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  1. What about core game,bit shows out of stocknon ffg page.bis it possible they do not have it again?
  2. Last Mythos announced for Dunwich!
  3. to quote myself Last mythos pack!
  4. yep, i'm expecting announcement for the last mythos pack today or tomorrow
  5. Aaaaa, this refresh button on FFG home page is killing me... They should announce everything for that day in the morning, they would save so many people from going crazy xD
  6. you won't find them anywhere now. It was a leak and it was available for approx 1-2hrs. Just wait for the official release... but i can tell you it looks great, you get more of everything + 1 special investigator
  7. Celebration was last year as well, and year prior. They were not waiting for celebration then, dont see a reason why they would wait for it this year
  8. yep, but it would be interesting for how long we will keep this thread alive (until something new comes, since update for this week was not new)
  9. It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??
  10. Do you know what would be the name of the expansion where we would face Cthulhu? Would it be in Innsmouth ? Thanks
  11. I will buy itbin case they rel3ase player cards only, its already too expensive here, and i dont want duplicates of agendas, locations, etc.
  12. Core set is here 60eur and i need to buy it by myself to get some people to play it. Board gaming in Serbia is pretty taboo subject still... and there are people that will play, but if you bring the game, why would they spend the money
  13. yea, i realized that tooooooooooooo late
  14. Because some of us doesn't have money to buy the same game twice