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  1. As the words escape Worra's antitox mask, Imo Kul's face contorts as if refusing to believe what he is hearing. The human spins to see himself surrounded. Realizing there is no hope of victory, and no chance of escape, he begins to scream. A moment later, the master's hold on the apprentice relinquishes. The human drops to the ground. Worra had expected a fight, but instead found himself catching the miscreant as he collapsed on the floor. He doubted Kul could hear him anymore, but he spoke to the unconscious prisoner anyways. "Don't worry. We will bring your master to justice. This will not need to happen to you or to anyone else again. Rest easy. Sleep." It was clear that Kul's vile ways were at an end, though Worra was unsure whether the former villain would ever awaken. "Let's get out of this wretched place. There may be marauding rakghouls above ground that the villagers will need help dealing with. They will be pleased to learn that no more of the wretches will be created, though I doubt that will comfort them for their losses."
  2. "Two citizens arrests in one day?" Worra whispers back. "I had not come here expecting to play the role of Sector Ranger. But I suppose adaptability is a virtue." Worra steps forward toward the robed man. The Kel Dor's hand rested on his blaster, hoping he would not have to draw it. "Imo Kul, for crimes against New Taris and the Republic including sedition, murder, illegal transport of corpses, and intent to commit similar crimes on Felucia, you are under arrest. We will deliver you in good health to the New Taris Order Sector Rangers, who will formally take you into custody. I strongly recommend you turn over your energy sword and come with us peacefully. It will be much better for the both of us if you comply."
  3. "Ella! Get out of there! There's no clear shot!" Tycho shouted as he looked for an opening to take down the trooper. But the melee was too chaotic, and he did not want to risk hitting her again.
  4. Worra thinks for a moment. Felucia... Felucia... What's special about Felucia... "Apprentice Kul, interesting... Very interesting... You have quite the little operation running. I fear that our interests may be at odds with yours. Tell us, then, how do we stop you and your master from bringing pain to Felucia. No tricks, only the truth. A deal is a deal."
  5. "To an outsider, any culture can seem strange," says Worra, following Yorik's lead. He nicks his palm and lets a few drops fall into the jar. "But do not misunderstand. We are not here to die, and we are not here to kill you. Tell us your story, so that we might understand each other better." Worra subtly checks the remaining noise grenade on his utility belt, knowing he might have to use it soon.
  6. Worra glances over at his allies, miffed by the odd request. He says quietly to his allies, "Let's not be hasty. If all he wants to do is talk, we can talk. If not, we can let Confidence do the talking." He takes a deep breath through is antitox mask and steps forward to the chair indicated by the man - or creature...? "Thank you for the hospitality, friend," Worra says, trying his best to remain calm and composed, or at least appear that way. "I'd be delighted to have a cup of tea, and you'll pardon me if I don't offer up my fingers or toes, unless of course a handshake is all you'd like."
  7. "Greetings, friend!" shouts Worra across the cavern. He can feel his skin grow dry and leathery in anxiety as a chilling wind blows across his face. "We are hear to speak, not die. I see we have a mutual interest in your master. Perhaps you can share some of his - and your - story, and we shall return the favor and share our own. What has brought you to this dark, wretched place?" Worra nervously awaited a response. He wasn't sure why he was afraid. He and his allies outnumbered the figure four to one, and Durrak and Yorik had already proven to be capable warriors. There was no risk here, and yet Worra could not seem to put down the growing sense of horror within his mind.
  8. Yorik, Durrak, Worra, and Shard descend into the tunnels, cautiously following the path indicated by the droids. R'Rowlka monitors their activities from abroad the Golden Hind, keeping an eye out for perimeter breaches by the more daring Rakghouls. The spaceport guns are set to blast anything that breaks through, but R'Rowlka keeps an eye out to prevent the guns from blasting any poor fool who gets mistaken for a Rakghoul. The heavy, damp air feels cold on Worra's skin. The tunnels are clear enough for a path through, though Yorik's bulk makes it difficult to pass through. At times, his force pike drags along the ceiling, forcing him to duck down. Durrak, Worra and Shard follow, following the quiet beeping of the droid ahead. They move in quiet anxiety, as fear begins to creep through them all. Worra shakes off the feeling, dismissing it as a useless feeling. His Dorian eyes cut through the darkness easily, so there was no need for fear. Still, the persistent sense of dread was undeniable.
  9. "I am not certain we stand to gain from following him. Though he may not be cordial, we have no reason to suspect an enemy," said Worra, though he was unsure of his own words. The presence of a lightsaber was complicating. What was the mysterious figure up to? Could it really be a wielder of the force? Worra had heard stories of the mystical power honed by the Jedi, though he did not know whether to welcome it or fear it. Worra sighed and nodded to Yorik. "Still, if you insist on following then I will join you. Hesitantly. Hopefully, we can keep the conversation civil. I hope that Confidence can be reserved for the rakghouls."
  10. "Perhaps we wait," suggested Worra, viewing the recorded images of the man in the tunnels. "We've made an attempt to contact him. He is clearly not in need of rescue, and he poses no imminent threat. The threat we do face - the rakghouls - will be quelled by morning. We can investigate the tunnels more safely then." As he awaited their final decision, Worra kept one ear listened to the conversation between Durrak and Sar Agorn. He had heard of the Jedi order many times. They were the protectors of the Republic, and had served as advisers to the Senate and the Chancellor. But at least in their later years, they had grown complacent with their power, and had begun to act without regard for the Senate and the people they served. This was a fault of the system, not any particular individual, but the system also proved to have no check on the Jedi authority. There are suggestions even that the traitor Emperor Palpatine himself and his right hand man, Darth Vader, were both secretly Jedi. Whether the New Republic needed the help of the Jedi remained to be seen, but Worra was confident that no institution ought to be able to act without oversight or with impunity, be it Jedi, Sith, or Zeison Sha. But Worra was prudent. Seeing no benefit in further agitating his allies, he kept these opinions to himself.
  11. "We have to trust that the man in the tunnels needs rescuing," says Worra to Shard. "I know we can't be sure, but there is no other option. To leave him in the tunnels is to condemn him to an unimaginable death. Yorik, can I count on Confidence to keep us both safe?" Worra and Yorik make for the tunnels. Worra sets his comlink feed on a constant stream so that anyone in the cockpit of the Golden Hind can monitor their activities, should anything go awry. Worra's JSE droid flies ahead, with a prerecorded greeting set to play should it encounter the man.
  12. Worra thought back to his days at the Diplomatic University of New Taris. It had been years, but he recalled one particularly odd lecture from an Ithorian professor about historical sites in the system. The memory was a bit hazy, but Worra had been paying particular attention that day. Just before the Battle of Ruusan, a thousand years ago, where the great Jedi leader General Hoth defeated the Sith forces led by the Dark Lord Kahn, Hoth traveled to New Taris to establish a shrine. He foresaw the horrors of battle to come, so he laid out of his knowledge in the temple. The New Jedi Order now possesses the secret artifacts of Hoth, but the temple remains as a public homage to the hero. The site is a protected site, but there are several established guide posts that will escort interested visitors inside the temple. Now, this is more rumor than substantiated evidence, but they say there are secret chambers that were locked even to the Jedi. Who knows what Hoth could have hidden in there? Worra's memory faded, as the professor had gone on to discuss less interesting facets of New Taris trade culture - the type of thing that the university believed an accomplished diplomat ought to know, but frankly had little to do with real world diplomacy.
  13. Finding the holding cell on the Golden Hind didn't take long. "These are your quarters, until we are able to transfer you to the authorities," Worra explained to his captive. "I don't intend to make your stay pleasant, but you will be treated with dignity and respect. I doubt you shared the same decency to the slaves that you thrust into Gonothar's slave pits to be devoured by the Hutt's foul mal-creations." Worra ensured that the holding cell met reasonable galactic standards before following Yorik to watch duty. These Hutt ships can have shockfields or just general filth that would be totally unacceptable per the standards laid out in the Ruusan Accords, which had guided the treatment of prisoners for the past thousand years. Worra found Yorik waiting for him at the rear bay of the Golden Hind. Upon seeing Worra return, Yorik pressed the ignition to lower the ramp. "Lead on, Yorik," said Worra. "Whoever is below the village is risking their own life and ours."
  14. Worra needs now further persuasion. He and Durrak hurry to the speeder with the captive in tow, who he has shackled with a set of restraints borrowed from Shard. "Step lively, Zenith," he says to his captive. "The rakghouls will be on the prowl by now. We don't want to be out here long." Worra keeps blaster drawn and one eye out for the critters, hoping to spot them in the darkness before they are aware of him. As soon as they get to the speeder, Worra shackles Zenith to one of the handrails. They hop in and begin rounding up anyone they can. "Citizens of New Taris, this is your local trade advocate, Worra Kokru." said Worra, shouting as loudly as he could. The hum of the speeder engines had already attracted a few locals, poking their heads out their windows. "We have secured the weapons at the starport. You will all be safer there. This town can't be secured. Make your way there as quickly as possible." "Its too late," shouts one. "The rakghouls will already be out. You want us to make the journey in the dark? We'll die!" "Stay close to my speeder," says Worra. "The lights and the roar of the engine may keep them back for long enough for us to make it to within range of the starport's guns. I can't guarantee your safety, but I can guarantee that staying here is a mistake." A small contingent of locals begins to follow the speeder. Several climb on the back and sides, slowing the vehicle down a bit as they go. Worra drives slowly trying his best to keep the group of travelers tight. He and Durrak kept their eyes pealed for any sign of the rakghouls.
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