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  1. I think for Skirmish, Yoda would be best served as an attachment to a force user and he'd be a force ghost. Force users within x spaces of attached character add 1 blue die to their attack pools or something like that. This eliminates the need for a mini too. For campaign, it'd be hard to include Yoda without a mini for those that hate tokens, but he could easily be worked into a campaign with a bit of creativity. In any case, sounds as though it'll have to be a diy project so really anything goes.
  2. I'm not disagreeing with anything you've said (right up until your last sentence but I'll get there), but I think you kind of missed my rather simple point. Not everyone wants and/or likes what you do and as such, they have a differing and entirely valid opinion. That's awesome the app works for you (and apps have worked for you and your wife with Descent 2nd Ed), but some people don't like/want that. Now, your last sentence... I think I understand what you're implying but we're talking about apps being incorporated into boardgames and made a requirement to play said games. I don't think anyone is saying apps should not be used in any boardgame but rather the required use of an app in a boardgame means they will not purchase/play that game. That's not constructing an artificial barrier in an attempt to prevent progress. That's just a lack of participation. BTW, I do use a paper map and compass when navigating in the wilderness. Why not a GPS? Batteries die, signals can be poor, and GPS makes you lazy! Save the GPS for emergencies.
  3. I think today people are mostly talking about the devices accessing social media platforms and the negative impacts they're having on people and not necessarily the devices themselves. I think in general it's also a repeated generational concept that we're living too much of our lives online and in alternate realities and are forgetting to enjoy the simple and real things in life(Ready Player One film rings a bell here). I think the rest of your post was implying that technology is a time saver and very convenient, therefore, as it relates to this game, the app will prevent the expenditure of "wasted time" and make things more convenient? If I do understand the point you're trying to make, I think you're overlooking the possibility that your definition of wasted time is subjective. With some of your examples, what you consider to be wasted time is actually a thrill for others. I know people that get excited about the search of a book in a library, or the search of a location without a map or GPS. It's the whole "adventure in the journey and not the destination." The "conveniences" and "time saved" in the game with the use of the app may eliminate the very thing some folks really enjoy about a game they own(card shuffling and revealing, dice chucking, etc). ((Yes I realize this game doesn't use dice and has skill decks/cards)) I understand people who dislike the idea of an app driving their campaign, and I understand people who love the idea of the app or love games with apps. I guess my point is that not everyone has to "get with the program" and adopt the use of electronic devices in boardgames and are free to express themselves on these forums. I think if someone posts a simple "app driven, not for me" type of comment it shows the LOTR and game type excited them and brought them here only to have their hopes dashed by the app (something they don't want in their boardgames). I think most people posting here aren't anti-device and can generally agree on the convenience of technology but that doesn't mean they want to require the use of a device in their boardgames, which for some, is a time to put the phones away and give your undivided attention to the game and players/guests/friends/family.
  4. "No matter if you choose to set out on your own or venture forth with four other players" That was taken directly from your link... I've "ctrl F'd" all articles for Legolas and come up with nothing... It wouldn't be the first time FFG has changed an article or bungled a piece of an image previewing a release
  5. That's a really tough question considering what is actually known about the game. I would hope that the playmat was all that was required and that size should give you a rough idea as to the footprint of the game. It's 3' x 3' btw and might only be made for map tiles and not player boards, card piles, etc. I think the playtime would also be rather subjective based on AP and player count etc. A single mission of Imperial Assault I'd say from setup to tear down is about 3 hours for myself and group but we've had missions go 4+ hours, but that's also without an App helping out so...
  6. Where does it say Legolas is included? Also, that mini for Aragorn, if indeed it is him, is a strange choice IMO. PS. Those minis are just itching to be painted!!!
  7. I think this game will be an rpg lite game that will hopefully create the game experience that many who play Imperial Assault campaigns discover they want, including myself. That's not to say Imperial Assault is bad, it's fun for what it is, but many have stated (including myself) that they wish that game had a little more. As others have stated, this LOTR game seems to take successful mechanics from other games and push them into one. MoM, IA, Descent, LOTR LCG (the amazing artwork), etc. I imagine that the game will send players on a variety of adventures that will ultimately culminate in a finale of sorts and complete a campaign (akin to IA and Descent). A main difference I see is instead of playing on a small localized map, each adventure will take place on a map similar to that of Fallout, with encounters/battles taking place on the smaller boards. 14 adventures total in the base game, and a complete campaign will probably consist of only half of those depending on successes and failures (much like Descent and IA) and perhaps even decisions made during encounters, although these may just add flavor to each individual quest. I can see the base came coming with 6 heroes and all the "grunt" enemy minis with additional heroes and "bosses" available as expansions(bosses would be cardboard tokens like IA and Descent). I can't see them adding quests with these character expansions but I can see them adding skill decks and additional items and encounter cards and the like (or whatever mechanic the games uses). Board expansions will be done the way of "small box" and "big box" as is done with IA and Descent also. Will the game be playable without the app? I'm thinking no, as the variety of characters, roles of those characters (Gimli as say a smuggler/thief), decisions with encounters, and pathways of successes and failures would be a nightmare to keep track of with an overlord and pencil and paper. I'm not saying people won't come to the rescue and make their own adventures and make this possible, I think this game is perfect for it in fact, I'm just saying the base game won't have this ability. Those are my thoughts for now, I look forward to the additional previews!
  8. I think the 14 adventures are the ones possible in the campaign but you'll probably end up playing half of them in the campaign based on success or failure and potentially decisions made during encounters. Meaning, you could play the campaign a few times but not play all the same adventures over and over. IA does the same thing.
  9. I'm sure with a fair amount of creativity the game could be adapted to play with an overlord like Descent or Imperial Assault. To me, this really looks like an rpg lite game and my hope is the app will take care of the cohesive story line based on encounters and successful missions quite often lacking in Imperial Assault (due to the mish-mash of missions one can add to a campaign). I saw a brief clip and a preview video (can't remember name of video) that showed I think 4 possible responses to an encounter and who knows how long that rabbit hole goes. I'm super intrigued by the game, but will no doubt wait for it to come out and see what reviews show before diving in.
  10. Ko-Tun being able to use her special abilities without using an action is huge! She's able to pump out power tokens and other bonuses by taking strain while still being able to move and attack herself. Gideon is largely a sit back and command whereas she's more of a front line fighter/booster. She might not be focusing other heroes, but I'd argue improving everyone around her as opposed to one at a time is better.
  11. I can see the forms cards being small cards that are placed sideways over the shape and shift abilities. I imagine they'll give surges and auto abilities like +1 dmg or +1 accuracy that may reflect a trait of some sort like trooper/spy or maybe just a keyword of sorts like assassin or soldier. What interests me just as much is that the Vader icon they're using is the new Driven by Hatred image... Am still super interested in Riot Troopers and am a little upset we didn't see that, but that was a big preview so I'm happy
  12. That's exactly what I did with her. I just printed her card out with a cost of 4 and voila, a totally playable character. Also...Biv to 6, Diala to 6 with health to 10, Fenn to 6, Gaarkhan to 6, Jyn to 4, Loku to 3, and Verena to 6. All of a sudden, 8 rebel heroes that are good and usable!
  13. That's true. Probably have to make a diy custom card for him lowering his cost. He can join my ranks of customized Jyn, Diala, Ghaarkan, Saska, Biv, etc.
  14. 8 cost seems reasonable, and advanced comms is a must. At 9 points with AC I feel as though he fits quite well in a group. Jet Troopers and Riot Troopers might be the sweet spot combined with Dewback Rider. 9 pts - Adjusted Kayn with AC 10 pts - 2x Dewback Rider 7 pts - eJet Trooper 9 pts - eStormtrooper 4 pts - 2x Officer 1 pt - Zillo Technique Depending on cost, switch out a Dewback or both officers for Riot Troopers? Maybe abandon eStormtrooper for another eJet Trooper and only get rid of 1 officer for Riot Troopers? Really interested in those riot troopers and what their shield is going to do.
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