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  1. Serhaud


    i got it now. thanks you Tokus and Lemmiwinks for for taking the time and explaining it to a noob
  2. Serhaud


    so you take unit courage when checking do you have one or two actions, not commander value. thanks a lot for anwer. that explained a lot. you destroyed my perfect combo tho
  3. Serhaud


    Hello there i got a question regarding compel rule. lets say i got Vader (as commander), Krennic and Stormtroopers with one suppression token. Troopers are in Vaders range. do i treat them as suppressed? can i use compel from Krennic to move them, and then still got two more actions? since i use Vaders courage value. do i got it right? can i perform 3 actions?
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