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  1. The app really is smarter then me.. =D Thank you! It even makes sense now. =)
  2. Can´ t see abilities box, health, speed, attack and defense. Traits, title, point cost, text box etc. are visible, but the rest is not. Im using Win10 (at home and also at work - tested on both PC´ s). Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Guys, I have made some final touches to old heroes and their command cards. Also I have made other interesting characters from Knights of the Old Republic comics (highly recommend). Quinlan and Qui-Gon are in Clone Wars gallery, which will grow over time (although I hope that FF will include at least some Clone Wars characters in the game: Mace Windu for sure, Kit Fisto would be nice, Ahsoka - she is in Rebels, so I´m counting on her, Anakin would be interesting, etc.). I´m looking forward for some playtests in near future with my GF. =)
  4. Yep, I think once revealed disguise is given away for good. It´´ s nice idea to infiltrate enemy lines, but I don´t think there should be permanent or long lasting effect of such ability - moreover in such a giant machine. You can also look on Sabine´ s TIE Fighter which operates with a similiar ability (http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/Captured_TIE). From thematic perspective it´ s also a bit illogical that this big machine will be able to infiltrate for so long or repeatedly -> this ability should be gone for good after first attack with this figure (in addition it´ s necessary to count with the fact that this figure propably won´t work for the purposes of controle until it´ s revelation).
  5. So far no playtest with them (figures still not arrived), but I have made some tweaks to my deployment cards. I have added command cards for each hero and I will be grateful for any feedback. =) Images here:
  6. I think it´´´ s sort of a good idea, but in terms of balance is propably any "zombie" figure too much - at least for skirmish. Maybe Yoda´´´ s version for campaign could work this way. Anyway, I´´´ ve reworked all my cards and I have added command cards for them (see post below).
  7. I believe, that some characters will have a big problems with him (mostly non-unique or low cost characters I guess - but they should, because it´´´ s thematic), but IA is a game with lot of a reroll/remove dice mechanic or you can also do plenty od unavoidable damage (Choke, Force Lightning, Davith´ s dash through figures, etc.), so he won´t be invincible at all. Force Ghost - I will remove this skill propably, because it´´ s really powerfull adition to his skillset (but I want to utilize it somehow through his command card in future). Anyway idea behind this skill is to score points for his defeat as usuall (so you will have him on board, but points were added to your rival). Also you can check out Imperial Assault thread on Reddit, where are these characters discussed more in detail.
  8. I have made some changes to Zayne towards his usefulness. My images are too big and I can´t reduce their data size, so I uploaded them – I hope you don´t mind. Zayne Carrick: average combatant, hard to kill. Any ideas on his Karmic Luck ability? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byn1s6u3A2Khd1EzUC1JOF9VMVk Yoda: I really liked few ideas from google doc (see above; all credits to Cladkbar), but I understand him slightly different. He is small, sort of weak (therefore only 5 HP) but he is also difficult to hit (two whites and luck: I just want him to be pain in the "you know"). He blooms in fights (Lightsaber dash reminds me his swift attacks from ep. III): I dont think, he deliveres hard punches: he is more precis (included pierce 3), he can change style of combat (yellow and green dice => good surges). Force grip represents really well his connection with force. And he is everlasting teacher and morale support for everyone, so Force Ghost may work as a team support (through focusing others - because other skills are limited due the one action limitation). Command card: I was thinking about more actions per activation, small team heal, focusing all force users, giving someone force user trait, permanently giving someone yellow dice to his attack pool (as a result of his teaching). I dont think he should be OP character at all: I see him more like wisdom oriented character -> so maybe good support..ok, maybe OP cool cuddly support, whom never actually leaves the board. =D https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byn1s6u3A2KhMVNjNmdDczZITDQ Jarael: I´m little bit struggling with her. I liked her in the comics as supportive guardian like character, which is irresistible for others (Zayne, Malak, etc.). But she was great fighter at the same time and I feel that her character should hold only one function (guardian x brawler) - so I made her as a full time guardian (protector if you like, because of her name meaning) for the others, because I think this is her true nature (she helped Camper and stayed with him, the same with Carrick - she just needs to be useful). https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byn1s6u3A2KhOVJqZElLem1XNFE Qui-Gon Jinn Good all around character: strength connection with force and very good fighting skills -> reliant self buff character with slightly weaker defense side of his set. Like in movies, he can easily chain his attacks with force attacks or vice versa. I thought about Mind trick on him, first I came only with slightly improved Murne Rin´s False orders, but then I tweaked it to more straight forward aggresive approach. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byn1s6u3A2KhTWVKSU5jazB5WnM Quinlan Vos Well.. 2 or 3 dice attacks? It was a tough decision, but I wanted to ilustrate his unconvencial combat style and rage with his kick ability (so 3 die attack and posibly way more damage then he would have with 3 die attack). Additionaly two attacks per round (on different) targets makes him solid DPS choice. He´s used to work undercover (spy trait) and without beeing spoted (Force stealth) and he is a bit loner so he starts elsewhere then everyone else. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byn1s6u3A2KhYno3UjB4bTdtcjA I appreciate some feedback: - do have characters too much skills? - how about point cost of figures? - any ideas for better skills? - command cards?
  9. This thread is great! In part I have used things that I have seen somewhere on the internet. Also, I have read all the comics with him and I absolutely love this character! He is suppoused to be average in combat, sneaky and hard to kill: but for certain price. Is there any idea how to boost (and conversely) his Karmic Luck ability to be more in keeping with comics? Any ideas about his command card? Also Im working on Jarael. =) Sorry for my English.
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