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  1. I was actually thinking this same thing. I've been designing the hands as Strongholds for multiplayer draft.
  2. I have always utterly hated the idea of sideboards. Either your deck can do we'll against the field or it can't. Giving people silver bullets is lazy. If you decide to build too narrow there are consequences.
  3. You may want to unify the naming of certain gear. Spears are given in school starting outfits, but yari are listed in the weapons table. Likewise bows are listed in the outfit, but yumi is listed in the gear.
  4. Just an editorial point: in the starting outfit section of the schools a spear is listed as a possible starting item, however in the gear section it is referred to as Yari. It might be wise to make sure that naming conventions of items are standardized or aligned.
  5. AEG was going to make a board game that went nowhere. I'm glad FFG is expanding the IP. Can't wait to see more.
  6. This is ridiculous. I received at least 2 conflicting rulings at Gencon, and even their tie-breaker resolutions contradicted themselves. This rules team better get their heads out of their asses before they kill this game in the cradle. Their own example documents contradict Nate's ridged rulings.
  7. I like the idea of pairing off against the players to the right and left of you. Allow each person both of their conflicts, but only against players they are paired with. Maybe also make you crack all 4 provinces before going after strongholds. I think honor bids during the draw phase should be compared amongst all players, so if one player underbids 3 others they receive the difference from all 3 of them. I think rings can be handled by adding one set for every player beyond the first two. I'd temper that with the check for Imperial Favor only counting unique rings, so if 2 or more players control the same ring they are not calculated. There should be some bonus for eliminating a player, but I don't know what that might be.
  8. No specific puzzle mechanics. There was some investigation, but it primarily involved skill checks.
  9. The GM was running it for the first time, and didn't have much time review the module prior to (I'm assuming due to secrecy, etc.), so the interactions seemed a little clipped, but that could just as easily been due to our play styles as well. I will admit that I was not at the top of my RPG game as I was trying to keep up with the new mechanics. Story points were one per player and one for the GM. We kept them on a scrap of paper and slid them between the pools. I played the Elf Warrior (The name escapes me and I have the sheets packed up). Being new I wanted a simple archetype to run, so sword and board it was. One of the NPCs used magic, and I assume another would have had we not gotten the drop on him and smoked him before he could act. Mounted combat was pretty simple, we just received a bonus die against anything not mounted.
  10. Essentially monster hunting. Party comes across some thugs looting a farm, you find signs of vampirism, and off you go.
  11. Hi all. I played in one of the demos Saturday. I never played Age of Rebellion, so was not familiar at all with the mechanics. Had a good time. The strain system did not appear to affect such a short session, but I could see it significantly affecting longer games. The module and rules were very limited, so the GM had to rely on rules from Star Wars at times. As a player coming from D&D/ Pathfinder wrapping my head around tactical distances took a bit, but it didn't kill the experience for me. I think when running it I will attempt to use a series of concentric circles to help my visually inclined players. Overall excited about the system. Feel free to ask about anything, and I'll answer as best I can.
  12. I work in DC, but live in Nova. I've been calling around and nobody seems to have any plans to pick up OP kits. I'm gonna work on one in Woodbridge, see if I can convince them to carry it.
  13. I've got a local store that needs help seeking out the OP kits for release. Where should I go to point him in the right direction to pick up a kit?
  14. I plan on asking a bit about pending IPs. Anybody have any specifics they want me to ask?
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