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  1. Im working at this build for Östersund, but not been able to get it effective enough yet. Had Griveous in it as well. (39) Chertek [Nantex-class Starfighter] (10) Ensnare Points: 49 (38) Petranaki Arena Ace [Nantex-class Starfighter] (10) Ensnare Points: 48 (26) Techno Union Bomber [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] Points: 26 (26) Techno Union Bomber [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] Points: 26 (26) Techno Union Bomber [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] Points: 26 Total points: 175
  2. I ensnare my outmanover griveous and nantexes for better positioning etc. So I get what you are saying, but its rather easy to pick of Chertek first with your 5-6 aces. In a list with 2 nantexes and a couple of droids for blocking, it makes more sense to me to not have a bid though 😃
  3. Explain to me how you catch Soontir or Anakin moving after Fuc, when Ensnare triggers after all moved. Im really curious about what i missed
  4. I wouldnt play Sun without a good bid. No way to catch an ace that moves after. Looking at the same archetype
  5. I find my self staring at Sun Cheer Grief But looks more fun then good.
  6. Thing is that D can cloak when he shoots and at i7 with hightened perception he can shoot and cloak before others starts to attack. Otherwise your ability wont activate until i3, wich makes your cloak not as useble vs ace lists for instance.
  7. Id be careful to stress G since he only has 2-3 straight and 2 bank blues. The most efficiant way to run D is with title and Higtened perception so he can shoot at i7 and recloak before all other shoots. Having HLC on i3 doesnt seem very good at D in my eyes since alot of ships move after and bullseye is easy to position out of. Perceptive copilot on a 1agi ship with force are points that could be spent better imo. Im really curious about Brilliant evasion on a 1agi ship, what is your logic behind that? Four ships seems to be on the low side. Swap Daredevil to crackshot on G. Do Title, Hightened Perception and tractor beam on D. Fill up the rest with 19pts droid so you get 6ships atleast.
  8. yepp sadly =( still interesting though, might come gunner effects, that makes it increase in value in the future! Imagen 1.0 tactitian for instance !
  9. Im waiting to see if snapshot is hyperspace legal 😃
  10. Yepp, the Nantex is the missing link. Seen tractorbeam on Maul and experienced what that does. I predict a massive increase in CIS players!!!
  11. Im thinking Ions and discords interacts in an interesting way
  12. Maybe switch the protorps to iontorps for full control looks very interesting.
  13. I got 2 prot, 1 plasma 1 Shell and 2 droids in mine, probe as well. Tried 3protoros, 1plasma+probe, 2 droids as well. 404 sure is a doubleedged sword that can go either way.
  14. So got lucky and got four really cheap Hyenas. Last few weeks Ive been playing them in diffrent constalations, but the lists dont feel 100% (might be that I need more playtime). Im starting to think that three Hyenas might be the effective cap in a list. How would you build a Hyena pack? I got 4 Hyenas and droids 3Belsebubs 1 Infiltrator
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