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  1. Gokuja04

    The S/F Swarm

    Yea you are probably right. With hux though you don't have to dial a blue manuever in on the sf's if you know a 3 bank or something is better. You already have the focus. Though getting 2 actions is preferable I wish Hux only stressed the upsilon. Id be ok making him cost more if it meant the ships being coordinated don't get stressed
  2. Gokuja04

    The S/F Swarm

    Anyone think this could be viable? TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 41 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (34) Proton Rockets (7) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 41 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (34) Proton Rockets (7) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 41 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (34) Proton Rockets (7) Upsilon-class Shuttle - •Petty Officer Thanisson - 75 •Petty Officer Thanisson - Alert Flight Controller (60) •General Hux (10) •Captain Phasma (5) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I think as long as you control range and get into range 1-2 for those proton rockets you could take a ship off the board early. Use hux on the zetas for focus/evade or whatever you choose. Then have the upsilon help control the rest by giving out stress from phasma. Probably not meta but looks fun
  3. No he's the most experienced locally and like i said pretty knowledgeable. I was just 2nd guessing him on this one. He'd be the first to say he's not always correct lol. No biggie
  4. I am asking for the purpose of Vader. He can roll a character die back in that was removed. But if you play a card that says resolve an opponents die as if it were your own can Vader still roll it back in? I asked someone local thats pretty knowledgeable and he thought that it would be the same as removing. But to me thats like saying rerolling a die is the same as turning a die. I just wanted to see what everyone here thinks
  5. Gokuja04

    Corran and console fire

    Thanks for the responses. I agree that Corran would not roll as part of the bonus attack but when we were discussing it we weren't 100% sure
  6. What the rule on Corrans 2nd bonus shot at initiative 0? Rules reference say each ship only engages once, but also say each ship may perform one attack during the engagement phase. Corrans ability clearly happens within the engagement phase but is treated as a bonus attack which normally happens right after a ships first attack and the ship does not engage a 2nd time for the bonus shot. Corrans just seems to be an extended bonus shot. After discussing with my xwing group that leads us to assume that you do not roll for console fire on Corrans bonus shot. Thoughts?
  7. Gokuja04

    Alpha title and static charge

    Its showing up for me now. Im on android. It wasnt showing up when i made the post though.
  8. So on the app the xg-1 does not add a cannon slot still. And static charge is missing a word which changes the interpretation of the card. The actual card says to transfer THAT ion or jam token. The app just says transfer an ion or jam which implies you may choose which one that ship receives even if its different than what your ship recieved.
  9. Did not realize this card only sa oh...i d choose 2 dice and not up to 2 dice. That is a little risky one one evade and a blank. But its very good for 2 evades. Its still a nice card to have bc your opponent is likely to get 2 evades eventually. But i get what you mean
  10. Sounds like that would be correct. If it says each ship engages and may shoot. So a ships turn is its engagement. Might be wrong but sounds right
  11. Gokuja04

    Been gone a year...wth happened?!?

    2.0 is suppose to fix a lot of ships and pilots to make more stuff competitive. And also fix some things that were getting a little out of hand in 1.0 The point of the app and not having point costs on cards is so they can change point costs if needed. They can use pt cost to fix something if it's op or needs a point decrease.
  12. Gokuja04

    1.0 Rules As Written Tourney

    I won a sc saturday with qd, vessery, and deathfire. Almost screwed up the win by forgetting harpoons on deathfire late game. I shot with primary weapon instead. But luckily i won. Definitely recommend a squad with deathfire. He gets ignored a lot if you have a list with other target priorities. And with mines and ex mun that's usually a mistake to leave him alone
  13. Gokuja04

    (1e) Bring out your Jank! Store Champs Finale

    Ive considered wulf and rage does make sense here. I just dont like only 3-4 dice when you are taking a damage on yourself which is why i was trying swarm leader. 2nd build i would worry about Wulfs durability and having no mods for attack. Thats why i love it on Rey/finn. Modded attack and you can focus or evade for defense to mitigate some damage. I dont know if i will be able to get a game in before our last sc this weekend. If so ill try a build out and let you know how it goes
  14. Gokuja04

    (1e) Bring out your Jank! Store Champs Finale

    Im really trying to make saw crew work. Tried him with Rey and while i like the combo 3-4 hits doesnt cut it on some lists since your taking a damage to deal the crits. I flew against defenders and other 3 agi ships that i couldn't punch any damage through. So im thinking about taking swarm leader and making it extra janky. Problem is is that Rey and other falcon pilots don't leave room for that much else. Can use intensity zealots but not sure how great that would be. Nuking someone with 6-7 dice with a bunch of crits sounds too awesome to pass up before 2.0