Seasoned Navigator (2) Deadman's Switch (3) Fearless (1) Shadow Caster Points: 80 Total points: 193 Don't mind the boba build, i was getting bad greens when practicing so i figured hey why not just roll more lol. Though it did prevent a lot of damage on Boba. Seasoned nav on ketsu is amazing, basically slave 1 on steroids. Super great on 3s and can do a 2 you feel is good, but if it's not the right maneuver do a 2 which is white now. Can end up in the best spot no matter what you dial in as long as you do the right speed. I dont think i will ever fly ketsu without it.
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