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  1. Realizing that hesitation could mean the difference in life and death to Ella, Tycho's eyes narrowed and he steadied his blaster. The trooper and Ella had become entwined as the trooper struck at her. Hit the trooper, not the Twi'lek, Tycho thought to himself, hoping he could will it to happen. Just as the trooper raised his weapon again, revealing the seam, Tycho squeezed the trigger. The slug released with a bang. Tycho's smile turned to shock as his bullet flew just barely nicked the armor and continued straight into Ella's right arm. There was a moment of silence and then a cry. Tycho stumbled backward in his hiding place, staring at the slugthrower in his grasp. His hand was shaking in awe of the horror he had just committed.
  2. Worra let out a ghastly chuckle through his mask. "Zenith Kolmoeir," he said trodding over to the half-cyber human sticking out of the debris. "I hope you're happy to see me. Just think, if I hadn't found you then you'd be stuck here over night. And I doubt you would have lasted the night with these Rakghouls tromping about." "Enough talk," retorted the beaten majordomo. "You've lectured me enough today. Now get me out of this rockpile and throw me in whatever cell you have waiting for me." Worra nodded, seeing no need to torment his captive any further. carefully checked his prisoner for weapons or errant flashbangs before he dug the majordomo out of the debris and marched him back toward Squirbos. About halfway down the hill, he spotted his allies. Cletus was being operated upon by what looked like a giant spider. "Old codger doing alright?" Worra asked Yorik. Yorik shook his head. "He may live, but we need to take him to the Doctor's 'Queen.'" It looked as if a shiver ran down Yorik's spine as he said the final word. "The sun has already set," noted Worra. "The Rakghouls will be on the prowl soon. We should hole up for the night, and then get Cletus where he needs to go in the morning. We can keep him pumped full of stim for the time being so that he lasts through the night."
  3. Worra spins around upon hearing Zenith's voice. "I'm coming for you scumbag," says Worra. "You are under arrest for aiding and abetting Gonothar's crimes, which include extortion, piracy, propagation of slave trade, murder, the development and distribution of biological weapons, and numerous trade violations, not to mention your support of his exceedingly bad taste." Worra draws his sporting blaster and points it in the direction of the voice. His eyes narrow, sensing for movement in the darkness. "I am no sector ranger, but in the absence of an agent of the law, a citizen may act in a ranger's stead to arrest a suspect of terrorism or murder, in accordance with New Taris Statute 17.47. I intend to do so now." The Kel Dor's eyes still had not spotted the sniveling majordomo. The smoldering flames and setting sun had blinded him and hindered his search. But Worra could hear the human, and he stepped slowly toward the voice. He checked his sporting blaster to ensure that the stun setting was engaged. He had to tread carefully. He knew the law, and he did not want Zenith to escape on a technicality.
  4. Worra pulled himself together. He needed to collect himself quickly or his quarry might escape or die. His exhaustion was growing, but he knew he had to push through. Worra's droid scanned the wreckage for the Hutt's majordomo, but nothing seemed to be moving. He checked the data feed from JMS, without success. The palace had been reduced to rubble. If Zenith made it out entirely, he may have survived. If not, the majordomo was probably blasted to pieces by Cletus' concoction. Worra climbed atop a larger bit of debris to see if he could spot any avenues of escape. Clearing it off, he realized he was atop the Hutt's mostly-intact throne. But despite his vantage point, and though his Kel Dor eyes cut through the growing darkness with ease, he could spot nothing. "Zenith, you scum-sucking mynock!" shouted Worra, suspecting that his words would not be heard. "You may have escaped Worra Kokru today, but you have not escaped justice. Though it may not be me, I assure you, justice will find you. Justice will claim you. And justice shall punish your misdeeds." Worra's voice echoed across the ruins, but there was no reply. He slumped down on the plasteel throne and sighed. "Beep-boop." A metal voice came from behind him. Worra turned to see Aye floating. The droid's onboard screen was re-playing an image. Worra peered at it, momentarily confused. "Wrrr-bebeep," Aye insisted. Worra's eyes narrowed. Suddenly he realized what the cam droid was trying to show him. He drew his comlink and radioed his allies. "Zenith is gone. Or maybe dead, I can't tell. But there's a working terminal in here. Aye spotted it. Somehow survived the blast. If we can get into it, maybe we can get a better picture of what happened here."
  5. "Don't worry, Shard. I know you value your droid as a companion. Mine are merely assets, but I won't let yours come to harm."
  6. It was difficult to move. The blast he knocked debris onto Worra's body and had pushed the statue harder down upon him, pinning him to the ground. Worra choked for breath. He worked his right arm up to his chest and tried to push the weight of the statue off him. He balled his fist and pushed hard, trying to find grip on the statue. Soon he was out of breath and had made no progress. He laid there for a moment, focusing on his chest movements as the weight pressed down upon his sternum. Each breath in was getting more and more difficult to fill his lungs. Worra wriggled his wrist around to press the controls on his droids. He typed in an order to the control for JSE to track down Zenith and for JMS to track down the rest of Worra's allies. Worra pushed his feet against the debris to see if he could slide out from under the statue rather than lifting it off. Sharp pain shot through his left leg. There must be shrapnel from the explosion. He bit his lip and pushed against. This time, the leverage propelled him, but it wasn't enough. He could only hold on for a second before the pain was too much to bear. He took another breath, knowing he had to get out. After the next push, he began to scream but he managed to get free. He did not hesitate to draw the stim injector on on his belt, but he paused just as he was about to slip the needle into his leg. I need to find Zenith, thought Worra. And I don't want him to die on me. Worra knew that meant that he would have to bear the pain for now, at least until he found his quarry. "Zenith, where are you, you sniveling dianoga!" Worra cried. "I'm coming for you, Zenith." Worra flipped through the live footage from his droids. JSE was searching the ruins of the palace, whereas JMS had found Shard, Yorik and Cletus on the road outside. Two of his allies seemed to have pulled themselves together, but Cletus was choking on blood, and there was a rebar beam sticking out of his chest. Worra pulled out his comlink and spoke to Yorik. "Get him to a doctor, Yorik. Or get a doctor to him. If there is no other option, then make sure Shard does what he has to. I won't be of any help to Cletus in this condition, so Shard might be Cletus' best bet. But we can't get ourselves stuck out here tonight. If you need to transport him, I have a speeder parked outside of Squirbos. The access key is 25477." Worra paused to ensure that Yorik had understood. "I'm going after Zenith. The low-life has to stand trial. He can't die here, and he can't escape."
  7. "RUN!" Worra's voice cut through the air, echoing through the chambers. He turned and sprinted away and made for an upturned cabinet to avoid the blast. But as he dove, his utility belt caught on the vibropike of a garish golden statue of the Hutt dressed in battle regalia. His elbow smashed into the ground hard. He looked up in horror as the upper half of the statue slid cleanly off, pinning him beneath one of the golden arms. In the back of his mind, he hoped Zenith had made it out of the blast range. The creep needs to stand trial, thought Worra, knowing that the majordomo would have nearly unlimited knowledge of the Gonothar's activities. Not only was he surely complicit in the crimes, he also would be instrumental in tracking down criminals throughout the New Taris system. But not if he were dead...
  8. Worra laid down suppressing fire to keep the beast off Shard as the Omwati prepped the bomb, carefully constructing a fuse out of the loose wires. "How long do you need?" Worra shouted over the blaster of Yorik's rifle. "Just one more second," said Shard. "I've gotta rig this right or it won't go off." "Down! Now left leg! Its favoring it. Keep laying on the pain, Yorik!" Worra knew he had to perfectly coordinate between the two if there was any hope survival. His voice growing hoarse through his mask. He turned back to Shard, trying his best to be a calming presence in the midst of the firefight. "Focus, Shard," he whispered. "You can do this. But Yorik's not going to last much longer. This is no talent show. If it works, we need to move now." The Omwati nodded as he completed his job. He grabbed one side and Worra grabbed the other, throwing their shoulders into it. Just as Worra's back hit the barrel, he turned to Shard, nodding reassuringly. "See you on the other side," the Kel Dor said quietly as the barrel began to spin toward the rakghoul...
  9. Realizing that strapping explosives to JMS wouldn't work, Worra adjusted his search. He needed to find some way to climb up or to deliver the barrel. Urged on by fear and determination, Worra scoured the wreckage. Just then, he spotted it. Below one of the gory arms of one of the dead rakghouls was a hovertray. He had seen a similar tray used to serve paddy frogs to the corpulent Hutt. An indicator on the side of tray indicated that the repulsors were still working. The thing would be perfect for lifting the explosives. Worra grabbed it to take it to Shard, when suddenly a jolt of electricity shot through his body. Blasted open wires, he thought. Better be more careful next time.
  10. Worra searched frantically for a way to execute his plan, but it was of no use. The melee had crushed every bottle, glass, and treefrog jar. There was nothing that would be a suitable delivery device. Someone would have to find a way to secure the explosives manually. "The Hutt's majordomo, Zenith," Worra called back to Yorik. "He just here to rob his old master, but it looks like he's gone out of his way to bring hell down upon us. The scum is complicit in Gonothar's crimes. He has to see justice. He has to pay." Distracted by the search and Yorik's questions, Worra didn't keep his head down when the creature came around. The Rakghoul's massive claws slashed through the debris. Worra scrambled backwards, just barely avoiding an early demise.
  11. The situation began to wear down upon Worra. Nothing had prepared him for his. Though his resolve was strong, he could feel his hands begin to tremble. Just then, he spotted one of his "Eye in the Sky" droids floating just above the palace, through the hole that Yorik had blasted. An idea began to form. "I hope you have some explosives left," Worra shouted to Shard. "Strap what you can onto the droid. We can blast the net to crush the creature." Worra tapped the droid control on his wrist, and the droid obediently descended through the crevice and floated toward Shard's hiding place.
  12. Geonosis has 15 moons, most of which are uninhabitable. However, I don't think it would break canon too badly to say that there is a surviving queen that has taken up a lair on one of the moons and has a small, growing colony with a few hives. The Imperials have learned about it, but Harkin has decided that the Empire gains nothing out of eliminating it. That fits with the location, given that you want to be so close to Tatooine and Ryloth for the story.
  13. The scene before Worra was more horrifying than anything the young Dorian could ever have imagined. What chance did the fledgling Republic have if gangsters could unleash horrors such as the Rakghouls upon the galaxy. Worra had thought that it was The Kel Dor's mind was racing, though the moment felt paralyzingly still. He watched in horror as the beast advanced on Yorik, though the sunlight peaking through the holes in the roof was being to searing the monster's flesh...
  14. Worra took a deep breath and rolled a pre-set noise grenade across the floor. 15 seconds, he thought. Better not waste them. Worra spun out of his hiding place to face the beast, as it bore down upon his allies. "Hey maggot, you're looking pretty hungry!" he shouted, firing a shot from his sporting blaster that bounced harmlessly off the creature's carapace. Its monstrous head swiveled to face Worra. The battered sabacc table was starting to feel like a poor defense. "Ever tasted Dorian flesh? Here, come have a taste!" Worra shouted again. His second shot hit more cleanly, but the pinprick did little to deter the creature as it lumbered toward Worra. He began to back away slowly, knowing fully how costly a mistake in the next moment would be. The creature stepped forward, edging closer to the blinking noise grenade as Worra counted down in his head. 9...8...7.... It seemed intent on following Worra. 6...5...4.... Suddenly, it paused, and turned back toward Yorik. 3...2... If he didn't act now, it would be too late. "Come on!" shouted Worra, stepping forward, putting himself dangerously close to the blast radius. 1... "Eat me!" The creature swiveled again, drool dripping from its jaw. It stepped forward toward Worra, crunching the bodies below its feet, when the green light on the side of the grenade turned red. For a moment, a shriek buffeted Worra's ears. He flung up his hands to cover them, but it was no use. Then he could hear nothing, though he could feel the ringing. There was a sharp pain from within his skull. He stumbled backward into an alcove, struggling to regain his senses. A moment later he re-opened his eyes. The ringing was still there, but he could see before him the monster had let up. It was standing in the middle of the chamber. It looked like it was roaring in fury or agony, though Worra could hear nothing...
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