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  1. AleksDj

    Missing oportunity?

    funny, i think this is well grabbed opportunity
  2. AleksDj

    Conquest System?

    And the conquest system is now utilized
  3. AleksDj

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Was hopping for this or new SW LCG, but ACG will work as well :) Already preordered through my retailer! This could be even better with lets say 2-3 exp per year, instead of LCG where you are always behind with expansions xD
  4. AleksDj

    Anything new at Gen Con

    They need 1 more big box expansion and location would be Arkham. What would be a better expansion to finish the product then to visit the place from where all the horrors started And then to go with Ancient One's packs. We have enough investigators, artifacts, assets, conditions etc... But ancient ones? It's never enough
  5. AleksDj

    Anything new at Gen Con

    Anyone expecting something new to be announced at GenCon?
  6. I have a filling that we may see something today...
  7. I just bought Forbidden Stars. I hope that new IP will be recreated with the mechanics from FS, such a shame there won't be any expansions...
  8. I believe the latest would be 2nd of June
  9. lol, great minds think alike
  10. Just realized what they are going to do... Legends of the 5 rings. They just started with that franchise with LCG, next one should be something like this, with so much more potential to do whatever they want...
  11. blister wave + App announcement during Gen Con? Will work for me!
  12. they changed the state for new stuff from In development to At the printer
  13. not sure if they have licence for LOTR, lately i've seen only card games from FFG and Ares is publihing board games....But would love to see LOTR game with similar mechanics. And it would be different enough from Descent. This actually may be an option since they already have a lot of artwork done with LOTR LCG What i would love to see 1) LOTR or 2) Diablo (from blizzard, that would be a must buy for me, instantly. And it would be way better that DOOM. It would be different enough from Descent as well) 3) Warcraft (similar to number 2, but with way more variety. Maybe too similar to Descent thou) 4) Startrek (would have so much possibilites with different races, planets, etc)
  14. AleksDj

    Where's the new stuff on Bookdepository.com?

    Do we have any other options (sites) that are selling board games with free shipping?
  15. AleksDj

    Nobody active

    Why there is no one to discuss this game anymore on this forum. Last past was from 2016 :'(