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  1. I actually ended up fixing it by manually creating the SWCharGen folder in the Users/Name/Appdata/Roaming folder... I eventually got it to display an error (somehow, I was staggering through all this with little energy late at night). But the folder fixed the issue completely.
  2. Hey Oggdude, (Or anyone else who's had this problem and knows what's going on) So, first off - amazing app. I spent a TON of time doing data entry moving my books onto the program and it had been working great. Unfortunately, the version of the app I'm running is like 1.7? So I'm way back. When I tried updating, the program doesn't work. It won't even load. Loading symbol appears next to mouse for a second, disappears, and nothing. It's not even running in the App Manager. I've tried: - Opening the Launcher, the CharGen directly, the DataManager directly. Nothing. - Running as Administrator. Nothing. - Backing up what I have, deleting everything, downloading the newest version, installing - Same problem. - Using the web installer to install (after deleting other attempts). Same problem. - Uninstalling everything, double-checking .NET Framework installed. Same problem. - Uninstalling everything, crying into the heavens, shaking a fist at the Gods. Just some wind and thunder. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but it doesn't make sense for the old version to work fine (albeit lacking all of the updated files), and the new one to do nothing at all. :/ Let me know if you can help, I love using your program and have used it to help the table find references quickly as well as update characters etc. Thanks in advance either way this goes, I appreciate your hard work. Update: Fixed it! I dug around some more in the forums and saw that some people were having somewhat similar issues due to the SWCharGen folder not being generated in the Users/(Name)/Appdata/Roaming folder. Creating the folder fixed the problem. O_o So if you get that issue, try that first - don't be like me! lol
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