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  1. Finn with Heroic alone isn't going to hold up very long tbh. You could drop Poe for a pattern Analysed Nien and get PerCo back on Finn. You then get a I5 closer and better balanced Finn.
  2. So apparently I’m hearing that Gencon ruled Finn must keep the strain after defending. Which is apparently a precursor to an incoming rule change that will be that strains are removed after green dice are rolled. So this list might be short lived, Finn isn’t worth this investment if he gonna be taken out that quickly.
  3. So took the advanced optics version to a small store tourney today and won with it! First match was a Soontir, Vader and Duchess build. Was a low scoring game. Managed to take Duchess off the board and only took half points on Jess. 2nd game was a Quad U-wing list which I straight out jousted and the odds went in my favour. Took your advice and avoided the block that came after. After which I split my pack and dodge arcs while stripping the list down slowly. 3rd game was a Soontir, Sao and Admiral Chiranaue. Maintained my pack for 2 rounds but when it was clear he wasn’t going to joust I broke formation and got behind them. Was a close game, was anyone’s until I popped Soontir. He went head on with Finn. Finn weathered it and got a hit through back at him. Which triggered a double mod shot with Bastian.
  4. I've got a friendly store tournament on Sunday, having not played enough with my other lists I'm gonna take the Finn + PerCo + PatA version and see how I do. Played enough with the XXXx list to know how to run it and I know not everyone there has played with Finn yet.
  5. Tyhar7

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Anyone care to speculate what "Hotshots" the resistance may gain in the card packs and on what platforms? I'd at least and Ep 9 Lando in the Falcon to appear, maybe some new T-70's.
  6. Course... That's what you get for looking at posts when you first get up.
  7. Ah sorry I thought you were advocating for Finn + Heroic + PerCo + Adv Optics + pattern A. A Finn + Heroic + 3PO + PatA would come in at 41.
  8. Feels like a 47 point Finn is prob too much investment.
  9. Even if they are, they might still bet the odds that the 4 HP ship will go down first. He’s good bait.
  10. Even if he's not performing in a offensive potential, if most unaware players may take him as easy points, he can absorb maybe 1 or 2 round of fire. That's more than enough time for the 3 X-wings to put enough hurt on to most list to stay ahead. I'm gonna have to put this on the table soon but I'm playing around with a 3 pod + Nein and L'ulo list. Plus quite honestly the XXXx list was all I was playing before UK open and used it there as well, little jousted out. Hope it goes well for you tho.
  11. My usual mistake is taking the risky move rather than the safe one. Sometimes they pay off and win me the game, most of the time they don’t and they cost me it.
  12. That’s why I went with the Finn + Heroic + 3PO version and gave Jess M9G8. Jess is good to lock Finn in the first round, allowing you to add the additional blank and mod or re-roll a rolled blank and add the focus result. This also screws with target priority for the opponent as Jess becomes more of a problem, I find many smart opponents leaves her till the late game. If they do, you now have M9-G8 to help fuddle dice defensively, this is also true if Finn is taken out early game. Additionally have the coordinate to dynamically alter vectors on the T-70’s gives you a lot more options and gives your opponent a headache to have to think about them.
  13. Bastian and Jess up front with Bastian on the inside line. Snap behind Jess onset on the outside line. Bastian is then free to block if needed and Jess is in-between the two usually. I normally manoeuvre Snap one speed slower on the first move so have space for the engagement round incase I have to slow up the front or they are blocked.
  14. Big deal Resistance (54) Temmin Wexley [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Composure Points: 55 (51) Jessika Pava [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (7) M9-G8 Points: 58 (48) Lieutenant Bastian [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (2) Autoblasters Points: 50 (29) Finn [Resistance Transport Pod] (6) C-3PO (1) Heroic Points: 36 Total points: 199 I was actually going to go with this list and use M9-G8 on Jess to target Finn.
  15. So I quite quickly adapted my original list to use Finn + heroic + c3po but I haven’t put it on the table yet. Feel like having the coordinate helps keep the X-wing unpredictable. Gonna have to give it a try soon.
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