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  1. the Crystal of Truth/ the Dark Crystal- cost 4 - sacrifice an ally to heal 3 damage, when this artifact leave play ,gain a mental trauma
  2. of the investigators I have played as, Lola is definitely my least favorite. don't if its because I suck at deckbuilding or maybe she wasn't designed well from a game mechanics perspective
  3. really enjoying the Deep Gate so far. Hope some of the side characters in the novellas become ally cards
  4. Dr Serizawa (Legendary Godzilla movies) would make a good seeker. Madison Russell (Legendary Godzilla movies) would make a great survivor/rogue Yoda would make a great survivor/ guardian
  5. saw the movie that was based on that book. gave me nightmares. and it was a Disney film too, if i'm remembering correctly. Anyway getting back to Ithaqua /wendigo, maybe have a campaign loosely based on Until Dawn? A Severen Valley/ Goatswood themed campaign could be fun. Good way to introduce Glaaki, Eihort, Y'Golonac, Byatis, ect….
  6. finished Hour of the Huntress yesterday. I enjoyed it. more pulp adventure than horror, but I still enjoyed it. It was nice to find out where Jenny got her guns. Started Ire of the Void. enjoying it so far.
  7. Borderlands card game would be nice. each of the protagonists would get their own deck. Zero would kick butt. lol
  8. lol now I got the Disgaea games and anime stuck in my head. thanks doode lol
  9. was watching the Guardian (1990/ William Friedkin) the other day. Was thinking to myself that you could replace the tree demon with a Dark Young and the nanny with a Black Goat cultist.
  10. A Moon Knight show would be awesome. Make it a black and white noir crime drama with some action thrown in.
  11. Jenny's secondary cards are the only ones that I have used, and yeah they mostly aren't all that great.
  12. A Severn Valley/ Glaaki based scenario would be nice.
  13. just was wondering if there was any new novels that were going to be published. Already know the past ones are in a cycle of being reprinted. Just wanna see Rex in his own novel.
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