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  1. I don't think it's strange at all. Scorpions players have all the tools they want and take their opponent in the mud with them. When their opponent is at 10 honors, the stronghold read : "take 1/10th of its honor". When he's at 3, it's 1/3rd of its honor". The lower both player are honor wise, the stronger the stronghold becomes. It's really scary how strong the scorp pool is. x)
  2. Such as ? The only duel action that let the opponent choose the defender is Kaezin... Enough said. :'(
  3. “Broken” cards

    I think people don't complain about attachment the way they complain about PD is because they probably feel helpless when their opponent plays it. The ways to play around that card aren't as obvious as "did I draw a Let Go / Calling in Favor ?" To me Kitsuki Investigator is way more busted than PD. But since it's a Dynasty card people don't see it everywhere... But if it where Neutral, it would be. x)
  4. Competitive Vs Fun

    I don't understand this position... One can only determine what's fun for oneself. I get my fun by doing exactly what you just described. If this game wouldn't let me do it in a meaningful way I would have just stopped playing. I'm happy it does.
  5. 1. It's super crunchy, I'm afraid. If you don't know which cards you have to play around, you're gonna loose hard against someone who does. 2. One Core isn't really enough. It's really a demo. 2 Core could give you a 'ok' Boardgame experience tho. 3. It's ok to learn while you play but this game has got some bizarre or narrow rules interactions and you'll need to read the Rule Reference Online. Honestly this game is really similar to ANR, complexity wise. So if it didn't clicked with your friends this one isn't likely to click either. ^^'
  6. Court Game ; Banzai! ; Charge! ; Ornate Fan ; Assassination
  7. Match Length

    Yeah. Going to time is really the exception in our local tournaments too. ^^'
  8. Grand Kotei Paris

    The community a large is really friendly, and more often than not you should be fine. Keep in mind that this event will probably be one of the most competitive event of the year in Europe tho (being a grand kotei). That means you probably won't be granted rollbacks if you play against someone aiming for the top. But nobody will kick you out if you play like a beginner (just makes sure that your decks are legal according to the tournament rules). EDIT : Hi Mika ^^
  9. Jigoku Toxicity

    Join the discord, play quality games
  10. I cannot validate your opinion for you man. You don't like the game, don't play it. What's the point of your piece ?
  11. 'New' Official Map

    I thought Mordor was a lesser base of operation for Morgoth and that Sauron flee there after the destruction of Angband. But I could totally be wrong tho.
  12. Illegal honor bid?

    Maybe once or twice but I can't be sure. If there wasn't a blank spot between the 1 and 5 I bet any of my fingers that it would happen. I think I saw someone putting his dial in a way that allowed to pick between 1 and 2 while revealing it. My guess is that without a blank spot it could be done that, while low on honor, my opponent could chose to align himself on my 5 bid if I go for a big CA in order to break his stronghold (and say : "I'm a master at reading my opponent").
  13. 'New' Official Map

    Well to be fair there is a really good explanation for the mountains around Mordor (and a lot of strange landscapes etc in Arda) : they aren't the result of natural effects at all. The world was literally made by gods (the valars). The square mountains were created by Morgoth (Sauron's boss) as a measure of defense against his kin.
  14. World's champion decks

    I would buy it only if it's Crane !
  15. Clan Loyalty...

    I don't need to. Crane has always been and will always be the greatest of the great clans.