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  1. I would buy it only if it's Crane !
  2. I don't need to. Crane has always been and will always be the greatest of the great clans.
  3. And here in Europe, stores have received official mail stating that not respecting the official model of prizing distribution will be punished (no future kits)... >.>
  4. In France the price is 52 € without taxe (63~ish with taxes). So 5,25 € per player. Or so I heard.
  5. That's how people who participated in the honored London event described it to me. I don't think ffg made an official announcement tho.
  6. Full win = 5 points. Modified win = 3 points. You get a full win if you win the game by stronghold/dishonor/honor. If nobody won when time is called there is two possibilities : 1) the draw phase isn't over yet : you count your tiebreaker points (see below). If a player has 5 more points than his opponent, he get a full win. If not finish the round. 2) you're already past the draw phase : finish the round. At the end of the round, count the tiebreaker points. If a player has 5 more points, he's got a full win. If not, whoever got the most points got a modified win. Tiebreaker points : + 2 points / opponent's broken provinces. +2 points if most honor. +1 point if favour.
  7. I don't understand the feeling about banzai but I can accept that some people don't like it. I'm sad to see it go since it's a part of my life for so long. The new one isn't that great once you translate it in French (in my opinion) and, being Belgian, it's not very intuitive to decide how I should go in my events : using French even tho it's not the native language of some players (Belgium has 3 official langages). I could use the English version but I'm not comfortable enough with the language to articulate well enough and shout at the same time. Plus not everyone here actually speaks English... The cool part about the banzai chant was that everyone around the world used the same one. Now my chant will not be the same as the player 300 km away from me. :-/ I don't argue the change. It is what it is. But they should have considered more carefully how they wanted to replace it. :-/
  8. That is actually sad. But it's not the kit per se that is bad and more how much kits your store was able to get. Mine got at least 3 so we will be able to get enough for our 30~ish players. I feel you man, that's a bummer.
  9. Legends say that he's still wandering the land... Hoping to find someone willing to use his skills.
  10. After playing some games I feel confident saying that... We need "courtier" on Hotaru !!! For real this is so frustrating. It's not even about balance it's just that every game I try to play for shame or outwit and get kicked in the nuts by ffg. T-T
  11. Yeah. I like the game, a lot. But there isn't room for anymore token xD
  12. Not saying that I agree with one or another here but I think that what kerenRhys was saying is that christians took some religious event from some pagan religions and made it about the birth of Christ. His case was that celebrating Christmas would be akin to celebrate cultural appropriation. Again not saying he's right or wrong. I just wanted to clarify what I think his point is.
  13. I was really lucky with my opponents being mostly European. I had to play against one American and 11:30 pm on a weekday wasn't ideal indeed (he was a nice guy tho ). I would gladly participate in a European timezone friendly league.
  14. This cultural appropriation issue is really strange for me (I'm european). There isn't such thing as "western culture" there are "western cultureS" that share some aspects (should I say mostly Greek ones ? :p). "White culture" / "black culture" / "Asian culture" are oversimplifications that do little to help understand the world. Greeks and Germans don't have the same culture. They also don't have the same culture than White Americans. Tutsis and zulus don't have the same culture and they don't have the same culture than African American. Etc Should the Greeks be upset that the culture of their ancestors (or at least some) is now "Western Culture" ? Do they own it for starter ? If so maybe they should ask to be paid royalties, I hear they could need the money.
  15. Indeed. When you're ugly enough to have to hide behind a mask, it's often the mirror that scares you the most.