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  1. It's easier to hate on Yoshi while it's really the emperor's decision. Not that Yoshi don't like to **** on Yasuki people (who doesn't) but that's not jade related.
  2. MrMenthe

    Question FR

    Salut ! Ici tu es sur le forum de ffg usa, tu auras de meilleures informations en allant sur le site et le forum de http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr. Des infos que j'ai le jeu est déjà traduit en français et sortira en même temps que la vo. Tu devrais pouvoir l'acheter via ta boutique préférée
  3. MrMenthe

    Interesting Garfield comment

    Yeah. Stubborn, maybe. Agressive or rude, I don't think anyone could say that.
  4. MrMenthe

    Questions about the app

    It was played at our shop but sadly they had some problem to supply the base kit (the one with the dock that could read your cards), which didn't help the game to grow at all. When they made the necessary changes to allow smartphones to read them it was too late I guess. At least it is how I remember things.
  5. MrMenthe

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    Yeah. This product seems to be perfect as an entry for non cardgame players or as a casual fun and light game on the side for cardgame players... And a good middle ground between both group. My girlfriends played pokemon casually before meeting me and we tried to find a game that could be fun to play together since then... Without much success (either it rewards skill a lot and she loses too much or it is too random and it frustrates me). I hope this is the game !
  6. MrMenthe

    Other language? Same decks?

    You could call a judge or look at an app to see what the card does. That's not really a problem. ^^
  7. MrMenthe

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG is the new EA

    That actually make sense !
  8. MrMenthe

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG is the new EA

    I buy/sell old books for a living and reading that thread made me think of work. When you buy a book (a new one, fresh out of the printer), you can either do it because your confident that you'll love the story (sometimes it sucks tho) but at the very least you get something to read. I don't think anyone would call the act of buying a book gambling in this case. But you can also buy that very same book because you're confident that if you store it with care its value will increase 100x (most of the time it doesn't) in 20 years. That is 100 % gambling in this case. I would say that buying a Keyforge deck can either be gambling or not, depending on why you buy it. Is it the intent to discover a new content that you could like or not (like a new book) ? Or is it because you hope for a specific income taht you may or may not get ? That will be the decisive factor imo.
  9. MrMenthe

    Humor of Game....

    It feels "smash uppy" It's not bad and with the archon being procedurally generated I think it's for the best. At least it somewhat coherent.
  10. MrMenthe

    After Reading Rules

    I was pleased to see that the game was simple enough that templating should not be an issue going forward (looking at you LCGs !)
  11. MrMenthe

    How much do you expect to spend?

    The only thing I know : way less than the cost of my Zedruu commander deck. 😂
  12. MrMenthe

    Cards and their value!

    Something I thought of last night : If the App / Website display your decks and how well they perform... You could show of how successful it is which would allow you to sell it online for a better price. So amazing players could profit from their skill by winning more with okay decks and pretending the decks to be OP. ^^
  13. MrMenthe

    sleaving and storage

    I would sleeve the decks I'm likely to play at meet ups. They will go with my commander deck, my crane deck and my Yomi decks in my Archive flip case. x) Always be ready !
  14. MrMenthe

    Late April Fool's Joke?

    This game isn't marketed to deckbuilder and spikes players. It seems to be marketed to people like my girlfriend who likes to play with her deck once or twice a month without putting any effort to keep in touch with the meta etc. Or to the player that want a side game while not having a lot of time. I personnally like the idea of going to an event, buying a deck on the spot and go with that (and having a chance to do well).
  15. MrMenthe

    Here's some problems we noticed...

    That's funny. Our playgroup adapted decklist a lot to be able to participate in as much conflict as possible for the same reason. A regular list here includes a lot of cheap conflict characters (I play Crane /Drag with 3 steward, 3 harrier, 2 Wanderer) and dynasty character too (I play no 4+ characters and play 3 copies of both Seppun Guardsman and Otomo Courtier + 3 Artisan and ofc Whisperer). Because the first player to invest fates on a dude just get ganked by all the other, exchanging void rings. So first turn is a festival of 1 drops attacking and defending alone, second turn is too and by the end of the third turn someone usually wins. I quite enjoy to read the meta is so different somewhere else !