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  1. Bumping one time. Just curious to hear others opinions on this. I felt like I played correctly overall though like I said a few mistakes, but don’t see how droids can win right now. maybe with the B2 and tank coming out it would have changed things. But right now I don’t think this objective is balanced
  2. No I understand that it’s suppose to benefit the winner a little. But it’s only the 2nd scenario and the other scenarios don’t seem as bad. A little harder for one side sure, but not bad. I killed Rex round 3, I had to play a little conservative with Grievous due to taking early dmg, but rd 4 I tried to set up the pip one, my opponent played his generic pip one (can’tThink of name right now lol) and won the tie breaker, rolled 6 hits. I suppressed one and dodged one, rolled 4 dice.....all blanks. It is possible it may not be as balanced with the new mechanics and factions, we’ll see how the other scenarios go.
  3. So our play group is mostly inexperienced but have gotten games in. We decided to do a league using the blue metal storyline. now I can usually have ideas on how to win something or tactics to use, but I can’t figure this one out. I am a droid player and I did make mistakes, but I don’t see how I could have won the game, only made it closer. i played against Rex and clone troopers, and I had 3 droideka units to try and suppress/panic units and push, but he was able to just get past that by using fire support. I don’t see me winning that game no matter what I did. He could just mass points from the start easier than I could unless I grouped almost my whole army on my objective marker. Seems like that’s about the only way, especially with white defense dice and not being able to push up Quickly without being mowed down. I feel like red def can push better and make more plays to maybe push them off their objectives, or if I was playing someone who had to lose an action or panic instead of fire supporting, but it felt uneven to me. 2 other players in our group played tonight, droid attacker again and he couldn’t get the pt balance. i did manage to take out a large portion of his army. We ran out of time rd 5 and playing a 6th I may have been able to wipe his army, but still behind on points. is the only way to win is mass your units on your objective and just try to win the attrition war? What am I missing? I am not the only one in our group that feels this way. They give the attacker no bonus or differentiating factor, seems slanted to the defender. He had 6 units scoring pts rd 1 and 2 other units contesting mine and had long range weapons. I looked through the other objectives and it seems more balanced. They had things for the attacker and defender. to:dr version how does a droid player win the blue metal 2a or 2b scenario as attacker. we played 2b
  4. I’m excited to try boba because I never play him, but seems really good in hyperspace now but I am wanting to give 2 m3a’s, specifically genesis red and Laetin a go. Can fly them with dengar, boba, fenn or whatever really. But this list I want to get to the table a few times and try it out New Squadron (44) Tel Trevura [JumpMaster 5000] (6) Ion Cannon (6) Dengar (2) Deadman's Switch (5) Hull Upgrade Points: 63 (31) Genesis Red [M3-A Interceptor] (6) Ion Cannon Points: 37 (45) Manaroo [JumpMaster 5000] (6) Ion Cannon (8) Perceptive Copilot Points: 59 (30) Laetin A'shera [M3-A Interceptor] (3) Autoblasters (7) Snap Shot Points: 40 Total points: 199 double focus with manaroo, lock manaroo with genesis red to give him double focus. Laetin can focus or evade, then if you get snap shot off you either hit the defender or get a evade. Manaroo Passes his 2 focuses or keeps them depending on what you think will be the target. Can fly Laetin aggressively and have multiple mods for opponent to chew through. Trevura punishes people for shooting him with dengar and deadman switch. Then do trevura things and respawn and do it again. good? Perhaps not, but seems fun and janky
  5. Sounds interesting. I have a 2 transport rebel list I’d like to try. Let my opponent focus them down while everything else does damage or heal up the ships they do shoot. Problem is keeping a bunch of ships in range 1 but with 2 transports shouldn’t be too difficult, maneuvering a lil more so
  6. Hera squad (73) Hera Syndulla [VCX-100 Light Freighter] (3) Intimidation Points: 76 (55) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 55 (32) AP-5 [Sheathipede-class Shuttle] Points: 32 (36) Jake Farrell [RZ-1 A-wing] Points: 36 Total points: 199 this list has been fun. Gives Hera the ability to have reinforce plus mods. Wedge can End up double modded as well. Ap5 and Jake are two good support pieces. Definitely not meta but I’ve had fun flying it and it’s been pretty decent
  7. Jed-I2d2 (42) Ric Olié [Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter] (7) Juke Points: 49 (35) R2-D2 [BTL-B Y-wing] (8) C-3PO (3) Clone Commander Cody (7) Snap Shot (5) Ion Cannon Turret Points: 58 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] Points: 42 (45) Padmé Amidala [Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 46 Total points: 195 I played this list tonight, despite horrible dice round 1 I came back for the win. I tried juke on Padme but she's just there for her ability. Cody on R2D2 is good still i think, either hit or strain with snap besides when you blank out. Then on engagement shoot with R2, then arc. If they are still strained at the end of round then they are tied to blue manuevers if they want to get rid of it. I like R2 + cody because you can have a few aethers instead, or Obi/ric/arc, or 2 arcs and whatever 4th ship, a lot of good options.
  8. I'm thinking about something like this Practice squad (68) Lothal Rebel [VCX-100 Light Freighter] Points: 68 (55) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing] (4) R2 Astromech (0) Servomotor S-foils (1) Crack Shot Points: 60 (62) Luke Skywalker [T-65 X-wing] (4) R2 Astromech (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 66 Total points: 194 Not sure how I'd engage. Either bait with Luke first or let them take down Lothal while Luke and Wedge take down ships. Seems fun, though ghost probably won't last too long lol
  9. Ive thought about this but what im really wanting to try out just for laughs is Han and Rey. Ga-97 on Han of course. Can put engine upgrades on both, finn and c3p0 on Rey for coordinating Han if it makes sense and Rey still has calc and force for mods. Still have some pts left over to play with
  10. I flew Tork without the title a few times before the pts change. You guys are making me want to try him out again 😊
  11. I don't think you have to change finn. Just change strain rules to After a strained ship defends, "if it rolled one less defense die from the strain token" it removes 1 strain token Something like that. Seems like a better future proof solution to fix strain rules for the whole game rather than the ship
  12. Oh I didnt realize they changed it. It was relevant to the comment i replied to because he saids its almost like they were designed to work together. Which we thought was true for the ties but they didn't, though i guess now they addressed it.
  13. I think we thought that before on the scum tie but it wasn't the case unless im remembering wrong. I like to double check things too much lol
  14. Are you able to change your manuever and then use Leia? Both are when revealing dial, so I assume you can pick and choose Kaydel and then Leia still triggers at the same step. Just want to be clear on this
  15. •Tallissan Lintra (35) - RZ-2 A-wing (37 pts) Crack Shot (1) Heroic (1) •L’ulo L’ampar (38) - RZ-2 A-wing (40 pts) Crack Shot (1) Heroic (1) •Vennie (62) - MG-100 StarFortress (121 pts) Trajectory Simulator (10) Perceptive Copilot (8) Stealth Device (4) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) Pattern Analyzer (5) •Finn (10) •Rey (14) Ive been having a lot of fun with this list. Won some games besides the times i have flown my a wings horribly and left no turret arcs on an enemy ace. And i forgot some triggers in the first game or two It is extra tanky with stealth device. It's really a 3+ agility ship in disguise and if you roll bad you still have Rey to help. I need to get better with tali, i never get her ability off. The good thing is if you don't roll bad on defense a lot of times you have Rey and a focus for attack. No double attack but as tanky as you are you should get plenty of shots off the duration of the game.
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