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  1. I made the same list, just put optics on Rush and done!
  2. I did a similar list but with a few changes (havent though through the upgrades either). Thinking hask can try to cover Vermeil from r1 attacks (the +1 red on snapshot might be nice), Vader for the pewpew and endgame. Countdown for flanking/baiting. Major Vermeil (49) Ship total: 49 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 4 "Countdown" (44) Ship total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 2 Gideon Hask (30) Snap Shot (7) Ship total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 2 Darth Vader (67) Passive Sensors (3) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 3 Total: 200
  3. When Cerebrawl brought out theese I vastly underestimated them. And when u have to of them blocking you with their tail vs your ace, flying passed them (to get autoblasted in your butt) limits your options severly, specially with the rocks around. Cere won the game with 5natties in to a directshit where a full health/tokened echo got oneshotted (less then 1%chance with Predator/focus). So with normal dicerolls, that one 1hp Fenn wouldve died that round and Echo wouldve opened up for vader. Still, my Vader stood parked behind 2 Tansaris way to long =p Cerebrawl is a new player in our community. In our community we dont steamroll new players and we let them correct mistakes. So @Cerebrawl saying you stomping imperials in your local meta, is a matter of view 😃 Also I dont want to diminsh Ceres skill/strategys , he is extremly talented. Looking forward to Tuesday !
  4. Assaj eats ALOT of force and hate is 9pt, so a larger stash for 3pts with Maul has been working over expectation 😃 (maul generates force on dmg)
  5. Having a period where I only fly ships i like. Was thinking of pratani so i took out palob and fenn added 2 tuggs, now I want to play Assaj! Just squezing in ships I never see on the boards. Any ideas or tweaks on Assaj lists or anything with nostalgic 1,0 feel? Asajj Ventress (74) Maul (12) Ship total: 86 Half Points: 43 Threshold: 5 Han Solo (Scum) (54) Trick Shot (4) 4-LOM (2) BT-1 (2) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Lando's Millennium Falcon (6) Ship total: 72 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 6 Autopilot Drone (12) Ship total: 12 Half Points: 6 Threshold: 2 Sunny Bounder (30) Ship total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2 Total: 200
  6. Under fail in rules reference. An effect that fails does not trigger any effects that would occur after a ship resolves that effect.
  7. Id try something like this. Easy to fly with some pilotabilitys for fun. I prefer crack on Mareek, but i belive you only have 2. (67) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (6) Afterburners (2) Fire-Control System Points: 75 (32) "Mauler" Mithel [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 33 (40) "Howlrunner" [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 41 (46) Maarek Stele [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System (1) Marksmanship Points: 49 Total points: 198
  8. Personally if id go with 1, id drop the shells for another ship and 2 discords. 311 is amazing with Seer, since u can hand over a calculate to someone with a bullseye. But that means you need to change something on your seer, so it comes down to Soulles vs more crackshots. See you there with my imperial aces/sallad or which ever i end up with.
  9. Id swap VTG to a Shield for Guri (or just more bid) Predator for a deadmans switch (so aces dont want to finish u at R1, or swarms for that matter) I prefer Predator on my Fangs.
  10. A+B ioncannon, title+ Teroch 200 A+B ioncannon, title, crack+Dace title crack 199
  11. *Brings out the matches and swallows hard*
  12. Tournament time closing in rapidly. Ive played this latley and it feels ok (only had 5 games). Delayedfuse strategy is getting better though and more accurate. Should I just abandon Deathrain or adjust the list? Thx for any advice (67) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (3) Hate (3) Passive Sensors Points: 73 (51) "Echo" [TIE/ph Phantom] (9) Fifth Brother (3) Passive Sensors Points: 63 (44) "Deathrain" [TIE/ca Punisher] (3) Seismic Charges (5) Proton Bombs (1) Delayed Fuses (10) Trajectory Simulator Points: 63 Total points: 199
  13. This is brilliant for autodmg 😃 Have to playtest this vs Gideon, one extra attackdice should have some more consistancy in dmg and still be useful when shuttle dies. On the other hand Sein should use prototype alot better! Yes, since i4 i feel i4 needs some help! Also i try to have ships that works good individualy, but consistent locks are hard to argue with, so you really got me back to the drawingboard with some awsome thoughts!
  14. Trying to find a tournament list. So going to give this a few attempts, any ideas or critique regarding this are welcome. Giving Krenic to to Gideon, so he can take evade and chip shields untill ships gets dmgcards. Averell Major Vermeil (49) Crack Shot (1) Director Krennic (4) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 4 William "Pure Sabacc" (44) Crack Shot (1) Shield Upgrade (6) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 3 Jack "Echo" (51) Crack Shot (1) Passive Sensors (3) Fifth Brother (9) Ship total: 64 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 3 Joe Gideon Hask (30) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 31 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z183X116WW28WY210X116WWW165Y200X116W240W82WY223X116W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
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