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  1. A Moon Knight show would be awesome. Make it a black and white noir crime drama with some action thrown in.
  2. Jenny's secondary cards are the only ones that I have used, and yeah they mostly aren't all that great.
  3. A Severn Valley/ Glaaki based scenario would be nice.
  4. just was wondering if there was any new novels that were going to be published. Already know the past ones are in a cycle of being reprinted. Just wanna see Rex in his own novel.
  5. Q the Winged Serpent- as an avatar of Yig The Reptile(Hammer Films)- a victum of the curse of Yig Ganonndorf from the Zelda games- as a Mask of Nyarlathotep
  6. Spider-man, mostly because i'm a big fan of the character. Loved most of the movies and grew up watching the various cartoons including Spider-man and his Amazing Friends.
  7. some characters I hope we get as heroes in future expansions include Slapstick, Spleepwalker, Darkhawk, Moon Knight, and Deadpool.
  8. Favorite seeker would be Rex Murphy just because he's a clue vacuum and is a nice homage to Carl Kochek the Night Stalker. My favorite survivor is Rita just because she has a high evasion that works well with her special ability. Finn Edwards is my favorite rogue because I love his special ability and elder sign ability. Jim is my favorite mystic just because he was the first mystic I have played as and I liked that fact he has a trumpet that can summon the dead. Roland Banks is my favorite guardian because he was the first guardian I played.
  9. yep looking forward to this. been a Marvel comics fan since I was a kid.
  10. I expect Bokrug to maybe make an appearance too. hopefully. looking forward to this cycle
  11. King Ghidorah as an avatar of Yig or one of Nyarlothotep"s masks.
  12. A Godzilla game could be fun. Battle various monsters in specific locations. Have Godzilla, Anguirus, Mothra and Rodan be playable monsters.
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