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  1. Moon-beast King

    first run through first scenerio in Forgotton Ages

    ugh got my butt kicked last night by the Threads of Fate. Hunting nightgaunts and brotherhood cultists kept coming out. had a way easier time with the nightgaunts. Finn managed to wound and evade one of the nightgaunts. Managed to advance the "c" act deck and unlocked the Arkham Police Station. Rex found that Nobody was Home at the police station. lol Those brotherhood cultists were a pain. I should have just evaded them instead of fighting them. Big mistake. Finn managed to softened up one of the brotherhood cultists with the switch blade, and Rex finished him off with "i've got a plan", basically electrified the door to the police station. lol On Wings of Darkness, the annoying nightgaunts kept moving the investigators to the central location. Finn eventually took some damage and some horror. Briefly skimming Medical Texts, Rex failed to heal Finn and accidentally gave him hemmoroids. lol The agenda eventually advanced to the point where all the investigators were defeated. Had a few bad chaos drews and shouldn't have fought the brotherhood cultists. still had fun. next run through will try different characters.
  2. Moon-beast King

    Tarot Cards

    kinda glad i bought a few for Rex with his xp
  3. Moon-beast King

    Marie build

    used xp to replace the two knives with two Mists of R'Yleh.
  4. Moon-beast King

    Arkham Soundtrack?

  5. Moon-beast King

    first run through first scenerio in Forgotton Ages

    Doom of Eztli: came very close to beating i, but some very bad chaos bag draws and me forgeting about Finn's extra evade action put an end to that. Still got a decent ending out of it. Got the Relic of Ages. Decided not to display it, instead gave it to Harlan Earnstone. We'll see if that was a mistake. The Harbinger of Valusia came out, but Marie and Finn both managed to evade it. The Harbinger disappeared, probably went to check its Facebook status lol. Overall a fun game, waaaayyy funner to solo multiple characters. At least now i'm noticing some of the mistakes i'm making.
  6. Barry Allen/the Flash- Guardian/seeker Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow-survivor/rogue Kara/Supergirl- Guardian/seeker Alf- survivor/seeker Mork- seeker
  7. Moon-beast King

    Favorite non Lovecraftian author

    Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E, Howard (love both his Mythos stuff and his Conan stories), Brian Lumley, Ramsey Cambell, Lin Carter, Stephen King, Simon R. Green, Jim Butcher, Bentley Little, John Saul, Larry Correia, Jack Ketchum, Rick Riordan, R. A. Salvatore (love his Forgotten Realms stuff).
  8. Moon-beast King

    Brian Lumley -- yea or nay?

    Love both his Mythos stuff and his Necroscope novels. His Necroscope novels would make great action/horror movies.
  9. I only play solo too. I also would love a solo version Legend of the Five Rings.
  10. Harry Dresden- Mystic/guardian with counterspell the Doctor- guardian/rogue with interogate
  11. Moon-beast King

    How many play throughs do people have?

    played through the gathering about 5 times, beat it only once beat Miskatonic Museum once beat Where Doom Awaits once beat the Untamed Wilds once
  12. Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam would be a great seeker/ guardian and Dean would be a great guardian/rogue. Buffy Summers would be a great guardian/survivor and Willow Rosenberg would be a great Mystic spell user. Ash Williams would also make a great guardian/rogue. Fox Mulder would mainly be a guardian/seeker. Dana Scully would be mostly a guardian.
  13. Moon-beast King

    Marie build

    thanks gazzagames
  14. Played as Marie, Finn, and Rex. Finn got poisoned,killed a pit viper,and then got cursed by Yig. Marie got poisoned and managed to successfully kill the Serpent of Yoth. A boa constrictor appeared, and Marie successfully evaded it. She then fled the location. Then all three managed to successfully parley with Itchaka and win her trust. Alejandro had a hissy fit and stormed off back to camp. Marie only had one medicine and chose to treat Finn. Rex was the only one with a blanket, but he refused to share. So Finn and Marie both have mental trauma, and Marie has a physical trauma because of the poison. Man, i'm so glad i didn't solo this with just one character.
  15. Moon-beast King

    Blog/Fan sites

    gotta love Arkham DB. they got some interesting decks on that site.