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  1. Uglymug

    Unused missions

    Returns to hand. As Rebels, I sometimes leave someone (often Obi-Wan) sitting on a rescue mission so I can immediately rescue before Empire gets an opportunity to Homing Beacon/Lure/Interogation Droid/Carbonite. Obi-Wan is particularly good for this since he can counter "It is your Destiny" with "Noble Sacrifice".
  2. Uglymug

    Rebel Extremist?

    A new starting action card? If you draw it you can choose to start with five leaders at the cost of taking a reputation hit?
  3. Uglymug

    Single Reactor Ignition

    Not a fan of Single Reactor Ignition. Inspire Sympathy isn't that impressive, tbh, since by the time the Rebels hit the III objectives their hand is often clogged with Refresh objectives - particularly if the Imperial has been wielding the Superlaser properly; 90% of the time it's only going to be worth one point. There's an opportunity cost on the widow to play it, as well as in objective deck manipulation. You often have to choose to bury something else to keep it on top of the deck. Inspire Sympathy isn't something to fear. That Superlaser though, swats down Rebel Loyalty objectives like a boss. That remote loyalty is also pretty stellar for scouting, particularly if you can get it somewhere hard to check like Ryloth. Vaporising a planet with Rebel Loyalty and then putting down a Empire marker in the region is the whole point of running the mission. Killing Rebel troops is sort of a small bonus. Unless it's the base, in which case Inspire Sympathy doesn't matter since you've just won. Speaking of the Death Star, We're the Bait is going to be incredible for protecting it. Empty the Rebel base of 4 Starfighters and the anemic contingent left is going to have a pretty hard time punching through the DS's TIE screen. Really hope I can run We're the Bait and Superlaser Online in the same set of cards instead of getting stuck with Single Reactor Ignition. Not sure how these replacements interact with the Project deck since SRI doesn't have the Vader symbol on it. I think Exploit Weakness is pretty incredible, honestly. Objective Deck draws are very valuable. Also, trying to make up my mind about Prepare for Battle, I think it's pretty cool (and thematic!) that'd you be able to assign Saw to Prepare, stick Mothma on Incite Rebellion. Saw fixes the tactics deck, bounces back to the pool - and then when Mothma runs Incite Rebellion, Saw can show back up to lead your guerillas with his 3 ground. Also, being able to feed yourself blocks for the Trench run. It also works as a "pass" action to give yourself last action in a round. Hmmm...
  4. Yeah, but dice in this game have synergies amongst themselves. The best rolls have accuracies AND damage. Larger pools are more likely to throw both. The larger the pool, the more valuable every extra die thrown is since that's a die that's getting added to a roll that likely already has a decent number of accuracies or damage. Locking down an additional defense token for the significant damage in the pool or adding more damage against a ship with locked down tokens. Not to mention that the additional die is benefiting from the upgrades that the larger ship is likely packing, like XI7s for instance.
  5. Uglymug

    MC30 Kryptonite

    Something I mentioned in Park Daddy's recent thread - Brobafett, if you swap out the H-9s and Gunnery Team for Spinal Mount and Sensor Team, enter in a CF command and use Sato's ability to swap reds for blues that's a guaranteed 7 damage + 2 accuracy that can't be effected by Evade.
  6. Uglymug

    Sato Liberty Discussion

    What about Sensor Teams + Quad Turbolaser Cannons on that first MC-80? Wouldn't that guarantee the 7 damage + 2 accuracy that Brobafett was looking for without allowing any reroll shenanigans?
  7. New list after advice and reading up on objectives on Cannot Get Your Ship Out. Considered the Lambada - maybe with Jerry in the future with some Defenders (ie fighters that actually want to attack ships). Curious if anyone has ever tried moving around friendly tokens with Hyperspace Assault - sounds like it might be fun. Ultimately went with Vader since he's the only way to get rerolls on a VSD-1 with Boarding Troopers. Newbie Assault v1.2 396/400 points Commander: Darth Vader Objectives: Opening Salvo Hyperspace Assault Solar Corona [Flagship] Victory-I Class Star Destroyer (73 points) - Darth Vader (36 points) - Minister Tau (2 points) - Electronic Counter Measures (7points) - Boarding Troopers (3 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5 points) = 126 points Gladiator-I Class Star Destroyer (56 points) - Demolisher (10 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5 points) = 71 points Arquitens Light Cruiser (54 points) - Slaved Turrets (6 points) = 60 points Arquitens Light Cruiser (54 points) - Slaved Turrets (6 points) =60 points Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Comms Net (2 points) = 25 points Squadrons - Howlrunner (16 points) - TIE Interceptor × 2 (22 points) - TIE Fighter x 2 (16 points) = 54 points Also, don't really have my head wrapped around squadrons yet. Figured I'd throw everything in Turn 2 with the VSD + Gozanti and then just keep activating the TIE/Is with the Gozanti. [Edit] Oh I see! You take the Lambda because the list has a good Red Objective and can take objective-token shenanigans with Blue and Yellow. And you can be like "Well, you can let me go first with this here Demo and VSD or you can take Opening Salvo (which Vader loves) or you can let me push these tokens around all day".
  8. The thing that has me scratching my head about Sloane is how you handle the TIE Fighter's vunerability to flak.
  9. I think that's a cutscene from the Lucasarts TIE Fighter game. IIRC, the fleet you're serving under defects to the Rebellion, but you manage to get away and team up with Thrawn to hunt them down.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, the two Arquitens + the Gozantis are all I need with what he's been letting me borrow (He has a VSD, a ISD, and a Gladiator). Which are about 50 bucks total on Miniature Market. He also mainly wants to collect Rebels too, so maybe I can make an offer for his Imperial stuff in the future. Also, yeah, VSD-1 seems like one of the best ships to slot Boarding Troopers on since they don't want Gunnery Team as bad as an ISD, have the firepower to follow through, and the squadron value to make it count . The ISD Avenger has synergy with it of course, but still Gunnery Team. The trick is flying that space-brick close enough.
  11. The thing about Vader (and keep in mind I've played like 3 games with borrowed ships so I'm largely theory crafting here), is that he's competing against two very cost effective upgrades in Leading Shots and Ordnance Experts. So you either need to do something else worthwhile with the slot, take ships that can't benefit from either (like the Arquitens) or double down on the ability. Trying to save points across the list as a replacement doesn't really work since it's unlikely you're going to spend more than 16 points on such upgrades in which point you could take the upgrades and take someone like Ozzel. As far as the slot, unfortunately Ion Cannon upgrades aren't that hot and Ordnance Experts seem to be the best ... Wait! Boarding Troopers! Vader Gladiators can use Boarding Troopers in the Weapon Team slot and still get a reroll! Being able to exhaust defense tokens, right before a rerollable Gladiator broadside. That's mean - I like that. Also, as far as the Raider OEs were concerned, the idea was to reroll the flak mainly, Vader's ability isn't great for flak. But not really a concern anymore since I'm going to swap that out for the Gozanti. Also, just realized that flotillas can carry boarding Troopers and Engineers. Yuck. Is everyone going to be spamming that? Or maybe I misunderstand how they work - it's not either/or but that you need both upgrade slots. I remember reading somewhere that said either/or, but yeah that'd be a bit broken with Flotillas it seems. Maybe something to consider on the Vic though.
  12. Haha, whoops. Didn't read the 2nd half of Superior Positions. Yeah, that is a poor choice. Solar Corona would be better particularly since I'm throwing so few blues, and it'll make it harder for him to punish me for exhausted defense tokens (with Vader). Main reason for the Raider is Flak support, a bit worried about enemy squadrons without it. Gozanti would make it easier to push my own though (which is why first version has the Command Arquitens). And the comms net seems super handy. Are there any damage tables that show what your average damage is with one and two rerolls? What if you roll agressively on the first (reroll all blacks that aren't crit+hit)? I'm thinking the 4 points for Ordnance Experts might still be worth it to squeeze out a few more points of damage when it counts. People used to take multiple copies of Bomber Command before it got FAQ'ed, seems like a similar situation.
  13. Another version I've been considering with Vader Newbie Assault v 1.1 Commander: Darth Vader Faction: Empire Assault Objective: Opening Salvo Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Superior Positions 400/400 points [Flagship] Victory-I Class Star Destroyer (73 points) - Darth Vader (36 points) - Skilled Support Officer (4 points) = 113 points Gladiator-I Class Star Destroyer (56 points) - Demolisher (10 points) - Ordnance Experts (4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5 points) = 75 points Arquitens Light Cruiser (55points) - Hand of Justice (4points) - Slaved Turrets (6 points) = 65 points Arquitens Light Cruiser (55 points) - Slaved Turrets (6 points) = 61 points Raider-I Class Corvette (44 points) - Ordnance Experts = 48 points TIE Fighter x 5 (40 points)
  14. Been playing Armada at friend's house by borrowing his stuff, been thinking of getting my own fleet and buying in. Have been messing about with the Warlords Armada fleet builder this past week. Curious with what you think about the following list. Newbie Assault Commander: Moff Jerrjerod Faction: Empire Assault Objective: Opening Salvo Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Superior Positions 400/400 points [Flagship] Victory I - Class Star Destroyer (73 points) - Moff Jerrjerod (23 points) - Wulf Yularen (7 points) = 103 points Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (56 points) - Demolisher (10 points) - Skilled First Officer (1 point) - Ordnance Experts (4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5 points) = 76 points Arquitens Command Cruiser (59 points) - Skilled First Officer (1point) - Slaved Turrets (6 points) = 66 points Arquitens Light Cruiser (55 points) - Slaved Turrets (6 points) = 61 points Raider-I Class Corvette (44 points) - Ordnance Experts = 48 points TIE Fighter x 4 (32 points) Mauler Mithel × 1 (15 points) = 47 points
  15. Uglymug

    Games like this

    You also should look into Twilight Struggle. It's another head to head brainburner like Rebellion, asymetrical card-driven area control. Theme is the Cold War, which I think is a fascinating era, one player is Soviets, the other is US. It trades Rebellion's units for a much more involved loyalty system (called "Influence" in TS). Cards represent various figures, quotes, and events like "We will Bury You!", The Olympic Games, Aldrich Ames, or The Korean War. Very tense and thematic with the possibility of a game-ending Nuclear War. Best thing is you can try it out very cheap. There's a superb app adaptation that you can play on Android, PC or iOS. It runs like 5-10 bucks depending on the platform. If you're looking for something that's more focused on the missions (I.e the cards) I think this might be exactly what you're looking for.