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  1. Ship choices are pretty limited to the same old same old, even with 1-10 points to play with it'll be more upgrades than ship changes. If some of the upgrade cards come down we might see some more creative play. We might be able to squeeze some 5 ship lists in? Jess, Bastian, Red Sqd, Rose, Kaz...
  2. For me composure was exploitable on very few ships and spread over factions, and their is a very thin line between an exploit and creative use of an upgrade. It wasn't game breaking and in the case for Snap, it took some skill to pull off when you broke off from your formation. I spent more time having snap hug rocks or flying in close to enemies to get it to trigger. Moreover I enjoyed flying him, now he's a mediocre I4. I think its a shame when you can't have a little creative play with the upgrades, opening up some list options. Since the ruling I haven't seen snap see play, which is just a pitty. I can see it from your point of view tho, which is why I'm not crying over it. Just gotta try something new.
  3. Yeah I've been thinking Poe needs to be about 62-64 for a while. Probably agree with 62, I thinking a strong case can be made either way that he is better or worse than Luke. So 62 seems good, 7 points more than Wedge also seems reasonable, because he certainly isn't 13 points more ship. Ferro Paint 1-2 points, its a very subjective ability. You may field it against CIS swarm and it not trigger once or have it against E-wings or Tie Advanced it with activating alot. Even for the latter it is more of a hindrance than anything else. Primed Thrusters have been priced out of Resistance because they're too good on FO. You need to make them high but still within reach, 6-7 points across the board. Sync Targeting computer... it's not being used but that's mainly because torps bloat the T-70's to much. Resistance hasn't really leaned into an Alpha strike list at all, that might change when the Resistance Y-wing hits tho and this tech might be great on them. Maybe bring Lu'lo back down to 41 and Zizi up to 41. Starfortress.. generics at 47-50, honestly I don't see 4 of them being that competitive. 3 of them with VTG, and bombs has more firepower and it's not a thing. Sure 48HP is a lot of HP for your opponent to wade through but without reinforce it doesn't take that long. Plus with it being mostly hull, criticals stack up quickly. FFG can at least try it and if its oppressive they can revert it. Apart from that I pretty much agree with Kira's assessment.
  4. Essentially it's currently the Jack of all, master of none. With no inherent advantages but at the same time no exploitable weaknesses. Resistance is that faction if you don't make any mistakes you can usually win the game, but make one and you can't recover from it, which is a hard place to play from. If Resistance was the faction that used its opponents strength against them,as you say, fall on thier own sword, then that would be a good place to be. It should be the countering faction. It's already leaning that way. Eg. Ferrosphere paint price correctly is a deterrent from alpha strikes and action economical aces. Korr Sella is countering stress stacking shenanigans. Herioc is countering variance. A few more abilities that nullify the strengths of the opposing factions would be the direction I'd take it. The Resistance would be living up to its name. Something like a Luke crew that could have an ability to "counterspell" force use. "If an enemy ship spends a force token, you make spend a force to nullify its effect." Becomes a real headache for a Republic list for example.
  5. If I place any Cannon on the T-70 it tends to be auto-blasters. Especially a good consideration for Nien and Ello. I played with Tactorbeam when I was running my XXXx list. Having Snap take the first shot at it but as GreenDragoon points out, the numbers are about the same and that's if you manage to hit with it, if you don't your in a worse place. Can't say if this would be a better addition on Cova? Maybe be on the turns your you aren't doing red maneuvers. Is there a good cannon for T-70? Has anyone actually chosen to use a Jamming beam in any situation? I've had one experience using it to strip a token stacker which actually swung a game for me, it was a hail mary. It's overlooked possibly with ships with Reinforce. If we look at GreenDragoon's example Poe with 3x t-70 with focus, against a 1 die Reinforced target. If they all shoot your looking at 4.7 hits. If Poe Jams and the rest attack your looking at 5.6. HLC is only good for the Ace's, but gets into the points bloat territory in my mind. Ion Cannon better across the board initiatives. Yet it's the same issue as HLC, for 5-6 points that's Herioc and PA.
  6. Yes that's how it seemed to me when I came up with it. Faction identity is flakey at the moment. Imps are Aces, Rebels are beef and synergy, Scum are shenanigans, Republic are force users, Seperatist are swarms. First order and Resistance aren't clearly defined? If Resistance became adaptive Alternate Firing Arcs. I think it would be a nice design space to fill. The extra time on target might pull the faction up that small notch.
  7. Some great points in this thread, just got me thinking about ways to improve the faction. The RZ-2 is a great ship but lacks the ability to punch up. 5A's is probably the most competitive list we had and is often described as death by a thousand cuts. The A-wing suffer against factions with agility 3 with mods and force, common end game pieces you can't put in a dent into 1v1. Starfortress's with reinforce is a good start, but one of the other the other staples early on was Veteran turret gunner. Problem has been during the last few points changes the Starfortress's have gone down in price exactly the same amount as VTG has gone up, it's still a hefty points investment to get some extra shots out of a ship that currently burns down too quickly. However VTG is clearly too powerful and is correctly priced for other factions. Possible solution - Perhaps a Resistance tech upgrade that would allow a turret double tap? Automated Targeting -Tech- After you attack with a primary weapon, if that attack did not hit you may make a bonus attack with a turret weapon. Transports don't have a clear cannon they can use, they have be hiked up in price since the new B-wing S-foils and even before that I was debating if they were worth investing in. T-70's are paying a tax on flexible hard point without great options. Torpedo's are to high for chassis points, missiles and Cannon's aren't an improvement over the primary weapon. Possible solution - A new cannon that would work on both and be Resistance only. Plasma Cannon -Cannon- Range 2-3, Front Arc. 2 Dice attack, when attacking you may change Crit's to 2 hits. (Bit of a gamble Cannon for T-70's and probably an improvement for the transports. Works within the golden zone for Heroic, or if you want to insure some hits you can take Marksmenship. ) Alternatively Rear facing Cannon -Cannon- Range 1-2, Rear Arc, 2 Dice attack. If you are in the defenders forward Arc gain 1 focus result. You can otherwise modify this dice. (Interesting design space, giving the T-70 an option for a rear arc pushes it closer to fill in a void for something like the ARC-170. Transports don't have a quick turn around so having that rear arc means more time on target. Overall giving the T-70- A-wing and Transport more time on target might make a 5A list move to something more mixed.)
  8. Not really lacking large base ships, already have the Falcon and the StarFortrees. No Medium basis however, Medium base support ship in the realm of a U-wing is something the faction can play with. Cannon's and a turret??? Hmmm
  9. See this is where I'm at in the current meta. The generics are worth the point investment but I can't see it in the aces because the abilities and initiative don't hold the weight of the point investment. A focused Heroic Poe or Nien is no more durable than a Focused Heroic Red Sqd pilot. I might be able arc dodge another generic list but they won't out ace and ace list, even with a bid, they'll get burnt down fast by a Vader, Soontir or Fenn. So what is needed to make them more viable or be sure of the investment?
  10. Absolutely fair point 😂
  11. **** it was something I saw a long while ago I can't really point you to the thread. Although the last time I did this, the guy I was playing against had seen the same thread and agreed it was legal. Essentially fleeing the battle field it stated as such. "The play area is the defined area on a flat surface on which the ships are placed. After executing a maneuver, if any part of a ship’s base is outside the play area, that ship has fled." Executing a maneuver is stated as such "A ship can execute a maneuver by resolving the following steps in order: 1. Maneuver Ship: During this step, the ship moves using the matching template. a. Take the template that matches the maneuver from the supply. b. Set the template between the ship’s front guides (so that it is flush against the base). c. Pick up and place the ship at the opposite end of the template and slide the rear guides of the ship into the template. d. Return the template to the supply. 2. Check Difficulty: During this step, if the maneuver is red, the ship gains one stress token; if the maneuver is blue, the ship removes one stress token." As Pattern Analyser is in between step 1 and step 2 of executing a maneuver you can leave the board and jump back on with a boost or barrel roll. As long at you are not off the board after the PA action your fine. Happy to debate it but maybe we should move it to a new thread.
  12. With all respect I think if you're being that predictable you might be using him wrong, although my general feeling is some people get on with him and some don't, same with Poe ( I certainly don't get on with Poe). His T and K rolls are usually the expected maneuvers for sure, but if they can't block it then I can usually position him somewhere advantageous regardless if they know about it or not . If they can block it then they likely will do. So I just dial in a 1 or a 2 and come in at a odd angle to use the Focus- BR to arc dodge instead. Then lets not forget some of the other tricks you can play with him. The double T-roll is pretty sweet but a T-roll or 4k off the board and back on with PA Boost, yet again to focus-BR has surprised a few folks. (legal but even I have to admit a bit jammy). Also if you have coordinating support ship you can use it to boost him so he can come at them at a new angle, opens up a lot more options. Lastly if you use the Holdo Cloak token trick and give him the cloak token, its pretty darn good at getting him into range to do his thing.
  13. Yes the lack of decent I6's hurts the faction as well. Han's ability is a casual gimmick and not good for competitive meta. Legitimately you have 2 pilots in the Falcon, Chewie and Han, with no active abilities for the majority of the game. Which is compounded with the problem we've already identified, expensive crew. Additionally you have an expensive gunner (Finn) that is only useful on Rey! Maybe a Han title card for the Falcon could help fix that; tho hopefully we'll be seeing a Poe and Lando version soon enough that might actually have abilities that keep the Falcon on the table. As for Poe I personally think he's way over priced. Again if the upgrades were cheaper to make him work he might be on par with the Vader or Fenn. But as it stands his ability, as you identified, limits him to blue maneuvers and the T-70 simply doesn't have the dial to make that work. This isn't Tycho in an A-wing. Instead he has to Hamstring himself every turn to get a small amount of action economy. Compared to passive sensor Vader who is 70 points and can do crazy action economy with little downside?? If Poe still had his V1 ability it would be much better imo. I'm hoping they do another version of him for the aces pack or a title card "Orange One" that helps him shed that stress, both would be nice. I often ignore Poe entirely when list building. For 68 points you can have a pretty fat Nien instead. He is far more versatile and the closest thing to an arc dodging ace the T-70 has if you employ him correctly. You should see the face on people when you T-Roll, Focus link BR, Black one Slam, T-Roll again Target Lock. Priceless.
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