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  1. You use an example from the weakest film in the Original Trilogy. Can you find similar problems in Ep 4 and 5? I think not! Rouge One is a terrible movie that makes zero sense even from the opening scene: https://youtu.be/GCSvj92qI2Y You are a self admitted fanboy. You claimed you love and watch anything with Star Wars in the title regardless of quality. You are the perfect customer.
  2. Yep, there is still alot of work left to do. Here is the roadmap: https://github.com/Sandrem/FlyCasual/wiki/Roadmap Developing a game from scratch is TON of work. The main developer is talented and has a game development background. The x-wing community is very lucky to have him. There are also several contributors helping as well. If anyone with programming experience wants to help, its an open source project so please dive in
  3. Have you ever visited the forum on a mobile phone? Have you ever responded to a post on a mobile phone? Do you ever think about a post before writing one?
  4. I really think you are misremembering the original trilogy. Please have a rewarch before making such obviously wrong statements. The throne room in ep 4 celebrated the mass murder and destruction of the death star. That is right. They were celebrating WAR. Space ships dog fighting, lots of explosions and lots of lasers killing people. How is that anti-war? let me know when u have rewatched the originals and then we can continue this discussion. Otherwise, I am done communicating with u.
  5. I have no problem if you like or dislike something. I have a problem when people say its good story writing when Disney destroys character arcs from previous movies with a few lines of dialog or flash backs that make zero sense. Sure enough, you can 'like' that, but please don't tell us its good story telling, ok? Mark Hamil Repeatedly said the same thing about his character Luke Skywalker in MANY different interviews. There is no taking it out of context. Here is a good overview of what Mark said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypt6XAsrhPA. Can you please explain what you mean by 'out of context'? Kathleen Kennedy inserted politics into the latest SW movies. The entire Cantobyte sequence for instance is a jab at Capitalism (which is hypocritical considering its from Disney, one of the biggest capitalistic companies on this planet). Again, Kathleen and Disney destroyed characters from the original trilogy; hence why many original trilogy fans don't like the new movies. It seems easy enough for me to understand why the Disney SW movies broke Star Wars even more than the prequels. Maybe if I had my fanboy blinders on and ignored these big issues with the movies, I wouldn't be able to see it too.
  6. You may need to rewatch episode 4. Vader says to Lei: Vader needs to forget all that happened in his battle to say that line. Star Wars fans tend to overlook such problems and pass them off as 'awkward'. Why? Show not tell, is good story telling. Han had a character ARC. Do you know what a character ARC is? Its something that characters go through in GOOD STORIES. What Disney did to the old characters was destroy their character ARCS from the original trilogy, IE, make their arcs meaningless. If you wanted to show Han and Luke washed up nobodies, than you need to have a GREAT story telling how that happened. Because at the end of ROTJ, those characters went through major arcs to get where they were. You simply cannot put in a few pieces of dialog that dismantles their arcs and call that 'good writing'.
  7. The combination of Rouge One, Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi is the worst thing to ever happen to SW. Basically, Cathleen Kennedy is the worst for SW. The prequels are BAD movies. However, the prequels do not DESTROY the SW universe at all. George at least respected his prior work to ensure his story doesn't wreck star wars. However, Kathleen Kennedy doesn't care about the Star Wars Universe. You can see how each of the Disney Movies destroys cannon from the original movies. For instance, Vader actually SEEING the death star plans in R1 being handed off to the Rebels. But somehow in Ep 4, he forgets that he saw it???? Or Han Solo going back to being a space bum who is so bad off, he 'lost' his ship somehow. Like he literally forgot where it was. Or Luke Skywalker becoming a deranged old fool who doesn't care about his family or friends and enjoys drinking milk from the *** of a space cow. By far, the worst scene in the history of Star Wars is forcing Mark Hamill to drink milk from the *** and have it run down his beard. That is clearly Cathleen ******** on SW fans. Yea, the Clone Wars microseries was the best thing that came out of the prequals for me. I thought, this is how jedi are supposed to be. I didn't watch Clone Wars the computer animated series b/c honestly, the graphics were off putting for me. I rank Revenge of The Sith right up there with Ep 1 and 2, its not for me.
  8. Imperial Raider + Weapons Engineer + Ordnance Tubes + Harpoon Missiles x 3 + Gunnery Team / Ordnance Experts (depending on points). When attacking out the rear firing arcs, don't spend the target lock on the first harpoon shot. Spend it only on the 2nd shot.
  9. I originally attached a PDF so that it could be passed around but others could not download it. Is there a problem with attaching an image?
  10. Here is a screenshot of the doco of the proposed rule. Let me know your thoughts.
  11. Here is the proposed rule change that caps pilot skill and I think it will work. If anyone wants, please have a play test. ... posted a screenshot below since this attachment doesn't work.
  12. I disagree with your statement of opinion. X-Wing is ever evolving with the MANY FAQs. The evidence this game can and does change is in every FAQ.
  13. FYI: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/12/apple-says-itunes-apps-must-now-disclose-odds-for-loot-boxes Looks like EA is not complying with this new clause in the App Store Guidelines. Lets hope that Apple removes this game until EA complies. Loot boxes are BAD for gamers even in Free 2 Play games. We shouldn't support games with our money that include loot boxes ... IE Gambling for a chance at getting the stuff that used to be included in the game for free.
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