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  1. Not sure yet. Just started building characters this week in down time. Right now I have a Soresu Defender. I still have at least 4 more characters to build.
  2. The character sheet I'm using does show their morality on it. So, my players would see it. A thing to remember for this, is that I'm running a game in a convention style. Which means I have to provide all the characters as pre-generated by me, the GM. So having that morality score is more of a clue to each individual player that there is something kind of "off" with their character. I'm also providing background info for them to explain why they are sitting where they are on the morality scale. However, these are players who are used to looking for a numerical representation via Dark Side Points in Star Wars D20 Revised to know if they have certain tendencies. For now, I've planned to slide them down on the scale a bit, to make my point about their backgrounds, and go from there. These characters, by virtue of their shared background, are running at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to morality. I liked the idea of the caps and I may use that as well.
  3. I really like this! It fits with what I'm trying to do in this campaign. The main reason I wanted to be able to mark that these characters are below 50 is because my players are used to playing SWD20 Revised. So they're used to looking at Dark Side points to see how they should approach situations. So I wanted something to trigger that response without affecting game mechanics too much.
  4. Ok, that helps. I'm actually the GM, so I'm good with it (I'm running a game for my guild and we use pre-generated characters for the tables to make it easier for people to try new to them games). The idea is to have a group of Jedi who were removed from the Temple around their Initiate Trials because "something" had tainted them and they'd shown too much potentiality to go dark. This picks up a few years later, so they would've had some time (& guidance) to get back towards the light, but I want the inclination to be there, just not full blown Dark Side user. This helps, thank you!
  5. I understand what the book says about starting morality being 50 unless you take the choice to change it by 21 points. My question is simply, are the only options for starting morality 29, 50, or 71? I recognize that choosing to take the +/- 21 puts the character beyond the threshold for Dark or Light Side. I need my character just slightly tainted to start. Is there no option to put the PC at say 35 or 40? Thanks all!
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