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  1. Looking like ol' Grimy has the right of it... Looking forward to the end of February... Sparrow
  2. 2) To be honest, I don't really blame him. Publishers rely on getting the word out, and there's not much money in this industry for advertising. For what it's worth, it does look like he has a product worth shouting about. I'm not so much interested in rules, but in terms of artwork alone Zweihander looks like it's gonna be a hell of a book. 3) Who was asking? Well, nobody here that I saw, but there was a guy over on rpg.net who specifically asked if anyone had heard any rumours just last week. Obviously, we knew that the licence was ending for FFG, and we knew that GW had been hawking its wares in, I think, Vegas. Among those licences (it was a long list) was one for WFB in addition to AoS, so at that time the Old World was apparently still viable. Some other guy (not Grimy) indicated that a licence had been awarded and an announcement was forthcoming. Toodly-pip Sparrow
  3. In response to, by numbers: 1) It sounded exciting because it read as though you had a direct line to some real insight into the situation. I entirely respect your friend's right to anonymity, but without a name your 'fact' is as meaningless as the tiresomely self-referential stuff coming from Grimy Pee. 2) There's nothing actually interesting there are all. It's just part of the endless stream of advertising for Zweihander. Yawn. He's doing the same over on rpg.net where he got a slap the last time he did it. Gonna get himself banned if he's not careful. 3) Sorry, missed that; still couldn't find it when I looked, but I'll take you word for it. I just took that stuff about them only publishing translations, not knowing anyone who'd played any of their games, about other people writing the games they publish, and so forth to be somewhat condescending. As for the rumours, you may be right. To some extent it makes little sense for C7 to be taking this on given all the other work on their plate, especially as they already have The One Ring/Adventures in Middle Earth and Lone Wolf. That said, they've not leapt in and denied it either, even through two threads have been started about it on their forums. As for industry announcements, well, am I right in thinking that FFG's licence doesn't actually expire until the end of February? I wouldn't expect formal anything until then anyway. Either way, one of you is gonna be wrong. Anyone wanna place bets? 4) No problem. Google, a few keystrokes, and a click was all it took Have fun, Sparrow
  4. Oooooo, that sounds exciting! Who's your 'old industry associate' and what did they say that was so 'interesting'? Just curious, but what's your beef with Cubicle 7? The impression I get is that they're a very well respected company, recognised for their high production values and The One Ring game in particular. I have all their Cthulhu, Laundry and One Ring stuff, as well as some of the translated games, and they generally seem to live up to their good rep (I can certainly find fault here and there, but I'm a lot more critical than many gamers when it comes to actual substance). Oh, and Chris Pramas is still running Green Ronin. Recently got the rights to publish something to do with The Lost Citadel, whatever that is. Cheers, Sparrow (formally here as James Sparrow, but forgot my password and changed email since I first registered)
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