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  1. You sir are a legend! Thanks for the speedy responses!
  2. Thanks, this was the point I made. Do we know if there's an official or developer ruling to this effect? I think some of my opponents are still going to argue this until they see it written in black and white.
  3. Hi guys! I have searched for this as I'm sure this must have come up, but I can't seem to find any of the discussions. What happens if Illustrious Plagiarist (or I guess cards like Togashi Yokuni) trigger their action to gain the ability of another card and are then, before they use the gained ability, get Cloud The Mind attached to them? Does the fact that their text box is now blank mean they cannot use the gained actions, as nowhere on the original abilities does it say that they gain the text of the action they are copying. I can see it either way, but I and my brother could not agree in our game last night and some wisdom would be appreciated!
  4. I've never been that sold on Rout and Outwit; sending characters home unbowed just leaves them more characters to hit me with on their next challenge or defend my counter attack. I'd rather weaken them with for shames and court games (which are free to play unlike the other 2) and weather the storm so I can hit them back harder in my next challenge. That said, with Haughty Magistrate now being a thing, I think they are more important than they have been.
  5. I agree. I think it's only worth doing if you are trying to create a dishonour deck, as for me there is no better stronghold card for scorpion than secret cache. Having said that it's a solid card and the only way to find out if it's worth doing is to try it!
  6. What about cards like Charge and Ambush? Can they be used on characters in the Back Alley? I'd assume not based on the quote below, but it doesn't say who's ruling this is: Unique characters attached to Back-Alley Hideaway cannot be discarded as duplicates to place fate on other copies in play. The "as if it were in this province" line only affects how the Action ability on Back-Alley Hideaway functions, not how attached facedown cards function in general. Card
  7. I'm a scorpion player, and from a personal view I do not agree with the decision made though I completely support and admire the reasons why the decision was made. I don't think back handed compliment will break the game, and I really wanted the extra 3 influence afforded by a keeper role, but frankly the bravery required to make such a bold and it seems unpopular choice to do something you feel will benefit all players of the game makes me proud to be scorpion
  8. Interesting. Do you bother with your political challenge then or do you just pass and only challenge once per turn? yujufrazer I sympathise with you as I played my Scorpian deck against my brother's unicorn twice last night and he echoes your same sentiments. He felt that I had an answer to every trick and ploy he made while he had no answer to mine. He took it with good grace but really didn't have much fun, I mean at the end of the 2nd game he had about a dozen cards in hand to my 6 while we battled over his stronghold and not one of them helped him. He played unicorn as a challenge as he knew they were struggling, his main clan is phoenix. He has had some success against other clans and says the deck is fun, but I think his losses outnumber his wins and finds Scorpian in particular to be devastating to play against. They have a lot of move actions, but agree that they can't make much use of them at the moment. I think they're deck is going to struggle until the cardpool expands. Hopefully by Christmas when the imperial cycle is released we'll see them with with a lot more options.
  9. That's a good point, hadn't considered that and it would make more thematic sense!
  10. I wondered that and believe this is the case. I think the unicorn cards are not designed to bypass defenders as in old5r but to instead move to attack a weaker or stronger province that you can break after buffing and debuting had occured from player actions.
  11. Wondering a bit off topic here peeps. Congratulations to the Mantis, hopefully this means that you'll be a playable Faction in the future!
  12. Yes. Without the rules reference to hand I cannot give the exact quote but after each conflict you return to step 3.1 (I think) which is the action window.
  13. Shout out to Eclectic Games! There an awesome FLGS run by 2 hardworking gamers, I'm not local so don't want to take spaces away from others who will be regularly contribute to the scene but will see if me and my mates can pop down on the day to support!
  14. Hi guys, If a character with pacifism declares a political challenge and the province ends up being rally to the cause, switching it to military, what happens?
  15. I don't think the game sounds that much like Rising sun, to be fair, looking forward to learning more about the rules and how it plays.
  16. I got a risk vibe when I read it but I think there'll be much more to it than that. My concern now is it sounds like it might be a little overcomplicated, so looking forward to seeing more, and hopefully a review!
  17. That could work. Alternatively you could copy directly from aGoT: have 6 role cards (Imperial advisor, shogun, etc) each one determines the number of cards your draw and the amount of honour you gain/loss, and in turn order you choose the role you want.
  18. Who needs evidence when they are just going to loudly state their opinion as fact? I loved the Spider Clan, it has been my clan since I started playing 5 years ago. Yes, that means I was not playing before the Spider Clan existed, but that makes my opinion no less valid. I did not love them because they could field big hell monsters or because I thought they were A-holes or because I was getting off on some power fantasy. I played Spider because I identify more with the anti-hero's and outsiders, and loved the fact that the villain of a game had been turned into one of the heroes of the setting. I can't think of any other game that has happened in and wanted to be part of that journey. Obviously that is not how it turned out, but I've still enjoyed every minute of playing them, they're still my clan. Other players will love the Spider Clan for other reasons. Others will not like it, preferring the faction when it was Shadowlands. Others still will like both sides of the Spider, and others won't like either. The only valid point you just made is that no-one could agree on what the Spider Clan was.
  19. Yes, definitely the Dragon Mon. Assuming this is an official poster then it's great finally have some news! Shame about the Mantis and Spider but I have no doubt they will appear eventually.
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