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  1. @Aurin Is there an OOC thread that I haven't spotted? How would you like us to attempt rolls or do OOC discussion & questions?
  2. "No one gets left behind." Tycho grunted, miffed at Todak's suggestion. Todak could have sneaked out of Veerstown on his own, but instead he had tracked down his friends. They weren't about to leave the Chadra'Fan to the wolves. Tycho had learned long ago that loyalty to your comrades was the only thing worth fighting for. Now, his pilot brothers were gone, and it was only his fellow prisoners that remained. "Here, if you can't make it, we can pull these crates up to make the climb shorter. Once we're up, I'd be you can put those tools to use and snap that pipe off, in case our pursuers try to follow." What I wouldn't give for a speeder right now, Tycho thought. Maybe there is one parked in the outskirts. Or maybe one of the Imperial dropships will be left unguarded. If they Imperials really had left an empty ship in their haste, Tycho relished the idea of playing 'em for Gamorreans and slipping by while the bucketheads weren't looking.
  3. Tycho stepped into the alley, searching for a way to slow their pursuers while Div scouted. He knew that they had no business pulling blasters on a fully equipped squad of Imperials. The pile of crates before them wasn't much, but it would have to do. "Ella, can ya give me a hand?" Tycho asked, as he began to use his wrench to try to jimmy the crates so they would collapse in the doorway.
  4. Fusion Cutters (AoR) are actually super cheap (175 credits) and super effective as an improvised weapon (5 damage, crit 3, breach 1, burn 3, sunder, vicious 3). They aren't much worse than an unmodded lightsaber. Since they are improvised, they would generate one automatic threat. I suppose as a weak, nimble Chadra-Fan you were probably actually going for the ranged tools though, which are more expensive. Aurin was also into the idea of Tycho crafting his own slugthrower per the SM crafting rules (which saved me 50 credits and is more fitting to the story - its made from scraps that he salvaged from busted machines in the camp).
  5. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATON - CYBOT GALACTICA - ARAKYD INDUSTRIES REMOTES - DROIDS - ALL MAKES AND MODELS - AVAILABLE NOW at QUALITY DROIDS WAREHOUSE The Imperial factory in the resettlement zone on Torque is a dangerous place. Though the Empire cares little for the lives of its slaves and prisoners, the overseers still understand that its not good practice to have too many worker deaths. It simply gets expensive. Thus, the overseers have tasked the mechanics team with maintaining a full unit of remotes and droids to assist with the management of the machines. Rather than investing in high quality, durable droids, the overseers prefer cheap, replaceable tech. Every few weeks, one of the overseers visits the capital city to replace the droids that have burnt up due to the factory's heat or have broken due to overuse. The overseers typically bring along one of the mechanics to ensure that their purchases match the factory's needs. Recently, this task has fallen to Tycho. The factory relies on the droid dealer Tarly Keggle, a Duros shopkeeper. Tarly has a large warehouse that he maintains with the help of several droid assistance. The warehouse carries droids and remotes from just a few major manufacturers, including Industrial Automaton, Cybot Galactica, and Arakyd Industries. The Duros is a smart enough entrepreneur to know that the smaller cap manufacturers likely wouldn't sell on an Outer Rim world in the Gordian Reach. Tarly is pleased to have business from the resettlement camp, but the Imperial overseers tend to be rude and abrasive. Tycho has used his visits to the warehouse to chat with Tarly about local politics and the lay of the capital city. Like Tycho, Tarly is frustrated to be a spacer without a ship. Tarly lost both of his legs in an accident years ago, and can no longer pilot (he now is restricted to a hoverchair). He accepts his place, but wishes he could have one last great adventure. Tycho has gotten to know the old spacer in his visits to the warehouse. The Duros has more than his fair share of stories of space adventures, though he regrets that he will most likely never leave the planet again.
  6. Cool - I'll take the shop owner. Any recommendation about how you want us to do this? Should we just make a post in this thread about the character (as Kymrel did)? Any particular shop type? I was thinking it would be a remote/microdroid shop that Tycho may have visited to purchase monotask droids for the mechanics bay in the camp. Of course, any visits to the city would be under reasonably serious escort. Does that make sense?
  7. @Squirrelsan Welcome! It sounds like we are a very similarly motivated bunch. A quite vehicle-oriented crew (mechanics, smugglers, and pilots of one kind or another). Todak is a very cool addition. A lock-breaker would be a pretty nifty tool given our current predicament. Great picture. How'd he manage to lose an arm? Tycho is working as an assistant mechanic in the resettlement camp. I couldn't definitely see Todak as one of the head engineers that Tycho would have worked with.
  8. Ella's backstory sounds awesome! Very interesting motivations. Who was the pilot of the Stardancer? Her father or her mother? Or who was the astrogator? Tycho is particularly proud of his skill in finding new, faster hyperlanes that help him make deliveries faster than ever. I like the notion that he would have heard stories of the fabled astrogator of the Stardancer, and so he would be particularly excited to meet Ella and hear her stories about whomever was responsible for the jumps. If that fits, I'll add it to his backstory. If we wanted to intertwine things a lot more, I'd be down with re-write Tycho's story to add in the Stardancer. Maybe after Tycho's ship gets impounded, he goes looking for a job. The Stardancer might have been looking for a pilot because Ella's aging father had an injury and had lost his touch a bit. Her mother might have finally convinced him to hire a co-pilot, so he tracked down the shipless Tycho. Although her father claimed to be the head pilot, Tycho usually took over the primary controls in the more heated moments. Is something to that effect workable? This would also be cool with your betrayal obligation, because Ella may have initially suspected Tycho. Obviously, she would be less suspicious now that Tycho was stuck in the prison camp as well.
  9. Also @Kymrel Aurin had proposed a squad of a few different shiptypes. I agree that we should only use ships that seat two or three as it adds a lot to space combat to have people doing different things. It would be cool to have a modified Headhunter (or maybe a Z-95 Heavy) with a rear gunner seat (perhaps with lower handling), just like the Y-Wing alternate model does, which would give us more of a feel of a ragtag squad rather than an official funded rebel unit. If we are just going off snubs that have two seats, here are the options: BTL-S3 Y-Wing (2 crew plus astromech socket) Preybird Class Starfighter (2 crew) Delta-12 Skysprite (1 crew plus 1 passenger and astromech socket) Lancet Interceptor (1 crew plus 1 passenger) Blade-32 Superiority Fighter (2 crew plus 1 passenger) These are all roughly equivalent to the Y-Wing, at least in terms of price - the Y-Wing, Preybird, and Skysprite are all 80-85K, and the Lancet & Blade-32 are 55-60K. Assuming we end up with 5-6 PCs (or one or two NPCs to lug around), we should be looking at three total ships - maybe fewer if we end up with a PC astromech. I left a few off this list as they are much nicer and are less likely ships for a bunch of fringers breaking out of an internment camp.
  10. Hey Everybody, I'll be playing as Tycho Manin, a Sullustan freighter pilot from the Mid-Rim. Tycho spent most of his career working for a major shipping conglomerate. He was recently set to make a delivery of re-breathers and medical supplies to New Hope Settlement on Ladarra, in the Gordian Reach. Unfortunately, the Empire had set its sights on New Hope as a target to add to the manpower of its industrial war machine, so they set an embargo and prepared to move in. Tycho tried to avoid the embargo, but got betrayed by his own company. His ship was taken, and he was relocated along with the settlers to the resettlement zone on Torque. Since then, Tycho has been working as a mechanic's assistant. This is the longest that Tycho has been planetside in years, and he is keeping his eye out for a new ship and a way out of town. Plus, he wouldn't mind sticking it to the kriffing bucketheads that stuck him here. @Tom Cruise I'd guess that there is some way for the thrill-seekers like Div and Tycho to get their fill in the internment camp. The authorities don't let us have anything space-worthy or particularly exciting, but there are probably plenty of after-hours races between souped-up work vehicles. Since Tycho has been here longer, he probably would given her a tip about the races. Since they both also had their own vehicles impounded, they also might have agreed to keep an eye out for anything worth stealing, should such an occasion arise.
  11. I'm interested in joining a play by post game with a pretty good post-rate. I GM in person so I don't want to GM a PBP game, but I'd be down for pretty much any group that fits. Who else is down?
  12. I'd love to play! I'll send you a character proposal, though I'm totally happy to play something else if it fits better into the campaign.
  13. Are you guys all closed up? I'd be down to join if you still have space for one more PC.
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