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  1. Which of the included Strongholds in the Siege: Clan War deck are the best to use if you are planning to make a Seven Thunders Deck? Would any of the other 20F SH work?
  2. Bow before your betters - Win with 25 honor Let honor be your guide - Lose by reaching 0 honor due to your own card Leave no stone unturned - Break all five of your opponent's provinces Favored by the Emperor - Retain control of the Imperial Favor for 5 rounds Pureblooded - Win a game using a deck with no neutral card or card from another clan
  3. Are we free to use any token we want or just the ones that came from the box? I have some green (naga), light blue (crane and dark blue (crab) glass tokens that came from a bunch of o5r starters that I want to use. I think they came from Jade edition starters.
  4. One other reason to be loyal: you need to make a deck for the other clan too unless your playgroup is okay with you borrowing their deck for that clan. Making multiple decks for one clan is hard enough. Especially when they share the same cards as you'll need to keep changing sleeves when you decide to play the other deck ubless all your decks have the same sleeves. Might be doable if you bought 3 cores for yourself but not if you split with someone else. Things might be different once we have enough clan cards not to need to splash but the neutrals will still be a problem.
  5. Would a unit you use Blackmail on be considered friendly?
  6. Do you have any templates for Events/Techniques for Crab? I want to add some technique cards to the ones that came with the Second City box set for 4th Ed.
  7. What happens once the province card is flipped? Does it stay face up on the provibce until end of game or only until the province is destroyed? Does anything happen if you attack a broken provonce?
  8. Having many named characters is all well and good when they each do something different. I think they loved Hida Amoro so much when they made him they reused his mold for all other berserkers since he came out: high cost, a difference of 4 or 5 between force and chi and no useful traits or abilities. Most berserkers are only worth remembering when they get their first XP card as they then have to do something useful, usually.
  9. In old5r the original Kaiu wall was built first the current wall was built during Cresting Wave.
  10. This is due to Chuda Ruri who got hotter as she gained xp.
  11. Why would Crab samurai armor when they have reduction? The better you are the more your skin becomes armor so for the Crab ess is more?
  12. Aside from the monk from Coils of Madness the only other monk card Crab had was Hida Nichie who was also a berserker. In lore most Crab don't live long enough to retire and become monks but there were supposwd to be some in Koten.
  13. I think it's still canon in its own timeline. Daidoji Uji proved the existence of the multiverse after all.
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