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  1. Hopefully not Scorpion ? 😛 Jokes aside ( it was a joke, I swear ^^), that is indeed the correct stance to wait & see. It would be crazy strong if it was released now but could really be strong or even just good later on. I found the card flavorful at least, they did a good job with that ^^
  2. MrMenthe


    Well if you don't really care about the game's longevity sure ^^
  3. MrMenthe

    Tadaka Feelings

    If the cardpool was big enough to give to all clans the ability to adjust like that while having some success overall, you would have a point. But Tadaka was released way too soon for that. ^^'
  4. You can't ACTIVELY play around it (ie turn them off). Either they have one that they have enough terrain to play or they don't. Playing card that are uncounterable or makes others cards uncounterable isn't really playing around cancels, it's more like building around. I like MtG a lot, I just cited it as an example saying : there are ways to deal with the presents cancels without taking deckbuilding into account. It could be worse.
  5. Cancels in L5R, unlike games like MtG, can be actively played around. Playing against crane ? Go for fire rings and honor your board. Playing against scorp ? Dishonor or get rid of their courtier. Playing against potential Censure ? Fight for the favor. Or you can do it like every MtG players ever : bait the cancels. I don't see the appeal for a game without cancels. But I don't enjoy games where the first player to get his combo out wins.
  6. MrMenthe

    Tadaka Feelings

    I've been training the crane vs Phoenix Match up a lot recently. I've found out that if I can't Noble sac him the turn he's played (or fwtd into nsac or void ring) I just loose (or the Ph player ****** up badly). Even then that means I can't use noble sac/fwtd on phoenix's other guys before that point which in itself makes the early game more difficult. Right now I think playing and protecting it (which isn't that difficult since he's really good at protecting itself) is a win condition against current Crane popular decks.
  7. More likely they will offer decks that were relevant in a passed meta.
  8. MrMenthe

    Scorpion Meta

    Stewie is really amazing against Scorpions (Harrier less so tho) but the real key in the match up is our Mil low drop : with little to no work they threaten the break, forcing the scorpion to spend a card to save his province since most of his Dynasty Character don't have good MIL stats. Usually they just spend a lot more resources than the crane player or give up the break. Cautious Scout is super strong in that regard. That's how I go about the match up and it served me well so far.
  9. MrMenthe

    How to Counter Kanjo District?

    Yeah, it's one of the top oppressive card right now. Games are won because it shows up T2. While there are ways around it, they're way less easy to use/play than Kanjo itself.
  10. MrMenthe

    Do I need more than 1 core set?

    Yeah. If you want to invest in the game getting a second core set is mandatory. A third is probably the best next move.
  11. I don't think it's strange at all. Scorpions players have all the tools they want and take their opponent in the mud with them. When their opponent is at 10 honors, the stronghold read : "take 1/10th of its honor". When he's at 3, it's 1/3rd of its honor". The lower both player are honor wise, the stronger the stronghold becomes. It's really scary how strong the scorp pool is. x)
  12. Such as ? The only duel action that let the opponent choose the defender is Kaezin... Enough said. :'(
  13. MrMenthe

    “Broken” cards

    I think people don't complain about attachment the way they complain about PD is because they probably feel helpless when their opponent plays it. The ways to play around that card aren't as obvious as "did I draw a Let Go / Calling in Favor ?" To me Kitsuki Investigator is way more busted than PD. But since it's a Dynasty card people don't see it everywhere... But if it where Neutral, it would be. x)
  14. MrMenthe

    Competitive Vs Fun

    I don't understand this position... One can only determine what's fun for oneself. I get my fun by doing exactly what you just described. If this game wouldn't let me do it in a meaningful way I would have just stopped playing. I'm happy it does.
  15. 1. It's super crunchy, I'm afraid. If you don't know which cards you have to play around, you're gonna loose hard against someone who does. 2. One Core isn't really enough. It's really a demo. 2 Core could give you a 'ok' Boardgame experience tho. 3. It's ok to learn while you play but this game has got some bizarre or narrow rules interactions and you'll need to read the Rule Reference Online. Honestly this game is really similar to ANR, complexity wise. So if it didn't clicked with your friends this one isn't likely to click either. ^^'