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  1. Worra pulled up behind the mall and set one of his droids on guard duty to watch his speeder. JSE whirred dutifully and began a routine scan of the vicinity around the speeder. Worra checked the energy cell on his blaster and then ducked into one of the back doors with the other droid, keeping an eye out for an terminal, ideally with a map or intercom access.
  2. Whoa the underbarrel chainsaw is pretty crazy
  3. "There's not much out there more deadly than oxygen. I'll be fine." Worra spun his speeder around the rear of the station and set up his combat scanner, attempting to track the goings on inside the facility.
  4. Hey everybody! Sorry for the long hiatus. I should be back 100% now.
  5. Distress calls were blaring on Worra's dash. He'd taken the opportunity to check in with an old friend at a bureau a few clicks from the mall, assuming his comrades could manage on there own. But it seemed that something had gone terribly wrong. The bureau had been deserted, and his radio transceiver began to pick up reports of various "incidents," including the presence of Imperial forces. He leaped back into his speeder to find his allies. "You alright in there?" he called across the speeder's coms through the Hind's private channel. "I'm getting reports of Imperial forces. And the mall looks like a mess."
  6. "We'll be Bantha fodder too if we don't get blue-tailed quick," quips Tycho. "They know the risks, hunting Imperials in the midst of a raid."
  7. Three swoops, with more than enough room for a Chadra-Fan in the basket. And they left 'em out, unguarded, just hoping that no one would make off with 'em. Tycho nods discreetly to his allies, hoping they catch his drift before the Weequay or the human react. Then again, maybe Ella could secure them a ride that didn't require robbing the first people they came across. Tycho paused to see if Ella had made inroads, but he kept the swoops in the corner of his eye.
  8. "If we get get on the ship, there might not be any need to wait for 'em to come back," whispered Tycho. "Could take it for a little off-world joyride. I'm sure he will be able to find his own way off." Tycho peered around the corner to see where the Weequay had come from, hoping to spot a ship or a speeder. No need to create an enemy, yet. But a little information might be useful leverage.
  9. Tycho nods to Ella. "A distress call is a decent idea. Perhaps we can send a message to indicate that an Imperial Officer has been pinned down in the compound somewhere. Todak, can you send a message through the channel in the Trooper's helmet? They will still be monitoring the channel, even if they aren't using it anymore.You can set my com to the channel so its not obvious that we are using one from one of the downed troopers. If you make it garbled enough, it might stop any bombing raids for long enough for us to make it out." Tycho thought back to the handful of times that he had engaged with Imperial bombers. "Either way, their payloads won't be that big, and Ties don't make the best surveillance vehicles. They will pull up after one or two strikes to make way for the ground forces. This isn't a full military assault, just the dismantling of a refugee camp. If we can call off a round of bombing, we might have enough time to make our way through the fences and off to Hartol's homestead." Tycho stood and walked to the door, peering out carefully. "Div's right. We can't stay here any longer than we have to. No more than a minute or two longer. That's all we've got."
  10. holy crap oh ok sweet. Yeah, definitely getting a harpoon for it.
  11. Also Worra would have sent the message to his journalist buddy (to publicize Gonothar's brutal death), contacted the appropriate reconstruction agencies to inform them of the tragedy, and ensured that Zenith is delivered to a Sector Ranger before having left the New Taris system.
  12. So credits-wise, if we got 13,200, and there are 6 of us, that's 2200 apiece, right? (Sorry for the spotty posting over the past few days. Work has been a mess, and I have guests in town). Worra's speeder can seat 5, so it can carry anybody who doesn't want to buy a bike. Worra would love to track down an electromagnetic harpoon per the T-47 snowspeeders (ALA Hoth). Is that something in his pricerange and ability to find?
  13. "Any transport we could steal would probably be to the Northeast of town, but going that way would likely get us picked up by patrols. We could sneak around past the Broken Horn and try to find a way out of town to the West. Then, we will have to make a break for the nearest transport. Todak, maybe you could rig up something to blast a way through the wall?"
  14. Worra collected his droids and made his way back to his speeder. "Yes, Mr. Zando. I'd be interested in meeting his representative. I'd quite like to know what interests him so about this star system." Worra leaves the curator with the contact information for one of his associates in the New Taris Order administration who can hopefully help guide him through the application process for grants or with officially registering the ruins as a protected site. "Let her know that Worra Kokru put you in touch. I'm sure she will be able to help you," Worra explained.
  15. "My apologies, Lord Crumbleberry. I had mistook you for our prisoner. No, Lord Crumbleberry, you are a welcome guest. I know you do not recall, but you were rescued from an uncomfortable predicament. Sar Agorn, could you be sure that he receives some clothes? No need to wait upon him, but at least give him some decency."
  16. Worra drew his comlink and spoke calmly into it. "Mr. Kolmoeir, I would appreciate if you would pipe down a bit. If you recall, you have been arrested for the many crimes that you have committed, both through your service to Gonothar and through your own misdoings. Those poor souls you led to their deaths in the slave pits. The pirates that you employer throughout the system, pillaging, ******, murdering whomever didn't pay bribes to Gonothar. Propping up the spice trade. And carrying out Gonothar's most grotesque whims. Not to mention your own transgressions, many of which were well documented in the network that my friend Mr. Ux so kindly investigated. No, Mr. Kolmoeir, we have not violated you or your rights. This was brought upon you by only yourself. Remember, Zenith, no crime goes unpunished."
  17. Worra chuckles lightly at this. "You arrest one mass-murderer and suddenly everyone thinks you are a do-gooder," Worra says, under his breath but loud enough that he is confident that Astrid can hear it. It seems that Mr. Zando is a genuine servant of the Republic, though he is not beyond using his position to profit himself. It is good to see that Dr. Andunie seems adjusted to this fact. "The Republic won't survive without a few unsavory alliances. Still, I appreciate your aversion to armed robbery, at least when your friends are about."
  18. "This place is a public good to the New Taris system. I'm sure the Bureau of History, Culture and the Arts would be interested in helping you get everything up to galactic curatorial standards. Perhaps I could help you secure a loan or a grant. With the right marketing, this place could be a real cultural institution, particularly now that Gonothar is unseated."
  19. "Could you show us the sarcophagus that was looted?" Worra asks the curator. "As well as the burglar's entry point, and, if we should be so lucky, any security tapes you might have of the evening in question?" Worra nods to his droids to begin basic data collection and forensic analysis. JMS takes images of the tapestries, paintings, and relics, while JSE heads outside to scan the area for evidence of Kul's entry.
  20. "The Acolyte of Screaming?" Worra asks, perking up at the mention of details that seem to be relevant to their current quest, not just pure ancient history. "These creatures depicted here, what are they? Are they associated with the Acolyte? Is the sarcophagus that was opened associated with the Acolyte or these creatures?" Surely Kul was the burglar, Worra thought. Perhaps after some ancient useless knowledge, or perhaps something more useful.
  21. You should post this in the thread. We normally separate the IC and OOC comments with a quote box. This thread is only used for "business" (i.e. rolecall/recruiting/out of game issues). I don't think we are currently just doing sort rp at the moment. It was just that April handwaved your background knowledge, which makes sense. Zando wouldn't have hired you if you didn't know your stuff about this particular ruins.
  22. The group heads toward the tapestried chamber to the right. Worra has only a passing interest in ancient Lore. He tried to avoid such coursework at the Diplomatic, though the curriculum had required one or two that he hadn't minded quite as much as he expected. Still, Worra tried his best to enjoy the artwork before him. The Doctor and Durrak seemed to be much more interested in the antiquities here than the rest of the party, though Durrak seemed a bit agitated by the tour guide's perpetual accolades for the Jedi. "Tell me, curator, how often is this place visited? We are interested in the artifacts, but also in the comings and goings of a human named Imo Kul. Tall, gaunt, male, wears a dark robe. Perhaps asked particularly prying questions..." Worra knew he had a few shots of Kul on his datapad, but he did not fancy showing images on their unconscious prisoner to the curator, unless it was absolutely necessary.
  23. "Walking? No, I should think not. My speeder can carry four of us. For the fifth, I'm sure we can borrow a spare bike or speeder from one of the townsfolk."
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