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  1. @Edgehawk cool character! She would make a great nemesis for one of my PCs in my in-person game (a Jedi apprentice who's obligation to her deceased master is to ensure that force-relics and jedi knowledge don't fall into the hands of collectors, or worse, Sith. FYI to everybody I maintain a character reference to keep track of the cast. Feel free to use it here.
  2. Zando... Everyone works for Zando, Worra thought to himself. What's his angle in all of this? The Republic needs allies, and its good to hear that the Banking Union is working to promote the rule of law. But what this is - what we are - is bordering on vigilantism. Perhaps I should have one of my contacts do some research, at least after we get this kriffin' communications block lifted. "Dr. Andunie, is it? Yet another Zando lackey? Welcome to New Taris, or at least what is left of it." Worra reached out a hand to greet the newcomer. "Things have gotten a bit out of sorts, but we are putting it back together. Tell us, what do you know of the ruins, or perhaps the infestation?"
  3. "Agreed. Yorik, I think there's a serving cart in the storage room that could serve as half-decent stretcher. I'm sure one of the homesteaders wouldn't mind watching over him while we are off. There's a good chance he is a local, so they might be able to connect him up with friends or family."
  4. "We have to get to the temple. Maybe there will be answers there."
  5. "Shard, give me a hand! We may be able to save him yet." Worra dropped to his knees by the collapsed rakghoul. He placed a hand on the man and whispered, "You are back. It's all going to be alright."
  6. Worra chuckles at Shard's guts. But the moment the door swings open, he fires stun blasts into the chamber. A cold blast of air blows out of the freezer, sending a shiver through the Kel Dor.
  7. Tycho grabs the least-busted hydrospanner and passes it under the speeder to Todak before getting to work on the coils. Normally, Tycho was careful and diligent in his work, attempting to learn while he fixed things. But there was no time for that now. His wrench and vibro-knife moved with frightening speed, slicing through the caking on the coils and wiring whatever he could.
  8. "He managed to trap the little bugger in his freezer. Its been several days, so it may well be dead by now, but it was alive at least as of last night."
  9. "Cletus had some Narglatch steaks that he was defrosting. I'm sure he won't mind us cooking 'em up. They'll have turned by the time he makes it back from the doctor," Worra proposed. "Let's just not venture into his freezer. Remember, he's got a little pet down there. Worra turned to Yorik. "Let's have our celebration. We have plenty to celebrate, after all. We can leave tomorrow's matters for tomorrow." The Kel Dor takes a can of Bespin's Best and cracks it open, filtering it through the intake in his mask. The beer tastes like a cross between Bantha sweat and Dianoga rot water. He chuckles, "If this is Bespin's Best, I say we avoid Bespin!"
  10. Tycho eyes the half-broken speeders laying around the workshop. Seeing one to his liking, he turns to his Chadra-Fan companion. "Alright, Mr. Nugi. Looks like we got a rush job in today!" Tycho cracks open the can of Hypermatter X and gulps down nearly half the can in one swig. Egad! That's grosser I remember! He empties his pockets to find a wrench, a pair of bulknuts, and a canister of micro-adhesive and gets to work on one of the speeders. "Gruddik, ole buddy, wanna give us a hand?"
  11. "Why did Kul come to this place?" Worra asked his companions. "Was he drawn to this place by the religious temple that you are monitoring, Shard? If so, then perhaps that is where his master is. Or, more likely, there may be answers to how he earned his powers and how he developed the rakghoul plague."
  12. Tycho pulled out the vibro-blades that they had pulled off the troopers. He flicked the blade on. It started to hum lightly. The blade's vibrations were almost impreceptible to the eye, but the noise made it obvious that it was more than just a sharp edge. He flicked it off again and slid it to the Ugnaught. "Gruddik, if things get tense, you may want something to defend yourself. A good stab with this vibro-blade should rip through a trooper's armor. Given your stature, I'd aim for the back of a knee." Tycho slipped the second one into one of the large, tool-filled pockets of his jumpsuit.
  13. "Better not be seen with that helmet, Todak. Here, stow it in the dishwasher. The troopers hopefully won't try to tidy up the place too much."
  14. "Gruddik, glad you are safe," says Tycho, reaching out a hand to greet the Ugnaught bartender. "We need to get out of Veerstown. The place is crawling with Imperial Troopers, and that is always a bad sign. We need a speeder, shuttle, or maybe even just a tunnel system to get out of here. Any idea?" Tycho leaned over the bar to see what was still on tap at the cantina. His gaze fell on a sixpack of Hypermatter X, an energy drink typically marketed to Spacers who like to party well into the night. Even though adrenaline was pumping through his veins, Tycho figured that an extra shot of the stuff would keep him amped up, if necessary. "You still charging people, Gruddik? Or has the present situation changed your business plan?"
  15. I think we should just let people know the holes in our party, and then accept any applicants that seem high quality. I'd rather get a great player than an exact specialization. Here is the stuff we are good at: I think that leaves room for someone who really excels at Astrogation, Coordination, Gunnery, Knowledge, and Survival (though some of us are pretty good at a few of those). We also don't have anybody with beyond a 3 in Cunning, Agility, Brawn or Presence, though several of us are pretty good at some of those, and its also always fine to have overlap in agility/brawn. Crew-wise, I'm feeling pretty lonely on the non-FS side, so I'd opt for that unless somebody really wanted it. All of your suggestions would make good additions.
  16. Tycho leaps out of the dumpster and rushes to the second Stormtrooper as he collapses. He spins to see if anyone else has noticed the commotion. Happily, Gruddik seems to be the only onlooker. He takes a moment to assist Div with heaving the bodies of the Stormtroopers into the dumpster behind him. The first body hits with more of a splash than a thud. Just as they are about to heave the second body, Tycho hears a quiet comm chatter coming from inside the dead Trooper's helmet. "Hold on Div," he says, removing the helmet. "I think there's a comm in here." He tosses the helmet to Todak. "Any chance you can get comm access, Todak? It might be nice to be able to listen in." Tycho looks back at the dead Stormtrooper's face. He had not expected to see a dead man before him. He had been there when his uncle had died, sick in bed, but this was entirely different. They had killed this man. He didn't have to die. A moment later, Tycho shook off the feeling. He lifted the man's arms and hoisted him over the side of the dumpster. A moment later, they are in Gruddik's. Tycho is pleased to see a friend for what, he anticipates, might be the last time.
  17. Worra Kokru of New Taris! Definitely seemed like it was just the four of us from March 19 onward (@LightningFox & @cybric2686 stopped posting on the 17th/18th). Looks like they were both pretty consistent through then and had cool characters so it would be great if they rejoined. If not, new characters sounds good too.
  18. In morning, after taking Cletus to the doctor and surveying what remained of the town, Worra put in a call to a few friends. "Besa, buddy, how are you doing?" Worra said through his long range communicator. "Listen, I'm out by Gonothar's Palace. The vile Hutt is dead. He was using some kind of disease to control his slaves and turn them into ferocious gladiators. But things got out of hand and, well, the gladiators got out. They ate the Hutt. Well, most of him at least. Mess with the forces of nature and I suppose things can backfire. I'm uploading some visuals for you. They are pretty rough, but I think the galaxy deserves to know what happened here." Worra was confident that the holojournalist would disseminate the video. Besa was always after a good scoop, and this was the motherlode. The Kel Dor tracked down the emergency and disaster relief hotline and the sector rangers as well. He would be pleased to turn over Zenith, though he was less sure of what to do with Imo Kul. This town had taken it pretty hard, but there were probably enough credits in some Hutt bank vault that would no longer be needed. Either way, the New Taris system was in a lot better shape than it had been for a long time.
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