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  1. I disagree. Guest of honor, crane magistrate, the unique from the phoenix pack , yoshi and hotaru all do awesome things even if you move them into a conflict while bowed.
  2. The Shugenja restriction makes Mirror's Gaze a real problem for crane. Every cost slot has better bushi or courtier's in clan. I doubt you will even see the asahina arrtisan once another 1 drop comes out for us. Now you could build a shugenja heavy deck to run it and cloud the mind, but then your trading out other arguably better cards. It's also expensive, and highly telegraphed. I would be surprised to see many crane running it right now.
  3. The Kaiu Inventor as worded is insanely powerful. The extra granted ability use never expires.
  4. Is there an official form we need to use for deck lists for winter court? Or can we print out our own? I'd like to fill one out ahead of time so I'm doing it the day of the tournament.
  5. He is balanced by costing as much as a clan champion. And his ability does nothing if you don't have the favor.
  6. What clan's would you splash to manipulate the honor/dishonor then? Phoenix for the kimono might work but i don't like many of their other splash cards right now. That's where I'm having trouble making this card work.
  7. Not quitting at all. Happy to see a card infusion as we go into the Kotei season. Ill put off other buys, rework my budget, and enjoy it.
  8. How are other people doing with this card? It's great when it discards a nasty target or clan champion, but more often than not it's sitting useless in my hand. Either there are no effective targets, or the target isn't dishonored, or I can't honor my people. Getting all 3 to happen seems quite rare and makes me wonder if I should just not run the card at all.
  9. Splashing dragon would be my choice. 3 let it go and 3 tattooed wanderer are fantastic options. Both have offensive and defensive uses against almost all clans. Tranquility is also an option depending on your local meta.
  10. And this allows players to have some impact on the story, without changing major plot lines that FFG wants to do. It's a balance that the old L5R game never achieved. Players before had way too much control over things.
  11. The original game had no limits on your fate deck other only 3 copies per card. Your dynasty deck could include 3 copies of non unique personalities, 1 per unique personality. and out of clans either cost more or could not be brought into play for honor. Normally this was fine but sometimes really strong/broken personalities were in every clan's decks. Kaneka exp 2 was rampant one arc, a ratling shugenja another arc, etc. It also led to economy problems. lion clan had less gold base on strongholds, so all their people were cheaper usually so other clans had access to them too. Unicorn always had more stronghold gold, and was using out of clans easier as a result too. The new pip system if like the netrunner system should work much better overall.
  12. "But... you say they kept the essence of L5R. Can you please tell me what's in your opinion the essence of the game?Because to me the essence was battles for territory, with Honour in the mix. And I think they pretty much screwed that..." We still have battles for territory in the form of conflicts at provinces using military and political means. We still have honor as a primary win/loss condition. Honor is tied into many of core game mechanics like card draw, dueling, card abilities, and 1 of the 5 rings. We still have 7 clans with many of our favorite characters and the potential for others again. The setting is very similar with fantasy/mythological Asian influences. That does feel like the essence of L5R to me. But it is a very different game now mechanically. I can understand why that may not appeal to you.
  13. Yeah um infinite combos existed in the old version and you could be attacked by 2 billion oni at once. You could also duel people 15 times and draw and play your entire fate deck in one turn while hitting 40 honor for the win. Water monk had like an 85% chance of wiping 2 or 3 provinces before your economy could get started. Some games could see your honor below 0 on turn 1 preventing you from playing any personalities ever. Oh and sneak attack + night battle or crushing attack meant you might never get to take actions in battle. I'm sorry but the new version will be less complicated, if for no other reason than modern game design prevents most of these abuses.
  14. I like it to be honest. We get to attack players for ring benefits, break provinces, and force people to defend. All good things in my book. It will be similar to military conflicts but i think i can live with that as it makes it much easier to teach a new player about the game. It also forces interaction between players.
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