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  1. Realizing the creature was upon them, Worra turned and pointed his sporting blaster at the rampaging Rakghoul. Hold it steady... squeeze slowly... just like Cletus said, he thought, hoping his inexperience would not prove costly to his newfound allies. Karrabast! Worra's blast sung through the creature's matted fur but missed its flesh entirely. The creature paused and roared with a feverish scream and stomped both of its feet, snapping the bones of the dead Rakghouls piled below it. But when it lifted its foot again, the bloody femur of another dead creature had splintered into its foot, momentarily pinning it. Realizing it was stuck, it let out an impotent groan as it attempted to lurch forward.
  2. Though Worra cannot see it from where he hid behind the sabacc table, he could easily picture the scene on the other side. The human stood furiously spreading flame across the hall, lighting the ghouls on fire before they whither and perished. An indicator on the side of Worra's antitox mask began to flash, telling him that the air was beginning to fill with smoke. The mask would hold in this for several more minutes, but it was beginning to have to work on high power to keep the Kel Dor breathing. Despite the flames, the hordes seemed to be growing, continuing their tromp down the corridor. Worra poked his head out to see if he could spot a door control or some other means of slowing the seemingly endless assault of rakghouls.
  3. "There's no more hiding, Zenith," called Worra from behind the sabacc table, his voice sounding almost like a growl through his mask. "There's no need for this mess, but its the path you have chosen. Poor, stupid Zenith. We will break through these critters that you have unleashed. And once we kill them, we will find you, we will capture you, and we will feed you piece by piece to your pets," Worra paused to gauge the effect of his words. He could hear the heightened breathing of the majordomo through the hallways. Fear was sinking into him. Worra nodded to Shard, letting him know to unleash fury on the critters. "What's your plan, Zenith? Slip by us with a fistful of credits? Every underworld scum this side of Nar Shadaa will have herad about how you let Gonothar die. Do you really think the Hutts won't be coming for you? Do you really think your credits will protect you? Of course, Zenith, it doesn't have to be this way. You could give yourself up, Zenith. No being fed to the Rakghouls. No needing to explain yourself to Hutt bounty hunters. We could help you find a way out, Zenith. Let me tell you, Zenith, these Rakghouls don't want you to surrender, Zenith, because then they don't get to sink their slimy teeth into you."
  4. Seeing the cam droid return hastily, Worra drops behind an overturned sabacc table in one corner of the main hall. He signals to the others to prepare, flipping the safety off his sporting blaster. "Steady now. Hope you lot have some experience with these things. Cletus' scattergun has been more than they could handle, so I haven't actually had to try my blaster on 'em yet."
  5. "Credits, credits, credits," the Kel Dor mused loudly, his voice booming through the palace. "Don't be too greedy, Zenith. It'll get you killed, Zenith." Worra spoke slowly, trying his best to play to their quarry's fears. "Don't want to wind up like your old master, Zenith. He doesn't look pretty at all anymore. Why don't you be a good little runt and come out where we can see you."
  6. Seeing no sign of the majordomo, Worra pulls out his datapad and snaps a few shots of the horrific scene. "I'm sure the holo-net will love to see what happens to slavers, pirates, and petty crime lords. Justice comes to all, even if the Republic does not have the power to bring it. Its a pity that Gonothar never had to stand in court for his crimes, but now that this leech is dead there is again hope for democracy in this star system."
  7. We follow him in, weapons drawn. "Stick to the shadows. Be careful. It's the slug's pawn, Zenith. He probably knows this place better than anyone. We could be walking into a deathtrap."
  8. "Stop!" shouted Worra. "We rigged the place with proton detonators! One step further and you'll be blasted clear to Coruscant!"
  9. "I don't know if this would be interest to you, but someone has just made a break from the townhall to the slug's palace," says Worra through the speaker in his mask."Seems like a poor life choice. I take it we should move to intercept? Would have been nice to get the tilling station's lights on, thought Worra. But no time now. Worra pressed the wrist control link on his wrist and thumbed through the options on his holo-suit. A ripple began in his boots and shifted up through the whole suit, transforming instantaneously into a black burglar's suit. Only his jacket and blaster remained. He pulled off the jacket and left it on a barstool at Squirbos. "Save my seat, would ya?" he asked Cletus, not waiting for an answer as he stepped outside into the evening air, scanning the horizon for whoever had just slipped out of the town hall.
  10. "Cletus, old pal," said the Kel Dor. "Are there any detection systems set up in the town? Anything that could be used to monitor the movements of the chompers? At the very least, any way we can set up floodlights? I know your ole' blamblammer can take care of any that come venturing for a drink, but it might be nice to know what they are up to." The Kel Dor figured that a decent monitoring system might make the difference in life and death. He flipped through the New Taris insider's guide that he has loaded on his datapad to see if there are any working security systems around Gonothar's palace.
  11. Worra nods in agreement. "Yes, best to get them ready before nightfall. I wouldn't want to be wandering around outside when the kriffin' critters make this place into their feeding grounds." Worra goes to assist in the final preparations.
  12. As Cletus pours another round of his explosive liquor, you here a flush come from the refresher. A lean looking Kel Dor steps outs. He seems initially surprised by the visitors to Squirbos, and he is clearly sauced. After a moment, he shakes his head and blinks, regaining his composure. "Cletus, you didn't tell me we had guests," said the Kel Dor, as he turned to greet the two humans and the alien that stood before him. Must be a Pantoran, the Kel Dor thought to himself. Or maybe an Omwati. "Sorry, where are my manners. Its been a few days since I've seen anyone other than Cletus here, or the occasional Chomper. I am Worra Kokru, Junior Magistrate of Trade of the New Taris System. And unfortunately, Cletus' only guest since this town fell to the wretched creatures. What has brought you lot to New Taris?" Despite the smell of Cletus' booze emerging through the Kel Dor's mask, he seemed to be holding his liquor as best as he could.
  13. Tycho slipped his slugthrower and took aim at the trooper accosting Div. The trooper hadn't spotted Tycho yet, so he knew he only had one shot. Tycho didn't know much about plastoid armor, but he figured that it would be the weakest at the base of the neck, where the trooper would need a high range of motion. Tycho's hand shook as he pulled the trigger. He'd never actually shot someone before, at least someone who wasn't in a ship. There was a first time for everything though, and Imperial troopers were a good place to start. "Eat this, ya load of drutash!" he growled as he pulled the trigger. The trigger clicked and the slug flew true. It popped on impact, disorienting the troopers for a split second. Hopefully, that would be all Div would need. The human looked like she was ready for action, and was eager to take down her distracted foes. I could get used to this, the Sullustan thought, as the second trooper turned toward him, suddenly realizing that they had been ambushed. Spotting the trooper's carbine, Tycho began to wonder if he had made a grave mistake...
  14. Tycho laid in the garbage, listening to the activity outside. Div was in trouble. It sounded as if some of the troopers had caught her, though their was no sound of the rest of Tycho's allies. Maybe an ambush was still possible. Tycho tried to ease his homemade pistol out of his jacket as quietly as possible, doing his best to keep the muck around him out of the fragile mechanism. He had crafted the barrel out of a re-calibrator that had snapped off one of the machines in the engineering shop. The firing mechanism had been more tricky, but with Todak's help he had constructed a working chamber and trigger from salvaged parts. The slugs that he had found weren't designed as bullets. They emitted a loud pop on impact, which Tycho suspected might actually serve to disorient a target even if they weren't powerful enough to get through plastoid armor. Well, here goes nothing, Tycho thought. This human better be worth it.
  15. Realizing escape might no longer be an option, the Sullustan sprinted across the alley and leaped into the trash bin. He dove headfirst, without a though for his body, cutting his sleeve as he dove. The smell of rotten rycrit stew buffeted him as he landed, and it was all he could do to avoid vomiting. He kept quiet, hoping the troopers would pass by without incident. As he waited, his body began to slowly sink into the garbage and rotten stew. Eh, at least there's no dianoga, Tycho thought.
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